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  1. No fog here a nice clear night 4.0c la lune, having a bit of fun with a old bridge camera lately wish I could get more detail out of this but only does jpeg 😞 fog rolled in now...
  2. An almost full moon tonight its the only white thing we're going to see in the sky at the moment!
  3. A nice clear night here thought I'd get a snap of the moon haven't looked at it for a while, just taken with an old bridge camera
  4. Spring has sprung here it seems snowdrops, crocus and daff's are out
  5. That was a big wind gust here then rattled the house and a few bins over, still going on now
  6. Rain sounds biblical here and the wind has picked up with it also
  7. I likes me an Atlantic storm, looking forward to tonight in to tomorrow
  8. Rain has started tipping it down here, the snows is being washed away 😥
  9. That's a dodgy looking CFS, cold from across the Atlantic
  10. Like an ice skating rink outside where the snow has compacted down, it's crazy
  11. Most of my family live down Frampton, I go down the miners from time to time not very often though, same with the Indian normally go up on Birthday's if you are ever in Yate and fancy a take out at we have a Chinese called Fortune House, it's the best around here don't know if it will come close to the Frampton chippy though
  12. -7c here so cold lol, not 100% if its the coldest night of the year but guessing it is! 🙂
  13. down to -3c here temp seems to be dropping faster now
  14. Even if the snow goes tomorrow it ended with a beautiful sunset 🙂