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  1. Storm front seems to be moving away from me now, rain now slow rather than torrential, flashes down to once every 30 seconds or so.
  2. I just woke up to the most intense lightning storm I've ever seen in Nottingham. A flash at least every second.
  3. Very large flakes in Chesterfield falling now, several cm in width.
  4. Just woke up to see actual snow falling in Chesterfield!
  5. Raining in Chesterfield, according to one online weather station temps are 0.6c so it's fairly close to something "interesting" but suspect we will just get normal rain.
  6. Very heavy snow in Chesterfield from the streamer that is heading over us for some time. Glad I decided to work from home today.
  7. Just got home to Chesterfield roads very treacherous, about 1cm of snow, the only cabbie at Chesterfield Station said it fell within a few minutes just before I got back.
  8. Just catching a train to work in Nottingham, first flake falling in Chesterfield (and I do mean flake) I was kind of hoping that we would have had enough of a dumping by now that rail would be disrupted already. Not that I don't want to go to work, it's just that I want to make sure I can get home again. Sleeping in my office does not sound appealing.
  9. It actually looks like a fairly major storm North West of me, maybe Streatham way, flashes very couple of seconds I hear no thunder so can't work out how distant it is
  10. A few distant flashes of lightning but no rain in Thornton Heath (north Croydon)
  11. The settled snow and ice is enough that people are struggling to get up the hill my families house is on, had to give one guy a push to get him turned round and going down hill
  12. Starting to settle on roads and pavements in Chesterfield now
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