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  1. Been raining here all morning .but then it did yesterday.not expecting any change
  2. Freezing Fog forming here and very icy
  3. Yes council s were ready..but you can not grit on wet roads...it rain before it snowed the worst nightmare for grittesr
  4. Records show that the 10th of December is a good day for snow
  5. Very wet ground here on the coast..Has been snowing but keeps turning back to rain...3c. Here it's to warm
  6. Take a look at this site it very interesting https://www.ventusky.com
  7. Wind has really got up in the last few minuets...some big gusts as well
  8. Boy am I confused... Newspapers quoting a big freeze on the way, latest GFS Seem to back that next week. But all Iam reading on the forums of netweather Is its going to be shorts weather.....still confused
  9. I live at Walton...Sea looks fairly calm..Wind is not so strong as earlier...
  10. But we will be in the freezer..Clear night sky's hard frost's. Ground will then be colder anything that falls then will stick
  11. If next weeks cold arrives it will be more from the East this will be a dryer air if you want snow then you need air from the north East.
  12. OK chelle ...Second band yet to pass through
  13. Plenty of time folks...the back edge of the system is only just clearing the Manchester area..it looks to be slower than forecast
  14. NO ..I have been an old road worker, and grit is useless in wet conditions...wasting our council tax money..save it for later next week. If it does snow it will have a job settling on wet ground....colder air will dry out the roads ..then grit
  15. What a waste of money...I have just seen a gritter go past..when will they learn..You cant grit a wet road heavy rain now and its all going down the drain