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  1. Fascinating to watch, but the consequences could be far reaching. Yes nationalism is strong but we are dealing with a region (and two regions if we include the Basque country) that feel little connection with Madrid. The Basques for example would sooner speak English than Spanish. This has the feel of the Catalans being on a path that could be difficult to now stop. The Basques won't be far behind if they do - and that will have ramifications that are almost unfathomable - don't forget a significant (and wealthy) part of the Basque region is actually in SW France. The Madrid resistance
  2. Ensembles for central Europe suggest ops at the moment on the high side of the mean, significant spread after T120 so still could go either way for the north Italian low, GFS hasn't dropped it that's for sure. Massive uncertainty still. PS, if you want a laugh, check out T240 pressure ens for Moscow, then you will see real uncertainty!!!
  3. GFS Ensembles still suggesting a lowering of heights in central Europe and the Med from around the 15th, though, there is significant scatter from around that point, which, suggests significant uncertainty still. General pattern still suppports easterly flow off the continent, but the strength of advection and longevity still very uncertain. Ops runs seem to be sitting in the middle (and on the fence?!).
  4. I am not sure I subscribe to the notion that this 'turnaround' in the models is as dramatic as one might think. The lowering of heights in northern Italy and the Adriatic is something that a number of suites have been hinting at over the past few days so I think something has been in evidence, perhaps last night the butterfly had one of it's wings clipped, though the proof will be where we are at in 7 days. However, in my view, beyond the weekend, the weather pattern is still very uncertain, with the majority of the model forecasts suggesting a drop in temperature with the potential for slee
  5. Some parts of the Scottish Highlands could have massed some terrific snow depths by the end of January if the pattern is set to continue. Ensembles in Highland typically varying between T850 of 0C and -5C should generally keep the freezing level around Munro point (although given some of the very low pressure centres freezing levels may drop further) and the ensembles show high precipitation concentrations and spikes throughout the first half of January. Slightly OT but it seems that often one of the ironies of 'deep cold' in the UK is that snow depths in the ski areas can often be a lot le
  6. XC weather suggesting gusts over the pennines well into the 60s, it is very difficult walking around Consett and onto the moors now. Reading between the lines, latest BBC broadcast suggested that perhaps this will go on a little longer and be a little more pronounced this afternoon than anticipated across the north....
  7. If I recall...trying to find the paper now....I think CML recorded an 'unofficial' speed of around 195 mph at the tunnel mouth of the funicular on Cairngorm....not a met office station though so it wasnt verified...or something like that....
  8. thats the one! to be honest, just my opinion, i am sure higher speeds will have occurred, and will occur again. I don't think the mountain weather stations are particularly favourably located to record winds funnelled through corries etc, but that is the same for anything I guess.
  9. In the interest of balance/discussion, quote from MWIS: Headline, Cairngorms National Park, MonadhliathStorm to hurricane force upland winds; areas of snow. How Windy?South or southwesterly in the range 70 to 100, gusts 130mph. Effect Of Wind?Very difficult walking from low level upwards. Any mobility extensively tortuous on higher areas. Severe wind chill.
  10. I think sadly a lot of the Highlands AWS stations are offline at high levels due to storm damage earlier in this period so we are unlikely to have the effects recorded across the highest summits. 130 mph + easily possible above about 1000 m in my opinion.
  11. I would have loved to have seen him play at home, especially as he is in great form. the problem is his batting average is only around 10, which puts him a long way behind Bresnan and Broad (assuming you would never leave Anderson out), and England need runs from the tail....
  12. If the umpire gave the 'catch' not-out, and England appealed.....it would have been given for LBW...that is my understanding. But other way round it cant be given as it was given out for caught behind. DRS is losing the plot totally.....
  13. Agreed. Total waste. Plenty going on in the pitch to not waste reviews desparately.
  14. I could not understand how and why so many people were hammering the England batsmen yesterday. This is not an easy pitch, it is unique to England in the way it plays, big scores are very rare, and I for one would not want to bat last. Pressure really on Aus now, they know their final innings will be a nightmare on this track so they probably need 300+ to stay in the game......
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