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  1. Pretty much still stationary apart from the odd wobble, but down to 130mph so slowly weakening. LOCATION...26.9N 78.5W ABOUT 30 MI...55 KM NNE OF FREEPORT GRAND BAHAMA ISLAND ABOUT 100 MI...160 KM E OF WEST PALM BEACH FLORIDA MAXIMUM SUSTAINED WINDS...130 MPH...215 KM/H PRESENT MOVEMENT...STATIONARY MINIMUM CENTRAL PRESSURE...946 MB...27.94 INCHES
  2. Thanks Jo will check it out now, surprised how fast its grown looking a bit like Hugo
  3. Thank you! I wasn't sure last time I checked this morning it was still CAT 1 not checked the NHC website and stuffs..
  4. Recon not to far away now a few turn around's also.. ^ Has it been confirmed CAT 3 yet ^ ?
  5. HWRF going for a 120kt landfall hoping this doesn't happen
  6. Seems to be a good spread on the intensity guidance although the majority keeping it as a TS
  7. Eye starting to become a bit more defined and still intensifying on latest loop https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/sat/satlooper.php?region=05L&product=ir
  8. Can see lightning all around me here not heard a single rumble of thunder yet though.
  9. Now a Hurricane As of the 10am update 10:00 AM CDT Sat Jul 13 Location: 29.6°N 92.0°W Moving: NW at 6 mph Min pressure: 993 mb Max sustained: 75 mph
  10. Does look like the centre is tightening up a fair bit now, still a few hours away from landfall also. https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms=subregional-W_Gulf_Coast-13-96-1-25-1&checked=latlon-map&colorbar=acht
  11. Nice! I didn't see any of that, recognize the road also its that along the Latteridge road ? Quality pics
  12. No fog here a nice clear night 4.0c la lune, having a bit of fun with a old bridge camera lately wish I could get more detail out of this but only does jpeg fog rolled in now...
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