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  1. As Bugs Bunny says.." That's All Folks "
  2. Sat24.com. .For a better radar
  3. Big blob in the south west.but no one saying they are snowed in....mr.blobby is still with Noel Edmunds
  4. As I posted before...do not take to much of the radar...I have been under the orange blob for the past six hours . Yes slight snow but I can still see the grass..
  5. Nothing here on the East Coast
  6. Nothing here now..blob been and gone. just very cold and windy
  7. Don't believe the blob.. stopped here now...the blob is not the beast
  8. I don't believe that blob Iam under it and if anything it's lighter snow than has been...I think radar for snow is not good as the radar just picks up blowing snow in the air
  9. Been snowing for over two hours now, roads look ok .some big flakes at times blowing around in a strong very cold wind, so this wind is blowing settling snow around making it look like little has settled.but nothing is melting
  10. Met Office snow warning for us on Saturday and Sunday...
  11. As the days get longer winter gets stronger....The beast likes it here looks like He might have a return ticket
  12. Just very light snow at the moment . Heavy stuff just to the south.Forcast did say it will be a slow moving front. Well the Beast is having his last cold drink and is now packing his bags after having a good Mid Week Break.. Think we will get the Pest From The West next....RAIN