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  1. I live at Walton...Sea looks fairly calm..Wind is not so strong as earlier...
  2. But we will be in the freezer..Clear night sky's hard frost's. Ground will then be colder anything that falls then will stick
  3. If next weeks cold arrives it will be more from the East this will be a dryer air if you want snow then you need air from the north East.
  4. OK chelle ...Second band yet to pass through
  5. Plenty of time folks...the back edge of the system is only just clearing the Manchester area..it looks to be slower than forecast
  6. NO ..I have been an old road worker, and grit is useless in wet conditions...wasting our council tax money..save it for later next week. If it does snow it will have a job settling on wet ground....colder air will dry out the roads ..then grit
  7. What a waste of money...I have just seen a gritter go past..when will they learn..You cant grit a wet road heavy rain now and its all going down the drain
  8. ITS not in FI but on next Wednesdays/Thursdays charts
  9. Still dry here in Walton On The Naze...it will rain at first, will be interesting to see if the cold undercutting gets here after dark....BUT this is only a good start the real excitement is later next week when some severe cold arrives from the East, The lads on the model threads are saying they have not seen charts like this for years
  10. I love the comment of the Slug being around for to long. The 9day chart of the GFS..Is showing the Slug being further west. Let's hope the lettuce to the east can nudge it further west Sorry can't post thumbnail of GFS
  11. Fishy is going for a wet and windy Christmas...but all I can see is high pressure. Hum...he has been wrong before
  12. Model Output Discussions 12z 01/09/2016

    Well there are changes already going on. North California is having heavy rain after a two year drought and southern Canada is starting to get a severe winter warning after two years of mild winters..And this winter is looking different from the last two for the U.K...lets hope the models get it right this year and make it... Third time lucky ????
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. Looks like Net Weather winter forecast is going to be spot on...it does say middle two weeks of January will be wintery.
  14. Model Output Discussion 18z 30/09/15

    Hi All. Can anybody help ?? Iam off to mallorca for a weeks holiday on the 12th October..been looking at charts, but there seems to be some conflicting ones. can anybody help to what kind of weather to expect for the week. sorry if I have posted in the wrong forum
  15. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Its got some work to do temps here holding firm at 4c...North sea is warmer this winter Been raining on and off for the last three hours, .And the wind is gusty