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  1. Good Morning everyone. A horrible day here in Chelmsford, with rain, heavy at time interspersed with short bursts of sleet with the odd flake of snow. We are in the latest Met Office warning but my house is only just over 20 metres above sea level and so I am not expecting to see any snow unless I build a very tall structure and stand on top of it. I can remember before I retired working in Euston Tower which is a 31 storey office block with our company occupying the 27th floor. On some occasions I saw snowflakes gliding past the window, but by the time it had reached near to ground level it had turned to rain. It is a slushy mess outside now but the childrens' snowman is still standing proud. If it freezes tonight the roads and pavements will be very dangerous tomorrow morning. Kind Regards Dave.
  2. Hello Mark I trust you are well. You did us (Chelmsford City) a favour today by drawing with St Albans City. We managed to beat Gloucester away 2 nil today which puts us in 5th place just 2 points behind the leaders but we have a game in hand. It is all very close, and a better result than when you played us at Melbourne Park a few weeks back. Am hour ago I had to go out in the car and the windows were covered in ice, although there was patchy cloud, which should keep the temperature up a bit if it persists. Tomorrow my wife and I are driving up to Godmanchester to visit our son and then on to Stamford in Lincolnshire hoping we do not get stranded up there. It does look a bot dodgy for travelling and so we will have to play it by ear. Kind regards Dave
  3. Hello there. Thanks for your reply. We have decided to risk it if we are not snowed in at home. I hear that they have a very festive town centre and that there is free parking nearby, which is always a bonus. As I am retired if the weather is too bad we will find somewhere to stay overnight. Kind Regards Dave
  4. Good afternoon fellow posters. Living in Chelmsford I usually look at and occasionally post in the southeast/east anglia thread. I would, however appreciate comments re tomorrow. My wife and I were intending to drive up to Godmanchester tomorrow morning to take Christmas cards/presents to my son's/girlfriend's relations and then travel with them up to Stamford to look around the town. A poster from Cambridge wrote yesterday that I would be fine as Huntingdon has a snow umbrella but I am wondering what it will be like for the second part of the journey. Also I have to bear in mind that I also have to get back home to mid Essex later in the day. Kind Regards Dave
  5. Why Pete are you going to the Portman Road area of Ipswich? Seriously though my wife and I hope to travel up to Godmanchester on Sunday to take up Christmas presents for my son's girlfriend relations and I am concerned it maynot be too good a drive back. A few years back we visited our grandson for his birthday in January and it was an absolute nightmare driving back on the A14 and M11. I love the snow but hope that it waits until we get back safely home. Kind Regards Dave
  6. Good Morning everyone, As a lot less knowledgeable on here than a number of other posters I find it very puzzling how the models can be so very different from one run to the next. I would like to ask a question as to how these model outputs are produced. Mods if I have posted this in the incorrect thread then please move it to a more appropriate one. Does for example the 0Z one then have computer feedback from readings onto the previous 0z one to perpetuate any bias, or is each run completely independent of the previous OZ run. I am afraid that I have not worded it very well, but I trust you know what I mean. Kind regards Dave
  7. Looking forward to later this week as some of us more to the east of the region might see a flake or two of snow. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Hello Malcolm It was beautiful here today after a chilly start. I took my wife up to Hylands Park in Writtle on the outskirts of Chelmsford midday and sat outside a cafe there and had a sausage baguette. It was really very pleasant in the sun, but as soon we went for a short walk (my wife is recuperating from a hospital stay), into a shaded part of the park we really noticed the difference especially when the sun went behind a patch of cloud, as it was really chilly. Kind Regards Dave
  9. Good morning everyone. After a rather dismal start it is starting to brighten up and it feels rather pleasant outside. As Dami says above there is not even the hint of a breeze. Some drizzly rain is forecast for later today, followed by clear spells and a touch of frost. I am going out fir a meal this evening with ex work colleagues and guess i will be wearing my overcoat as it will be chilly later on once the clearance arrives. I will also be wearing my hat. Kind regards Dave
