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  1. Wow...the wind here has really been gusting the last two hours...Iam not going out in that It's bitterly cold ..the beast is nearly on the beach
  2. That's London... Onterio
  3. But snowflake queen....others might not get into work as well
  4. You can't get much closer to the north sea than me I can almost see it...lovely blue sky but there is a brisk east wind..Shaping up for a frosty night...Snow well I would be the first to see it
  5. Nothing wrong with the pub run
  6. What we have to remember most cold east winds is Dry air..may be that's why BBC and metO are being cautious. The flow needs to be with a bigger track over the north sea to give a snow event..The North Sea is at its yearly coldest this week.
  7. The North Sea is at its coldest at this time of year...charts for Monday show only - 1 on the coast can't see the beast in that just yet..hope you are all right
  8. Holland on sea Essex It's +3 here at the moment with a stiff N/East wind backing round to an Easterly at times. The North sea must be above the normal temperature for this time of year. But then cold air over a warm sea will boost the showers,but at the moment there is no sign Of them on the radar for the East coast
  9. Have had two showers this morning one sleety and one had snow flakes. Surprised as the last event before Christmas we only had rain. Iam right on the coast at Holland on Sea..Essex. Looking forward to tonight and tomorrow morning.
  10. Just done another look around for cold weather. Austria / Switzerland are + 8/9 c this week Apart from going way north, Europe is quite mild for January. There is a outside chance with Moscow showing a - 6 this week. But we can't seem to tap into that.
  11. You have to go right up to Norway and Sweden to find any real cold. Europe is just not cold enough Look at saltzburg in Austria +12c this coming Wednesday. No hope for us next week...