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  1. I was sad to see the demise of Macclesfield. A few years back we met them in the FA cup with a replay back at their ground which was televised on Sky. I couldn't make it to the match due to work commitments but watched it on TV. My eldest son did go to the match on one of the supporters' coaches. As they got onto the coach to return home, depressed at a 1-0 defeat the driver inserted the key into the ignoration and it promptly snapped. They had to wait for a new key and the ignition assembly to be replaced/repaired and in the interim they were invited into the Macclesfield Social club and plied with free food and drink. The club remained open until the coach was repaired. The coach didn't return to Chelmsford until o6.00. They were treated very well by the home club Kind regards Dave
  2. Hello Clive I trust you are well it's good to see that other Non League supporters are now using this thread. As Safety Officer & Covic Officer I have been very involved in preparing policies and implementing them. We have successfully hosted 2 FA Youth Cup games with spectators present (just short of 250). We have also hosted a pre-season friendly at home against Cambridge City without fans. Early last week I contacted the Operations Manager of the National League as we wished to have a match on Saturday featuring two teams comprising players from the City squad with spectators present. I was, however given an emphatic "no" as the players, and not just the teams are regarded as elite. We therefore played behind closed doors. The whole logic of the situation until now totally eludes me. The same supporters could watch our youth team at home but not the first team, they could also watch the first team away from home against teams from lower leagues. In spite of all the hard work of non league clubs it now appears it was for nothing. yesterday's Non League News e letter had the following link: https://nonleaguedaily.com/return-of-fans-in-october-on-hold/?mc_cid=8f73f1e0ca&mc_eid=e3fa9eb6ee#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=return-of-fans-in-october-on-hold Kind Regards Dave
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  5. Good Morning everyone. A very interesting day yesterday. My wife & I had a weekend break in a caravan up near Hemsby in Norfolk. Yesterday morning started sunny but just before we left to return home at about 10 a.m. it had completely clouded over. We decided to go via Wroxham on the way home and just after we parked there it started to rain lightly, with occasional heavier bursts. In the end as it was so cool (15C) and unpleasant we decided to cut our losses and go home. The light rain continued on and off for about two thirds of the journey home, but as we travelled more into Essex the weather brightened and the rain had stopped. The temperature had risen too with my car showing 22C. It had not rained at all there and the front must have died a death as it went through later with just residual cloud. Kind Regards Dave
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