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  1. Hard to believe, I know. Apparently snow fell in East Anglia and London too - probably not settling. Sleet in Portsmouth. The cricket match between Essex and Kent at Colchester was also delayed - temps of 2.0c at midday there on that particular day!
  2. I'm not Mr Data obviously, but I do know that it snowed in Buxton June 1975. A cricket match between Lancashire and Derbyshire being played at the Buxton ground was abandoned for the day on 2nd of June that year I believe due to an inch of snow on the pitch caused by an arctic front moving south. A heatwave followed a few days later! I mentioned that an inch fell on that date - well it was actually several inches of snow. A rapid thaw did occur (as you might expect at that time of year) and it was an inch which lay on the cricket pitch when play was due to start. I'm sure this isn't the late
  3. Hi Probably a really stupid question but how do i include the 'add as a friend' and 'pm this member' icons on my profile? I have tried altering a few things in settings, so far to no avail.
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