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  1. I believe it is possible if we get entrenched cold air and weather fronts moving up from the south east across the country. Our island appears to have 3 micro-climates of N, E&SE and W&SW. I guess a long stretch easterly could deliver but they are rare, as we know. Anyway looking like we may yet get some of the white stuff having consumed way too much of the black stuff over Christmas!
  2. Was never not positive, and if it changes in the morning I would still be positive. You can't look at single ops in isolation, look at 4 or more side by side identify what's different in the early time frame that takes them down the different paths and make a call referencing the back ground signals that have always remained positive. IMO that prevents these hourly knee jerk reactions. The dismissive comments regarding impacts of SSWs on the weather patterns are just plain wrong. No one has ever said it 100% means cold and snow, but what it does do is break up the traditional normal patterns a
  3. I wonder if it has anything to do with the measurements of the boundary layer, the boundary layer depth is currently measured twice daily by launching weather balloons from about 100 locations so only two runs get the very latest information. This is changing to radar apparently (this could be one of the changes occurring in the new GFS) but this was announced only in Aug last year following research at Penn State. Note change will be all 4 runs get the data and supposedly more accurate data.
  4. I am beginning to wonder if you have some kind of agenda? Did I sleep through last year? 6ft plus snow drifts 3 days and nights of almost continues snow and blizzard conditions on the south east coast of Ireland less then 1km from coast. Now apart from that 'what have the romans ever done for us?'
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