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  1. Well that was 25 minutes of near horizontal torrential rain and some very strong wind gusts here. All quiet now by comparison.
  2. Squall line has just reached here. Impressive near horizontal rain and some strong gusts. Not sure if I could hear muffled thunder but I suspect it was most likely the wind howling. Yes it is.
  3. That's quite astonishing given your location and altitude. Just 3 miles from me is the Met Office weather station at Raf Northolt. It's located in a north west London suburb and 40metres asl. Overnight the temperature fell to -5.9c and the night before -5.1c.
  4. Ssshhh. As you probably well know, reality is not really tolerated here, it's all about the frenzied rush towards the next ice age. Newcomers to this website could be forgiven for thinking that weather events only happen in winter, and only then if snow is involved The fact that some of us have experienced an epic year for thunderstorms will be lost on many. Just one example of the many biases here.
  5. I'm adequately chilled thanks, just expressing my personal opinion on a public forum if that's ok with you ?
  6. The mob mentality fed by the big companies. The scenes in some of those vidoes are not far removed from the rioting and looting we witnessed not that long ago on our streets. The difference this time is it's the big companies encouraging it so that's ok then ?
  7. I had a similar problem with my Volvo Jax. It was a task way beyond my arthritic fingers. My first port of call was Halfords...they wanted £6.99 fiting fee on top of the price for the bulb itself. I found a local independant who supplied the same bulb for about a third of the price Halfords were charging, and fitted it for free in less than a minute. Job done with no fuss.
  8. That's the exact reason for making the move. Should it come off. I would be moving to Hasting/St Leonards.
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