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  1. This has to be the worst winter I can remember, absolutely hideous. I am so fed up with this rain and then to top it off whilst running from the house to my office in the garden, I went Ar*e over you know what and got covered in mud. Then you look at the output to see ball after ball of wind and rain heading our way. I love the cold and snow but would happily take dry and surprisingly warm. It must be bad, can not believe I have just said warm in FEB!!!
  2. I think all coldies are going to need some patience, its about 10 months until november!!!!! This winter has been hideous. no cold and just shed loads of rain and more to come by the looks of it.
  3. Not sure if this is the right thread but 91. I was working and living in the Cotswolds Nr Stow on the Wold. From memory it was a Friday night when the fun started. I was an assistant restaurant manager at the time and the Hotel was quiet due to us having a large party arriving on the Saturday. I remember saying to the General Manager that we were going to get some Snow during the night and it could be a lot. He said that as it was raining at the time it would not be a problem as it would not stick. Love it when I hear people say this now, always makes me smile. In the morning there was a knock at the door and it was the restaurant manager. She could not move her car due to a snow drift and asked if I would take her to the hotel which was about a mile away. My car was clear as the snow had blown to other parts of the car park. We set of and had travelled about three quarters of a mile when we came to a drift which was right across the road. I tried to ram through it but that was it, we were going no further. The quarter of a mile walk left I will never forget. I love snow but on this occasion I was genuinely frightened. It was absolutely freezing. Driving snow and strong wind, I could feel myself slowing as my body temp feel. We got to the hotel and from memory it continued to snow for about another 3 hours. The depth of the snow was not huge, maybe 10 inches but the drifts were incredible. When it had calmed and the snow had stopped, myself and a couple of chefs when to get my car. At first I thought it had been stolen as we could not find it anywhere and then one of the chefs said I think we are standing on it. He was indeed correct and it was a foot beneath us. This is no exaggeration I promise. We started to dig it out and thankfully a tractor came a long and pulled it out. We managed to get it back to the hotel. The party for about hundred and fifty did not come. There were four guests and twenty live in staff and we were in the hotel for the next day or so completely cut off. I spoke to the head chef and asked what we should do with all the food. He asked us to freeze what we could and we may as well eat the rest. We had a great time. Loads of food, stuck in a big country house with huge log fires and twenty foot drifts to look at. The four guests joined in with us and I think they will remember their stay for a long time too. On the Saturday we had two people arrive on Ski's asking if they could have lunch. We clearly told them no, well we were to busy, 20 foot drifts to look at!!
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