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  1. Seems to be moving away from here now but humidity seems to have gone up, sweating me tits off
  2. It's just hit something very close to here I'm filming a time lapse and its on there I think scared the hell out of me
  3. Just heard thunder here! In the distance though and going very dark!
  4. Edging closer to here hope it does make it as would love to see something
  5. Home grown breaking out in North Wales not that it will have any effect for us but nice to see
  6. Few new strikes in Devon and the French import is growing ever closer to making a Devon direct hit by the looks of it, at the moment another cell heading towards Isle of White and another breaking out in the Tours area of France.
  7. Cells sparking in to life across Northern France now, watching blitztung with interest, good to be chasing storms so early in the season what an amazing couple of months we are having.
  8. Raining here at the moment, sky is completely covered in cloud has been since about 9/10am
  9. Cells hitting the Devon/Dorset coast now not much electrical activity out of them as of yet
  10. Looking exciting for later on CAPE starts building around the Bristol area at 12z 459 J/kg, then by 15z up to 925 J/kg LI's down to -3 by 15z.
  11. Shocking result from Forest Green today, just on my way back from Barnet, want to stab myself in the eyes with a skewer Has EURO4 been updated? The graphics seem different
  12. Just been out in the Garden clearing some shrubs to make space for a raised bed it's pleasant in the sunshine some much needed vitamin d as spent most of winter on the pc chasing snow
  13. I meant time to mature I'm deffo not a super hot that's for sure Chilli plants currently growing are Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Reaper, Purple Ghost, Scorpion Butch T Chocolate, Yellow 7 Pot, White Ghost, Jalapeño, Scotch bonnet, Super Chilli & NuMex Twilight. It might be said I love chillies. Hoping the pesky aphid's stay away this year.