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  1. Hello Roadrunner. That may be a bit difficult as the snow might be too powdery, due to the extreme cold. Kind Regards Dave
  2. Hello Number 23. The Claret is a football one- Chelmsford City. I am a steward on matchdays as well as being Safety Officer. Yes it does look as though we are in the firing line for some rather extreme weather, Kind Regards Dave
  3. Hello fellow Chelmsfordian. Don't whatever you do do not get @weirp started on Brexit. By the way Weirpig Jena sends her regards and we both trust you are well. The forthcoming deep freeze will be quite an experience for her as she will not have witnessed anything like it before. Kind Regards Dave
  4. Good afternoon Frostbite 1990. Please excuse my ignorance but who, or what, is JH? Not John Holmes? Kind Regards Dave
  5. Hello Chris, My wife was diagnosed with heart problems last October. Up until then she had been really healthy. Last Tuesday it was raw cold here, but nothing like it is forecast to be next week. She walked up to the local shops with me and our grandson and it really made her feel breathless. I will have to keep a careful watch on here from late this week onwards and ensure she keeps warm and does not overdo things. At the moment I have mixed feelings as I love extreme weather, especially cold and snowy (but also thunderstorms), but this is tempered by concern for the effects it may have on "her indoors" and others suffering similarly. Kind regards Dave
  6. Hello Terry. I am not totally believing the models at the moment. The way I am going to tell if we in the southeast are going to be snowed in is to hear if the supermarket that @markwheeler runs has upped their order on salt and brought in sledges and shovels for sale, as well as increasing his order in soup and other cold weather foodstuff. Mark where are you under an avalanche of soup tins? Kind Regards Dave
  7. Hello again. As others are reminiscing about past winters and frozen bread etc I wish to add my tuppence worth. The following shows that attempts to save money can sometimes be very expensive. In the 1980's I was working for Essex County Council in the Building Surveyors Section of the County Architects Department. Energy conservation was very much in vogue at the time and a programme of installing frost censors to the outside of buildings was undertaken. One Christmas/New Year break with heating turned off in schools and colleges etc the weather started reasonably mild, but one evening a very active cold front came down from the north and the temperature plummeted rapidly. By the time the censors had activated the central heating systems the water in radiators had frozen solid. The result was a lot of burst radiators and pipework. There was several million pounds worth of associated damage ranging from collapsed ceiling, damaged electrics and flooring including laminate gymnasium flooring that started to lift. An expensive failure with the benefit of hindsight. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Good Morning Everyone. Hopefully very exciting times just around the corner. I wonder if someone could assist me with this. A week or so back I seem to recall there was a thread on Netweather in respect of the UKMO losing the BBC contract, but can't find it anywhere now. I was going to read it to see what models Meteo use to furnish the BBC with their forecasts as they seem to be less bullish on our forthcoming cold weather. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Dave
  9. Good afternoon Karlos1983. As someone still very much on a learning curve, I struggle to understand how given the same information is entered into the computer why you should receive 20 different outcomes. Surely it should be the same. Am I being too simplistic? Kind Regards Dave
  10. Good evening John and other posters. I am old enough to remember the winter of 1962/63. Each evening at 17.55 I would sit listening to the weather forecast on what was then the Home Service and the outlook was always milder air spreading from the west, but it never arrived. Looking at the charts to the best of my limited ability I am not confident that the Atlantic will win out but we are set for a significant and quite long cold spell, hopefully with some snow. Kind regards Dave
  11. Hello Weirpig, I trust you are well. I do not know about model blindness in my case, I just having difficulty in working out the dynamics of them. Could you please help me. The snow band to which you refer, is it one mentioned earlier that is coming across from the continent or the one coming southeast from the Atlantic? Many thanks Kind Regards Dave
  12. Hello winteof79, Yes it is 12 inches. On a more serious note although i am no expert I too wonder if the models are starting to pick up signal of pressure building to the north/northeast of us. I know we have been here several times already this winter without quite getting there, in the south at least, as far as an easterly is concerned. Perhaps this time the high pressure will be more robust and positioned in a more favourable location to bring us what we all crave. Kind Regards Dave
  13. Hello Chris and other posters. What is the tidal situation like when the storm starts to move southeast? Would a storm surge be likely, especially if pressure rises rapidly in the Greenland area like it did in the disaster in the early 1950's (1952 or 1952 from memory.) Kind regards Dave
  14. Good morning everyone. As a lot less knowledgeable than a lot of members that post on here I would be grateful if someone could answer the following question. As Glacier Point and TEITS have pointed out we are likely to receive a cold/very cold polar maritime plunge and then possibly a resurgence of the Scandinavian high. Most of any precipitation in this set up would be in areas facing north and west, and hopefully of snow. We in the southeast would probably not do very well under such a setup. If, for the sake of argument the polar maritime weather travelled as far as Poland and then with a strengthening high pressure developing over Scandinavia could this under its southern boundary force the low pressure system back over us. Should it do so would there be much precipitation on it and would it be cold enough to fall as snow, or would it be modified by what has been a warm winter thus far over central eastern Europe and the North Sea. Alternatively would the air be cold enough going over the comparatively warm North Sea act like a snow machine like that which occurs by the Great Lakes in the USA? Thank you Kind regards Dave