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  1. Hello MIA, I was wondering the same thing. Thankfullly I am well away from the east coast and so flooding for me should not be an issue. Parts of my county suffered badly in that storm to which you refer with much loss of life. For anyone interested there is a very good book obtainable from the Essex Record Office entitled The Great Tide by Hilda Grieve that chronicles events up to during and after the storm surge. As far as the models show for the next week it looks like calm after the storm with a ridge developing and hopefully remaining insitu for the remainder of the week. Typical autumnal weather. Kind Regards Dave
  2. Yes indeed it is. That horrible sort of drizzle that soaks you. I will be stewarding at my local football ground today and hope that it clears up by midday when us volunteers ready the ground for the 3 pm kickoff. Looking forward too next week when the weather is on the up again. Kind Regards Dave
  3. Good Evening Everyone, Re last Friday's thunderstorms, I thought you may wish to read the article I have attached from my local newspaper's website. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/ball-fire-spotted-floating-outside-1902507 Kind Regards Dave
  4. Good evening Tamara. Another excellent, informative and very readable posting as per usual, and even a weather illiterate ;like me could understand the majority of it. This is what makes this site so great. It is for all of us, whether we have a great knowledge on this fascinating subject or not, there is always someone on this thread who is able to inform us if we have a particular question. At first I thought you meant late winter 2017 but I now realise what you mean and you was not ahead of yourself Kind Regards Dave
  5. And to you too. Kind Regards Dave
  6. Hello Ben, I hope that your dogs did not get too drunk Here in Costa Del Essex another hot cloudless day today. Looking forward to the lightning show tomorrow night if it comes off. Kind Regards Dave
  7. Hello I & C. I don't know about that. My daughter in law is from the Philippines and moved here about 2 years ago. She finds the humidity and heat here a bit much and tends to sit in the shade when it is available. In those countries they do not sit in the sun and stay out of the hot conditions midday unlike mad dogs and English Men. At the football yesterday evening I was talking to a fellow supporter who has a partner living in northern Thailand only about 60 miles from the Cambodian border. He spends quite a bit of time out there as he and hs partners have business interests there. He has not been back long from his last visit and said it is not so uncomfortable there as we have endured recently. Kind Regards Dave
  8. I do hope not Alexis as the family are going to North Norfolk for a long weekend on 17th. KInd Regards Dave
  9. Hello Matt. Funny you should say that. My wife and I were both saying that although the temperature is probably a bit lower than yesterday as we have rather more cloud we feel much more uncomfortable as well think it feels much more humid. Anyone else from mid Essex concur? Kind regards Dave
  10. Hello Lauren. Was that because she was in an air conditioned hotel room for the majority of the time she was there? Kind Regards Dave
  11. Good afternoon everyone. Watched the air parade go over our house earlier. The sun had come out a few moments earlier and we enjoyed perfect viewing conditions in three bears temperatures- (not too hot and not too cold). Just booked a long weekend up near Gorlestone from Friday and so hoping the weather is not too bad and without a dreaded easterly Kind Regards Dave
  12. Good Morning everyone. Anther hot, humid day to look forward to I believe, if the start is anything to go by. Yesterday evening on the Countryfile five day forecast mention was made of the very dry June and the south of England was shown in dark browns on a map to show less than 20% of the monthly average. Writtle was mentioned as being particularly dry with a very low reading. I found this particularly interesting as I used to live there and my elderly uncle still does. Every Tuesday my wife and I together with three friends drive there to take part in the City run Heart and Sole walks. We start and finish these at Writtle College from where the readings on rainfall would have originated. After our walk we enjoy a cuppa and a bacon bap at the Tiptree Jam owned cafe there. (All very healthy!) On one of the Tuesdays in early June whilst we were having our refreshments it clouded over and started to rain. It was sufficiently heavy for one of the ladies working at the cafe to come outside and using a pulley devise to open up the sun brollies to shelter us from the shower. It did not last too long but sufficient to wet the ground. On driving back home we found that only a short distance down the road it had remained dry. In other words other parts of Chelmsford have not even had that small amount of rain. I do not have a weather station and so I am unable to confirm it but i believe we in the north east of the City have had no measurable rain at all. Is anyone local to the area able to confirm this please. Kind Regards Dave
  13. Very interesting Malcolm. In Essex as we had no rain yesterday it was the driest June on record. Kind Regards Dave
  14. Good Evening everyone. Another lovely day here in Mid Essex. My allotment is bone dry and there is no rain forecast for at least another week and so a lot of watering to look forward to. I saw on Countyfile 5 day forecast that Essex has only received 3% of the monthly rainfall thus far this month and it could be record breaking. Kind Regards Dave
  15. Hello Pete, It is the same here now after what was a fairly bright start. Kind Regards Dave