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  1. Amazing photos you have there what cam are you using?
  2. Just had a rumble of thunder not seen any lightning yet though
  3. I was pretty surprised how wrong the 18z EURO4 was last night the storms was kicking off by 6pm and it still didn't get to grips with the precip on the south coast, wonder why it struggled at such a short time frame. Although the winter has told me to not follow this chart with every run it puts out leading to the event.
  4. Seen a few strikes of lightning now and that thunder is getting louder and louder deffo going to be over head next 20 mins or so
  5. Can hear distant rumbling coming from my south I think
  6. Crazy storm over the South East at the moment I'm just a tad bit jealous I'm pretty interested in the cell crossing over Well's area at the moment in the hope of seeing something atlest.
  7. Couldn't make this up another cell skips land and then decides to make its self known in the north sea behind the main Scottish cell earlier
  8. New cells popping up in the north sea was so close yet so far...
  9. It's properly blowing a gale here at the moment lol, the extractor vents are rattling, keeping me awake
  10. would that be a sting jet coming out of NI at present ?
  11. Sounds like my roof is going to blow off here sounds proper scary out there and it's not main event yet would hate to see what it's like up North :-/
  12. Haha sure do nice place for a stroll with the dog didn't really appreciate it until I got older...
  13. I might go out with my telescope soon for a view of Jupiter although the moon is pretty bright at the moment might still be able to see a few moons, no detail though as I only have a 130p
  14. We just need to find away of adding the UK to a land mass so we aren't an Island anymore, adding the UK in to the centre of Canada seems the best bet to me, hot summers cold winters, storms, its what we all crave...