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  1. Coming down nicely now 63491808601__6D0D3DC8-42D2-4433-8A3F-3B27B77FFA2C.MOV
  2. Bigger flakes starting here now after a break of around an hour or so
  3. Weird... getting occasional large flakes that are few and far between
  4. Still bone dry here near Newport, hope something reaches us before evaporating
  5. Yes BBC use Meteogroup which use ECM. Although they kept the met office weather warnings which can give some interesting situations sometimes where ECM and UKMO diverge . Sometimes you will see a heavy rain/snow warning on the map without any precipitation if the models are different
  6. Surely it should be just a cloudy symbol unless the chance of precipitation is above at least 40%?
  7. Light flakes falling here again this morning. Shame it’s all gone Pete tong for the weekend and Thursday/Friday but at least we’ve seen some snow this winter in many places and a lot of us had lying snow from that event in January
  8. The pressure looks too high unfortunately so it looks to be fizzling out before it gets here
  9. There is some truth in that (sort of). There’s an 18th century Welsh proverb ‘Eira mân, eira mawr‘ which loosely translates as ‘little snow, big snow’.... When you have big snowflakes it means conditions are much more marginal and it’s much more likely to turn to rain or melt as there’s probably milder air trying to mix in...Smaller flakes usually means that the cold air is much more entrenched and the snow would last for longer like with the beast from the east in 2018 when we had fine powdery snow but it accumulated significantly
  10. Flurries have developed into more steady light snow here
  11. Worried now the cold air will be too strong and the front won’t even make it past Ireland 😂
  12. God knows what they’re gonna say on the country file week ahead forecast about Thursday and Friday . They’ll probably speed up the graphics and quickly gloss over it 😂
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