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  1. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Good Morning fellow non-leaguers, Well we finally got through to the first round proper of the FA cup after a replay at Melbourne Park yesterday evening against Bath City in windy conditions making it difficult for both teams given the open location and ground. It was not without cost however, as we lost our inspirational midfielder and captain in the first fifteen minutes to what looks like a serious injury which could well keep him out for the rest of the season. The draw fir the next round could not be worse for us as we have to travel up to Gateshead who like us play in an athletics stadium with a running track around the pitch. Getting there will not be easy for some supporters who prefer not to use the supporters coaches as a train journey costing £140 fr the privilege involves bus replacement on part of the journey from Chelmsford to London Liverpool Street plus engineering works to cause further disruption on the East Coast Main Line. By plane is equally expensive and involves flying from Heathrow. The coach leaves at 07.30 and at £45 is a reasonable deal but it means straight there and back again after the game and does not suit some of the supporters who are looking to enjoy the nightlife of Newcastle. They are thinking of hiring their own booze wagons for one of their mates to drive and to stay for the weekend. We were very disappointed with the draw as being on of the last clubs to be drawn we were hoping it might have been a big club such as Wigan or a local one such as Heybridge Swifts, but having to travel to another even more soulless club than our own, with lower average attendances than we can muster does not fill us with great enthusiasm. Being in a higher league than us as well means according to the form book we are likely to lose. We are poor up front and only our defence and goalkeeper are saving us in what this year is a poor league compared to the last two seasons. Clive have you played Gateshead this year and what do you think of them. I see that you travel to Cambridge United who in the 1960's were our main rivals. One season we were tip of the southern league and they were second. Over the Easter holidays we played them home and away and each of the games attracted crowds of over 10,000. Those were the days. Good luck against them. Kind regards Dave
  2. Hurricane Ophelia

    I bet it (the horse) looked cute in the vest top apologies but I could not resist. Kind Regards Dave
  3. Hello Blazerblue. Yes it is certainly not was forecast. We had a short sharp shower here at about seven o'clock which was enough to wet the ground. It has just started to brighten up now and so hopefully we are in for a decent day. Kind regards Dave
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Good afternoon everyone. Very exciting, but for some, concerning times ahead. Being far from an expert could I ask some of the more knowledgeable on here their views on the following. We currently have a Euro High to the south and south east of us and Ophelia way out to the south west. Ophelia is very "deep" and in winter when we are wanting snow and their is a low pressure coming in off the Atlantic it always seems to win out no matter how strong the high pressure to our east is. Given that, is there any chance that Ophelia could instead of go in a northeasterly direction go on a much more easterly track as the high is pushed aside and cross southern England? Many thanks. Kind Regards Dave
  5. Re my earlier post, the sun at last came out about 13.00 hours and been in and out ever since. It is certainly a lot more pleasant now.
  6. Hello Alexis, You were very lucky. We had a really heavy couple of showers yesterday afternoon. Today is cold and dull, almost November like. Kind Regards Dave
  7. Good afternoon everyone. After a dull and drizzly morning we enjoyed a few bright intervals a few minutes ago, but the cloud has closed in again now although it is all rather humid and sticky. Looking on the bright side we are now due for unprecedented heat. Please refer to the link below from the website of our local newspaper which belongs to the Daily Mail stable of publications. http://www.essexlive.news/sweltering-three-month-indian-summer-is-heading-for-essex-making-autumn-hotter-than-summer/story-30503038-detail/story.html Need I say more? Kind Regards Dave
  8. Yes BB, It has been little better here. We have had odd glimpses of sun showing through the veil of cloud, but it has been predominately cloudy, but humid. It was not until about 17.30 hours that the sunny finally broke through after a few spots of rain. Certainly was not the day we had been promised. Kind Regards Dave
  9. Yes indeed Huntso, there was a very dramatic skyscape. I went from Chelmsford to Waterbeach yesterday lunchtime to visit a former work colleague and then on to Huntingdon to visit one of my sons (in Hartford) and I could see lightning ahead of me with cauliflower clouds covering the entire view in front of me. Kind regards Dave
  10. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hello Clive, Yes St Albans were for the majority of the game (certainly after the first quarter of an hour) by far the better team. They were first to the ball and made some good attacking moves playing the ball along the deck. We just resorted to hoof ball and our forwards were isolated. On the rare occasions our strikers did get the ball their headers or shots were very wayward. On the night they would not have been able to hit a barn door. Last year as you say At Albans started strongly, but subsequently fell away towards the latter stages of the season. One of the main reasons for this was that they sold or released most of their best players. We acquired their top scorer for example. This Saturday we are away at Wealdstone and so I hope we can put our Monday night horror show to bed. Kind Regards Dave
  11. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hello Clive, Thanks for your reply. Mother and baby now both doing well thanks. Did you travel up to Tranmere? That was an excellent result for you. I went up there last season for our FA Trophy game against them and really enjoyed my visit. What a fantastic old school type ground. We managed a draw, they scored shortly before the end of the match to earn a replay which they comfortably won back at Melbourne Park. Yes we did very well to beat Batch City and we have a 6 pointer tonight against St Albans at our place. Keep up the good work on your hopeful progression to the Football League. My weekend was completed by Kingstonian beating Billericay Town away. Craig Edwards, who I have a great deal of time for and respect greatly was City Manager before being sacked for no reason other than to allow Geoff King to take over (and we all know where that led us). He then went on subsequently to manage Billericay but was then dumped by Billericay when that obnoxious character Tamplin took over. Craig now manages Kingstonian. They beat the money machine that is now Billericay one nil with them scoring the solitary goal in the last minute of the match. Pure justice. Kind Regards Dave
  12. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hello Clive, Thanks for your good wishes. Mother and baby are now back home again and doing well. They were released from hospital the Wednesday before last but were readmitted in the early hours of last Sunday as Jena was suffering from internal bleeding because the infection had not properly cleared. In other words she had been discharged too early. Anyway I collected them Wednesday evening during the downpour and they are now back home. Because of everything that has been going on I have not attended any of our league matches thus far and today is no exception. We are away at Bath City today, which is our bogey team. We never do well down there irrespective of our comparative league positions and have not won there since 2004. I will be at our next home game on Monday Evening against St Albans, which will be another difficult game as no matter how well we play against them we never seem able to beat them. Last year at their place we outplayed them for the whole game and still manage to lose. We were not helped by an inempt referee who failed to give one of the most stonewall penalties I have ever seen and then booked our player for diving. He also ruled 3 of our goals out for offside. One of these was marginal but the other two were onside. Good luck today. Kind Regards Dave
  13. Hello Everyone, I thought we would have increasing amounts of sunshine as the day progressed here in mid Essex. The day started fairly dull then it brightened up with some sunshine for about half an hour, but it has clouded up again and is quite dull now. Kind Regards Dave
  14. Hello Mark, What yet more holiday? First Australia and now this. Enjoy the break. Hopefully after tonight's rain and possibly heavy rain on Tuesday you could well be lucky weatherwise. Since late morning it has been absolutely dire and more like late autumn with pulses of torrential rain interspersed with heavy rain. I had to pick my daughter in law and grandson up from Maternity this evening and had difficulty to keep them both dry on the way to the hospital pick-up point. Hopefully they will not have to return again after this latest revisit and 4 day stay. When is the rain likely to relent? Is it set in for the night? Kind Regards Dave
  15. Good Morning Folks, Still bright in Mid Essex. I rushed and cleaned the car having heard the weather forecast this morning before it rained bu there is no sign of the rain arriving any time soon. Kind Regards Dave