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  1. Forum Team...it's time to move on..the forum is Heading In To April. We are now into June, is it time to change...thanks
  2. Hello agree with you dazzle, I am in sible as well cloud keeps moving from the North . Hope the strong sun burns it back to the coast and agree
  3. My local store is a co.op and it's one pack per trolly, ..
  4. I have a relation working in transport at a large Tesco warehouse, he said the warehouse is stacked with goods, it's just like Christmas, Its store managers to blame, it will lead to war time rationing of panic buying continues
  5. But Ryanair. Are still flying to Spain. ?????
  6. Good I say, hope it upsets cash greedy energy companies
  7. From across the pond...one foot of snow dumped on Niagra..in one hour..First of the season. From my brother in law who said it's right on time.
  8. The Hurricane Center has Lorenzo heading to the West of Ireland and up towards Iceland. At this stage it looks like the UK will get strong winds from its southerly track.
  9. All the charts are at The Hurricane Center. just do a search for the site
  10. Not much rain here today. Had a short spell around midday, but then a dry afternoon. It is very light rain at the moment, but the main feature of the day has been how cool it's been.
  11. 3c here in Clacton..it's to warm ..it's been that all day, just shows how warm the North sea is, We have to blame the hot summer we had
  12. Just seen the forecast temperature for next Wednesday 10c..make the most of the snow
  13. Clacton..Dry as a bone here..gusty wind and the temperature has been steady at 3c for the past three hours.I Big wind chill though
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