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  1. Drifting badly on the exposed roads in this area, about 4-5cm here in Great Ryburgh but the snow is blowing off the fields. Local police advising people to keep off the roads. Rather unexpected to be honest
  2. Radar to East of Norwich must be broken again,
  3. Fakenham to Dereham road drifted but just about passable thanks to the help of the local farmer with his plough. My father managed to get from Burnham Market to Kings lynn through Stanhoe and via A148 at four winds. Most roads running North to South are not worth driving down. I won't be surprised if the drifting continues well into tomorrow afternoon
  4. The big question is will this band make it to the North Norfolk Coast?
  5. After trying 3 different routes from Great Ryburgh to Dereham I have given up. Any road running North to South is suffering large snow drifts around this area. Many roads not passable. Might as well stay at home in the warm, rather than being stuck in a car
  6. Someone must know if the radar is broken in the North East of the region. I am getting showers moving over me from East to West but they are coming from the zone with no radar returns
  7. Is the radar broken in the North East of our region?
  8. I have to say the best thing about today was having 3 generations of our family together spending rare time in the snow. My father pulling my little boy in his first proper snowfall.
  9. Station road blocking up after tractor with plough just passed through
  10. Station road in Stanhoe and the road from shammer to Burnham Market down beacon hill are not passable, massive drifts. I would think the Docking to Brancaster road will be blocked if the wind gets up overnight
  11. Wind is really drifting the snow off the fields, some of the local single track roads running North to South are now impassable. Drifting could be the real issue overnight for some of the villages.
  12. I don't understand why there are lots of showers to the North and South but next to none over Norfolk? Are we likely to get more showers later? It's like there's a massive shield diverting the showers and leaving us in the sun
  13. Now in a large clear Zone with no showers, North Norfolk likely to get any more later? I'm North or Norwich and there is minimal coming in from the coast