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  1. Remind me again how to engage the idiot filter? And now we wait to see if that pivot and push north happens. Could be an interesting night of radar watching
  2. Coming down constantly increasing in intensity, but struggling to stick on the hard surfaces,
  3. Sky looks full of it, but no precipitation of any sort at the moment. Wind picking up.
  4. Looks like i'm in the firing line what ever happens. May even get to use my new crampons on the Blacks come Friday.
  5. Yay. We have progressed to heavy sleet. - Booo and now back to rain
  6. Heavy rain in Abergavenny. Elevation is going to be key for accumulations. We may well see some snow but i doubt it will stick down here.
  7. A group of Waxwings have been spotted in Crickhowell. Loads of Twitchers about. A sign of cold weather to come....?
  8. Nothing seems to getting over the hills. Brynmawr seems to be stealing our snow
  9. Here we go again. Eyes down looking. Very early chance of snow. I will however be missing out as i may be in Madeira when it arrives, wind in Funchal permitting.
  10. Heavy snow that was forecast for tonight has now disappeared from the MetO for Crickhowell. Could be very local event for most.
  11. It’s all a bit pathetic here at the moment. Very fine stuff and light now.
  12. Crickhowell just outside the Red but we could still get the same effects i reckon.
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