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  1. As it was my birthday on Sunday, my wife and I travelled down to Weston-super-Mare thst day and stayed at a hotel near the front until yesterday. We were extremely fortunate with the weather as it was dry every day with lots of sunshine and it felt very warwhen sheltered from a moderate breeze. We had rain one night, but we were asleep and so it did not affect us. The weather was certainly much better than at home and a lot better than a long weekend break we had in Norfolk, near Hemsby, in early August during which we endured heavy rain every day.
  2. Another dull dry day here in mid Essex. Yesterday was the only day for some time in which we had some sun, although it was hardly wall to wall. I keep telling myself tomorrow will be better, but thus far it has not really been the case.
  3. Here in Essex the weather has not been at its summer best this year. Even when most of the rest of the country are enjoying decent weather we have been plagued with cloud. Yesterday we went to Clacton on Sea and it was cloudy until about 6 pm and very breezy. We had a couple of heavy showers whilst on the beach and got drenched to the skin. The weather forecast on my phone app stated cloudy with a little drizzle, but it was a lot worse than that, Even today sun is in very short supply. It will be interesting at the end of the summer to hear what our sunshine levels compared to other years along with rainfall totals. After all this rubbish we will probably have a decent autumn now. Here's hopingt. Kind Regards Dave
  4. Just got home from a long weekend with the family near Hemsby and can understand why in normal times people prefer to go abroad. Friday started with rain in the morning but the afternoon was reasonable. Saturday, Sunday and today, torrential downpours driven by strong winds and only a few bright intervals. We have all been soaked to the skin on three consequetive days. Driving back visibility was so poor with the rate and intensity of rain everyone was being sensible and travelling slowly. With the poor weather, cost of caravan (twice what we paid last year_ welcome to Rip Off Britain), the fish and chip shop on site and the Launderette both shut (the former for staff shortages, the latter for technical fault (one that has taken at least 4 days to rectify), an oven in the caravan, where the door did not close properly (I had to hold my foot against the door to ensure it was completely shut for about 35 minutes (found out earlier after 45 minutes a shepherds pie was still cold, especially in the middle), and a door in toilet/shower room that fell off as it was only leanin in place. When I left this afternoon the oven has still not been sorted. Finally my wife took our grandson and his friend to the outside pool and when it startle to drizzle lightly one of the attendants demanded everyone got out as they didn't want to get wet. One couldn't make it up. Gosh I feel much better now after a good moan.
  5. Someone sent me the attached earlier today. It looks a real bargain to me.
  6. claret047

    3 Word Story

    You Silly Billies
  7. Hello Harry- What Cherlmsford storm? I live 2 miles from the City centre and so far we have had just a few spots of rain. It is very dark and all my solar lights have come on in the garden but no thunder or lightning. About 3 o'clock it was very dark to the north and west of us and there was occassional rumples of thunder in the distance but so far that is it. My weather App says 80% chance of rain but I am not over-confident we will have much rain let alone a storm. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Storm towards my north/northwest in the Dunmow/Stansted direction. It looks as if it will just miss us.
  9. Many thanks. There is still hope then that I may not have to sleep in the shed on Saturday night. Kind Regards Dave
  10. Perhaps Captain Shortwave or someone equally knowledgeable could give an indication as to what the weather will be like on Saturday afternoon in Mid Essex. We have friends visiting and I have planned a BBQ. My phone App says 76% rain on Saturday but does not say what time rain is expected. My wife is not best pleased with me for choosing this weekend with uncertain weather, so any glimmer of hope would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Dave
  11. A much better day here in mid Essex than I thought it would be seeing the various forecastes. The sun is still managing to shine albeit weakly through increasing cloud moving in from the south/southwest although it still feels warm and humid. Tomorrow does not too great though, but recent days I have noticed the predicted rainfall has been greater than what actually fell. Yesterday, for example was little more than nuisance drizzle. Not sure whether to go for a quiet drink in a pub or Is there anything on TV worth watching tonight?
  12. Hello Mark, Trust you and the family are well. Yes agree it is very dismal today and certainly not one for going to the beach. Kind Regards Dave
  13. Cloudy and drizzly here again today, It was better late yesterday afternoon when we had a few sunny intervals. BTW how do you keep your bamboo in check. I have heard it can be very invasive and difficult to control? In fact a bit like "her indoors" Kind regards Dave
  14. Hell Mb. A very interesting chart. If it did come off what temperature would we expect to experience here in the southeast?
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