  10. Good Morning Weirpig and other fellow posters. As a novice I find the current set up very complex and I am not surprised the models are differing from run to run and betwixt each other. However if the high can establish in the correct location to benefit us it could well stick around for some time and although there is not a lot of cold air around it could gradually arrive as the continent starts to cool down once the air source also becomes established. Past historic winters once we have everything in place have seen the cold weather very difficult to shift. I recall listening to the weather forecasts during the winter of 1962/63 and if my memory serves me right milder weather was often predicted 2 to 3 days ahead, but it did not arrive in the eastern part of the UK as the high pressure held strong. Kind regards Dave
  11. Good Morning everyone, A few moments ago I went onto the internet to look at BBC Travel News as I will shortly be driving up the A14 and M11 to Huntingdon to take our grandson back home after his half term stay with us. By some coincidence the first page I opened was the link below which gave details of conditions in 2010, on of the winters which was discussed earlier in this thread. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8443578.stm Kind regards Dave
  12. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hello Clive, Thanks for your reply. Good luck on the 4th. As far as City are concerned we have a better away record than our home one. We are currently unbeaten on the road, but have lost 2 games at MP. Last Saturday inspite of the difficult weather conditions in an "open" venue we managed to beat Dartford one nil. It was a very spirited performance having had our centre forward controversially dismissed on the quarter of an hour mark. Following checking video evidence the manager is considering appealing against the dismissal. The referee did not enjoy one of his better games and was not helped by one of his assistants who was unable to interpret the offside rule. It was strange that all 3 officials came from Kent, not that they were biased, they were poor for both sides, but how did this appointment come about? We have a long away trip again this weekend, down to Chippenham. Kind Regards Dave
  13. Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Good Morning fellow non-leaguers, Well we finally got through to the first round proper of the FA cup after a replay at Melbourne Park yesterday evening against Bath City in windy conditions making it difficult for both teams given the open location and ground. It was not without cost however, as we lost our inspirational midfielder and captain in the first fifteen minutes to what looks like a serious injury which could well keep him out for the rest of the season. The draw fir the next round could not be worse for us as we have to travel up to Gateshead who like us play in an athletics stadium with a running track around the pitch. Getting there will not be easy for some supporters who prefer not to use the supporters coaches as a train journey costing £140 fr the privilege involves bus replacement on part of the journey from Chelmsford to London Liverpool Street plus engineering works to cause further disruption on the East Coast Main Line. By plane is equally expensive and involves flying from Heathrow. The coach leaves at 07.30 and at £45 is a reasonable deal but it means straight there and back again after the game and does not suit some of the supporters who are looking to enjoy the nightlife of Newcastle. They are thinking of hiring their own booze wagons for one of their mates to drive and to stay for the weekend. We were very disappointed with the draw as being on of the last clubs to be drawn we were hoping it might have been a big club such as Wigan or a local one such as Heybridge Swifts, but having to travel to another even more soulless club than our own, with lower average attendances than we can muster does not fill us with great enthusiasm. Being in a higher league than us as well means according to the form book we are likely to lose. We are poor up front and only our defence and goalkeeper are saving us in what this year is a poor league compared to the last two seasons. Clive have you played Gateshead this year and what do you think of them. I see that you travel to Cambridge United who in the 1960's were our main rivals. One season we were tip of the southern league and they were second. Over the Easter holidays we played them home and away and each of the games attracted crowds of over 10,000. Those were the days. Good luck against them. Kind regards Dave
  14. Hurricane Ophelia

    I bet it (the horse) looked cute in the vest top apologies but I could not resist. Kind Regards Dave
  15. Hello Blazerblue. Yes it is certainly not was forecast. We had a short sharp shower here at about seven o'clock which was enough to wet the ground. It has just started to brighten up now and so hopefully we are in for a decent day. Kind regards Dave