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  1. The sun is actually out here the first time in about a week, due to cloudy skies, it's almost blinding compared to what I've been used to.
  2. Is the stuff coming out of France expected to head across in to the UK or is it going to fade/burn out over the channel
  3. In the gap here, been pretty boring weather wise here for about a week or so now, not really seen the sun much.
  4. Was out walking in it nothing to bad am a little soaked through but thats because I went out in a t-shirt, it went over relatively quickly and even seems like it's trying to brighten up here now, but that won't last long.
  5. Been overcast here for what feels like weeks now, the sun sorta shown up a bit this morning but only for about 10 minutes, interested to see what this Amber warning may bring.
  6. Don't think I've seen blue skies all weekend just depressing rubbish grey, although we did have a storm rolling around yesterday morning but nothing much came of it. I've even forgot what blue skies look like!
  7. 18z EURO4 suggesting rain in to the North of our region/Midlands by 03z
  8. Wind has picked up here any storms that get near here just die out not even had a drop of rain yet..
  9. Any cam's from that storm in France ? Looks a beast
  10. Sky has been grey all day here no signs of the sun hoping we get a storm though
  11. Still some nice SB-CAPE (1800+j/kg) around for Saturday maybe not as good as it was earlier in the week though, but that's the usual GFS CAPE downgrades to nearer the time as normally expected. I'll have a pint of Stella ActATwat as I calls it also
  12. Couple of strikes west of London now towards the Slough area
  13. Same here been quite a temperature drop as well starting to feel a little cold.