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  1. Good Morning Tom. Many thanks for all your hard work in getting the competition up and running. I know I am being "thick" but I don't know how to add my bet. Could you do it for me please. I wish to place a virtual £5 bet on snow falling in the north of the region on my chosen day, the 23rd March. Many thanks Kind Regards Dave
  2. Hello Tom. I note you have also placed me in the South Thames group, but I am up Norf. Kind Regards Dave
  3. Thanks Tom & thanks also for making me 2 years younger. I thought I felt more sprightly today.
  4. Funny you should say that Pete. Before retirement I was based at Euston Tower a 31 storey office block in NW1. I was on the 27th floor and during cold weather I could see snow flakes outside my window, but at ground level it was falling as rain when the temperature was marginal for snow. Your November date for snow at the moment seems optimistic. We may have to wait longer than that! Kind Regards Dave
  5. Did you attend Ockendon School? I was involved with the major refurbishment works there a few years back when Mrs king was the Headmistress and her husband the Deputy Head.
  6. Good Morning Snowray. I am going for 23 March (My late mother's birthday) Please see my earlier post replying to TomSE. Many thanks Kind Regards Dave
  7. Good Morning Tom. I have Ian's book on Essex Weather. Sadly I have never met or spoken with him, but my wife did many years ago when he visited her WI meeting to give a talk on the weather. Seeing the books he has written besides the one I have I will put the Ice Fairs one on my birthday list. As far as snow this year is concerned I think March 23rd might be the first and probably only day we witness any, if we get any at all. With regards to Monday/Tuesday's deep low will the depression on the Icon track once it exits the SE turn the winds to the northwest and given the strength of the wind and depth of the low result in a North Sea surge. BTW an excellent book on the tragedy that devastated the East Coast nearly 70 years ago is The Great Tide by Hilda Grieve and was obtainable from the Essex Record Office. I am nit sure if it is still available. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Philippines counts cost of deadly typhoon WWW.BBC.CO.UK Typhoon Phanfone, with gusts of close to 190km/h, hit an area devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. My wonderful daughter in law is from the Island of Ilo Ilo which is in central Philippines and one of the hardest hit areas by this Typhoon. According to the latest BBC News broadcast at least 16 people have died and many homes destroyed by the 200KM winds. Communications are difficult because of the number of trees down. Hopefully her father who lives alone well away from the coast on a small farm is OK. We await news. What is the current situation with this typhoon? Is it continuing to remain strong & where is it making its way to now?
  9. Many thanks to MIA & other posters on here that make this thread an extremely interesting one. I only came across it a few weeks back, but is now one of the first I look at when logging in. A very Merry Christmas to one and all.
  10. Just returned from a children's carol service at our local church. As it was quite warm and dry when we left home I did not bother taking a coat with me and we all got rather wet getting back to the car in the steady drizzle, not that our grandson seemed to mind. I hope everyone has an enjoyable Christmas and a healthy, peaceful New Year.
  11. Good Morning MIA I trust you are well. Thanks again for another very interesting read. One of my other interests is philately and by coincidence yesterday afternoon we held our fortnightly meeting which included a guest speaker who provided several frames covering postal services in Canada's Arctic Northwest Territories from the weather stations located there. I have found the following link covering these stations to assist me in producing my report to local press and national magazines. High Arctic Weather Stations | The Canadian Encyclopedia WWW.THECANADIANENCYCLOPEDIA.CA History, politics, arts, science & more: the Canadian Encyclopedia is your reference on Canada. Articles, timelines & resources for teachers, students & public. Are the 6 stations you have mentioned include any of those listed in the above article. Kind regards Dave
  12. Tim or another poster, could someone tell me what the final chart is all about. Many thanks Dave
  13. Chelmsford City continue to under-perform losing 6-2 at home to Oxford City. A lot of discontent among supporters on team selection, formation, lack of pace & lack of imagination. Mid field was notable by its absence with it being bypassed most of the game by hoof ball by our defenders. Unsavory scenes at the end with Manager's son having to be restrained by 3 stewards wanting to have a go at our own supporters venting their spleen. Only upside of the day was meeting our @markNeal with his fellow Oxford City supporters at the end of the game.
  14. Good morning everyone. I was uncertain as to where I should post this posting so moderators please feel free to transfer it to a more appropriate place should you so deem. Last night I watched the BBC1 documentary presented by David Attenborough in the first of seven programmes on the world's continents the first being on Antarctica. It was a fascinating hour's viewing and one thing that attracted my attention was one of his final comments with regards to the waters surrounding the continent. He said that it absorbed twice as much carbon dioxide as the Amazon rain forests. Earlier he had stated that the Antarctic sea ice is melting at an alarming rate. These two pieces of information got me thinking. If more sea is exposed because of the ongoing melt does that mean that a greater surface will be available for carbon capture and will this in turn slow down global warming and eventually reverse it in that particular region at least? Kind Regards Dave
  15. Thanks for your reply. It makes sense now. I am fine thanks, but my wife had a fall about a month ago and damaged her elbow & both knees. For a couple of weeks she could not cut her own food or walk and so I was head cook & bottle washer. I hope your operation was a success & likewise your wife's is when her time comes. Kind Regards Dave
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