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  1. Sorry but been there and done it. I have been stuck many a time, .things you should have , a shovel, a blanket, food, and a hot flask. How many venture out with these items
  2. For crying out loud..home delivery shopping being stood down. But Mr Amazon is out and about. It only a few inches and things come to an excusable stop. Take a look at some American YouTube videos of snow Then you realise what wimps we are.
  3. What everyone is forgetting, ...temperature being posted is Air temperature. the surface temperature is higher , most likely 3c higher. this is the reason it's not settling in a lot of places
  4. Very Disappointed at the momemt. It's just like someone has tipped a bag of rice !and the wind blowing it around. Hurry up and go darcey, most likely get more from showers. Think Darcey has really fooled all the top forcasters. I had more two weeks ago from a moving front going from West to east.
  5. The gritters are going to have no chance, they can't put salt on wet roads. Especially if it turns straight to snow. Tipping it down here, but I have noticed the wind has picked up. from the East.
  6. Apps are not great on snow. sometimes you are under a rain / snow belt and it's dry. I find ...Will it rain today as one of the best, and you can put your post code in to narrow the rain/ snow bands down
  7. Not a Beast from the East. Next week But his brother Beastly. But the pest in the west will try and come to the party
  8. I quote..Mr mildrew....I don't believe it.. Been under the radar since midday and not a flake.
  9. Try motorway cams, Look heavy around Beaconsfield -2 here in North Essex, Heavy frost still on roofs
  10. Rain here now 8am temps was zero, now 6c. Milder air now taking charge...that's it I think for January. February might be better.
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