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  1. It's properly blowing a gale here at the moment lol, the extractor vents are rattling, keeping me awake
  2. would that be a sting jet coming out of NI at present ?
  3. Sounds like my roof is going to blow off here sounds proper scary out there and it's not main event yet would hate to see what it's like up North :-/
  4. Haha sure do nice place for a stroll with the dog didn't really appreciate it until I got older...
  5. Pretty nice sunset tonight as I walked home
  6. I might go out with my telescope soon for a view of Jupiter although the moon is pretty bright at the moment might still be able to see a few moons, no detail though as I only have a 130p
  7. We just need to find away of adding the UK to a land mass so we aren't an Island anymore, adding the UK in to the centre of Canada seems the best bet to me, hot summers cold winters, storms, its what we all crave...
  8. Looks like there is a bit of freezing rain about tonight judging by radar!
  9. Looks like the welsh mountains are up to there old tricks again eating away at the precip somewhere could get some flurries, most likely McDonalds as precip is coming across the channel now.
  10. Can see where it'd going to veer off east soon on the overlays can hope and keep everything crossed though!
  11. The band coming down from the North at the moment is not only slightly further west but seems to be moving slightly faster then anticipated also it's already an hour a head it seems
  12. South glos gap holding strong at the moment hope it fills in is it me or is the main band coming down the UK a bit more west than forecast?
  13. Dunno why I have pulled an all nighter when I knew by the 12z's yesterday wasn't in for a chance after the "main wave" passed through and the showers followed in behind it. I live in hope though didn't even see any sleet! But yet again I see myself anticipating the 00z runs to see what they bring to our neck of the woods today, tomorrow and beyond I think the past few days is now driving me slightly crazy in someway as I don't normally post much on here but watch everyone post with interest it has been fun though and I deffo want to carry on posting not just through the winter but all seasons as I love all types of weather... I guess I was a bit worried at first as my lack of knowledge with the models felt like I didn't have a clue I still don't lol. Oh gawd I'm rambling must be that time of night! Anyway, there is showers coming over Kidderminster area at the moment that could be of interest to north east area of our region just hope the PPN holds on for you all.