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  1. I hope so.. I'm up linces dover..blowing a right good one..
  2. chucking it down here ...torrential..tropical... but no flickers over the channel
  3. cold and misty here in Dover.. dont look like no sunshine on offer, to help with convection...
  4. big black blob coming up from france just spotted lightning and a rumble.. very chilly here though..
  5. I remember the storm of 87, was living down the coast in greatstone,, and right on the sea front... about 2am the building shaking woke me up, this was the sea hitting the beach and sending a shockwave through the block of flats I lived in.. I ventured out of my flat down the stairs, opened the front door ( well tried to ).. I then glimpsed through the door and the noise was deafing, next thing the scafolding on the next block just collapsed on to all the parked cars... by this time I was cacking my pants.. and ran back upstairs to my flat and hid under the bed all night.. lol
  6. looking forward to my new ps3 and gt5 next week wooo

  7. come on Dover in the fa cup

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