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  1. Starting to settle down here now right by the sea
  2. Looks like it's all starting to kick off now... folk on high ground are in for a wild night
  3. Flakes starting to develop in the rain here now
  4. Sky is gradually getting darker in Cardiff Bay with the occasional spot of rain/sleet
  5. Keeps alternating here too... Only getting flakes when the precipitation intensifies. Still better than just rain all day.
  6. In the last 5 mins heavy rain in Cardiff bay has turned to snow! Wasn't expecting it this far south :O
  7. Wow lots of doom and gloom Has tonight been written off then?
  8. Latest from the met for tonight: 'A small, but vigorous area of low pressure will move south down the Irish Sea to affect southwestern parts of England and Wales. Strong winds will develop along the southern flank of the depression. The strongest winds are expected to be along coasts exposed to the northwest, over high ground and also near heavy showers. The showers will be a wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow; snow primarily over higher ground, where some slight accumulations are likely, but temporarily at low-levels.' An interesting night ahead!
  9. That shower lasted about 1 minute?! The weather gods are teasing us
  10. Sleet is turning to snow in Cathays!
  11. Also looking good for tonight across much of Wales before slightly milder air comes in on Friday.
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