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  1. Had best drifts of the week today with the change of wind direction. Multiple roads around here not passable. Luckily my trusty £500 X Trail got me home. Photos taken by the wife after dropping some shopping off for my father
  2. Best snow event we have had in years in mid/North Norfolk. I was ready to throw in the towel Sunday night but I was very wrong.
  3. Any thoughts on longevity of this North Sea snow machine tonight? Likely to last the night, Luckily got home earlier for the 5y.o to have some fun in the drifts
  4. Trust me, it may be flat but most people these days can't drive to the conditions. Mostly walking pace shunts especially on new housing estates with twisty roads, you turn the steering wheel but car continues straight into kerb etc and breaks steering/suspension. Despite the conditions people will still be demanding we pick their car up immediately and provide a courtesy car. Our claims have been pretty much normal throughout lockdown which begs the question of how many people are flouting the rules, this weather will affect us for several weeks. The owners will be happy!
  5. Well I work at a local bodyshop.....really looking forward to all the incompetent drivers making claims later
  6. Can anyone explain the massive area that doesn't seem to be covered by radar? Is this always the case?
  7. In the amber warning zone (just) hours of "heavy snow" forecast Don't know where its coming from because it definitely isn't here. Wondering when the next chance is going to be as this was an epic fail here.
  8. Took the wife to work again near Wells Beach. I didn't stay outside for very long. Freezing 20210207_154937.mp4
  9. I'm hoping for just enough to blow into the B1146 so I can't get to work near Dereham from Fakenham
  10. Temp and dew point is perfect, just need some precipitation to go with it
  11. I'm in an Amber area but seen nothing yet? I guess my time will be later in mid to North Norfolk
  12. Look at the showers piling in up North. Hopefully we will get some of this if we miss the main band. As always I'm between the two areas of snow
  13. So close to the band but at least the temp and dew point are looking good.
  14. What time were those dewpoint charts. Down to 1.7c dp here in North Norfolk
  15. Surprised there wasn't a warning for rain today. Went through South Creake to take my elderly father's shopping and it was badly flooded. The normal gentle stream had become a raging torrent
  16. Temp dropping Dew point dropping Wind from the East Windspeed Increasing
  17. Just dropped the wife off to work next to Wells beach.....the East wind is blowing and bone chilling! 20210206_151456.mp4
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