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  1. Newquay Airport has just snow closed, it's even settling on the beach there
  2. Knotted hanky and flip flops on now in Rhoose ..a balmy 4c
  3. 3.7c in Rhoose, waiting for the system to pivot and draw in colder North Easterly's ....all about timing here, later in the day the better !
  4. Temp rising steadily ..now 1.7c here in Rhoose, more likely a rain/sleet event for me on the coast
  5. Think you need to read the last few pages for the possibilities of cold next week !
  6. no more snow for South Wales today ...nothing showing on radar
  7. snow has now stopped in Rhoose but still blowing around in the wind ...now waiting for the main course to arrive later this afternoon !
  8. blowing snow in Rhoose, light at the moment in temp of -4c
  9. wind has just picked up a lot in the last hour on the coast in Rhoose, temp already down to -1 ..tomorrow and Friday are looking brutal in terms of windchill and snow fall ..nothing marginal here folks !
  10. I think the low showing on the models for late Thursday/Friday will struggle to make any Northwards track and I think a line from West to East along the M4 may be as far North as it get before heading off South East ..the cold block will be just too strong by then for it to make any great inroads ...my tuppence worth anyway
  11. why are some folks talking about snow depths at this range ...12-24 hours before the event yes, but not now surely ! ...the cold is coming, that's for certain ..when it's here then we can discuss snow potential
  12. SNOW WARNING issued for Cardiff Airport valid until 06:00 Monday
  13. 25.5c here and rising ..humidity 56%, starting to feel very muggy ! storms firing up now over the Bay of Biscay http://www.blitzortung.org/Webpages/index.php?lang=en
  14. looking dark to my South https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t1.0-9/10374918_10203176735393475_190225811920339984_n.jpg
  15. torrential rain in the early hours but not a sniff of thunder ..hopefully that cell in the channel will swing left as it makes landfall and head for me !
  16. that stuff over Brest is really intensifying ..think that's my rain for the early hours !
  17. reports of an HGV on it's side around J42 of the M4, recovery being made difficult due to high winds
  18. nothing exceptional here in Rhoose at the moment ..as I write torrential rain has just started ....temp 6.2C, pressure 966
  19. EML ..your belief in the models is misguided for sure, perhaps you can give me an example of when they were correct at a week or more away ? ..nothing contradictory about my post, I say it how it is, they can show a trend and that is all ..and I've just finished my cup of coffee thanks !
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