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  1. We had 2-3cm at most I guess, can't complain. Why can't we seem to be able to make it stick around after it snows, I'm looking out my window and it's already melting rapidly.
  2. Decent covering so far
  3. A nice dusting so far here in North Norfolk. Notice the ideally placed lamp post 10 foot from the house
  4. Now this looks promising! Hopefully if we get something it will last until the morning for my 2yo to enjoy!
  5. In Great Ryburgh, North Norfolk. Temp -0.9 Dew point -4.4 A little dusting earlier today
  6. just a reminder of what proper snowfall in this region should look like.
  7. Showers to the North of me, Showers to the South of me. Unfortunately I'm stuck in the middle with many other Norfolk residents with nothing to get excited about. Does anyone have a link to a site that has radar that extends a bit further out into the North Sea? Showers have to basically be on top of us before we know about them.
  8. Diddly squat for those of us in the North of the region I suppose.....
  9. Snowing here in Buxton.....Derbyshire! Nice to see for a snow starved Norfolk resident. Looking forward to finding the highest peaks around this way as I'm normally used to 40m above sea level, not 300. Up here for the weekend, will bring some back to East Anglia with me!
  10. 0.2c temp -2.2c dewpoint Fantastic frost overnight
  11. Well, time to go to work, could be interesting along the single track and B roads Really glad I tucked my wheelie bin up as it looks like someone is missing theirs in the middle of the road with the contents whirling around.
  12. I can't say I have experienced gusts like this before, West facing bedroom and garden on the edge of miles of open fields. Been awake since 2am and it's getting louder by the minute, going to be lots of car insurance claims for me to deal with today........
  13. Temp 3.6c Dew point -5.6c Surprisingly warm considering the wind direction. I was always told "when the east wind blows there'll be snow. Couldn't even manage a frost this morning and looks unlikely tonight! I can't believe the chance of a frost gets some of us excited these days!
  14. How many more hours should we expect to see showers coming off the North Sea? I'm hoping that I might see a dusting of snow as we missed out on all of the fun yesterday. I'm 15 miles inland at the dizzy heights of 50 metres above sea level
  15. We should get the second home owners to cart some snow up here in their Chelsea Tractors