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  1. Good Morning everyone. I am sure Ice Day as a fellow Chelmsfordian will agree although we have endured for the past fortnight or so a lot of cloudy, drizzly weather, albeit generally on the mild side, the ground for this time of the year seems much drier than usual. I cannot speak for other parts of the country but surely if repeated elsewhere this will bode well for the ground becoming frozen quicker once the colder weather arrives after what seems to be weeks of eager anticipation by eager beavers like me. This in turn will mean that any snow that subsequently does fall (other parameters being in place of course) stands a better chance of settling. This morning's charts as kindly displayed by others this morning plus the comments by the more knowledgeable posters on here have enhanced my confidence that we are on the cusp of something memorable. Kind Regards Dave
  2. The way things are going Pete it will be darned sight more than 15 minutes wait until the mighty Spurs return to WHL. It is like the cold weather waiting to arrive as well as Brexit. On a serious note hopefully it is all firming up now certainly if the O6z is anything to go by & as Steve & GP appear to be on board it looks very promising. I feel privileged to read some of the posts on here from people who have a love of weather and are prepared to give of their time to inform and educate the less knowledgeable such as myself. Many thanks.
  3. Hello Pete, I have always fancied a classic Ford. Seriously though if only we only tap into that frigid air we would really be in business, especially in our neck of the woods. Possibility of a polar low forming in all that instability? one can only dream. Kind Regards Dave
  4. Good afternoon everyone. Please be patient with me as I am a bit of a technophobe & this is my first attempt at posting a chart. This GFS chart I believe shows us under a becalmed situation apart from the far north of Scotland. Depending on the amount of cloud it could be foggy with some frost, but if cloud remains an issue at night it will keep temperatures up. To my untrained eye the chart looks uninspiring made worse by low pressure directly north of us which prevents the high pressure insitu over the UK unable to migrate north. Am I correct in my assumption and also my thought that such a situation can go on for some considerable time once established. Like most on here I love the cold and snow underfoot but it does not appear to be in evidence in current charts for our neck of the woods. Kind Regards Dave
  5. Good Morning everyone. As a relative novice I was surprised at the reaction to the 00Z run with all the negativity it had caused. I believe it was John Holmes that has stated in the past that it is all about trends. We will know soon enough if our excitement was premature, but I suggest that we wait at least another two (possibly three) runs before we throw in the towel. In any event there will be plenty of excitement later today for our friends in the north of the UK and hope you enjoy it. Kind Regards Dave
  6. Hello there. We had quite a few of them indoors about 3 weeks ago, but none since. Very wet here this morning thoroughly depressing. Kind Regards Dave
  7. claret047

    Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    At last we have won away at Oxford City. Coming from a goal down on Saturday we managed to win 3-1 on a very cold afternoon. Tonight we have the short journey to Canvey island where we play Concorde Rangers, a bleak cold ground next to a gas processing plant, which can be a bit pungent at times. Next Saturday we will entertain Eastbourne Borough in the National League South. This will be our first league home game for 6 weeks as were knocked out of the FA cup at the first time of asking and our league opponents have been engaged in cup duty when due to play us at Melbourne Park. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Good Morning everyone. Just brightened up here now with patches of blue sky after a continuous belt of heavy showers. If only it was late December we could have enjoyed a winter wonderland. My attention is drawn to late Monday/Tuesday with the very deep system over southern France which is projected to move north. Depending on its ultimate position we could end up with a lot of heavy rain. I was hoping to watch a football match on Canvey Island Tuesday evening, but it must have an element of doubt attached to it going ahead. Even if it is played it is not the warmest of grounds in winter. Kind Regards Dave
  9. Good Morning everyone. It is certainly a much better day than yesterday's rainfest. We went to Silverstone to watch some motor racing. We watched from the British Racing Club Stand, but boy was it cold and unpleasant.it was more like December than early October. 8C was the best on offer there with a strong rain soaked wind. Kind Regards Dave
  10. Hello MIA, I was wondering the same thing. Thankfullly I am well away from the east coast and so flooding for me should not be an issue. Parts of my county suffered badly in that storm to which you refer with much loss of life. For anyone interested there is a very good book obtainable from the Essex Record Office entitled The Great Tide by Hilda Grieve that chronicles events up to during and after the storm surge. As far as the models show for the next week it looks like calm after the storm with a ridge developing and hopefully remaining insitu for the remainder of the week. Typical autumnal weather. Kind Regards Dave
  11. Yes indeed it is. That horrible sort of drizzle that soaks you. I will be stewarding at my local football ground today and hope that it clears up by midday when us volunteers ready the ground for the 3 pm kickoff. Looking forward too next week when the weather is on the up again. Kind Regards Dave
  12. Good Evening Everyone, Re last Friday's thunderstorms, I thought you may wish to read the article I have attached from my local newspaper's website. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/ball-fire-spotted-floating-outside-1902507 Kind Regards Dave
  13. Good evening Tamara. Another excellent, informative and very readable posting as per usual, and even a weather illiterate ;like me could understand the majority of it. This is what makes this site so great. It is for all of us, whether we have a great knowledge on this fascinating subject or not, there is always someone on this thread who is able to inform us if we have a particular question. At first I thought you meant late winter 2017 but I now realise what you mean and you was not ahead of yourself Kind Regards Dave
  14. And to you too. Kind Regards Dave
  15. Hello Ben, I hope that your dogs did not get too drunk Here in Costa Del Essex another hot cloudless day today. Looking forward to the lightning show tomorrow night if it comes off. Kind Regards Dave