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  1. Hello Pete, It is the same here now after what was a fairly bright start. Kind Regards Dave
  2. Good evening everyone. A lot of dark cloud at the moment with a little light rain. I thought that it was forecast to remain dry, Kind regards Dave
  3. claret047

    Non-League Football- December 2015 onwards

    Hello Summer Sun. As far as is National South teams in Essex are concerned it is one in and one out. As you say we have Billericay in our league now but have lost Braintree. For next season we have retained half a dozen or so of the team that came third in the league and have decided to opt for young, quick players as the way forward. It will be a much more difficult league to gain promotion from with Billericay being bankrolled with hideous amounts, recently relegated Torquay and Woking as well as the always promotion candidates Dartford Kind regards Dave
  4. Hello Snow Queen Lovely day here in mid Essex, although it has cooled down a lot this evening. It was very humid during the early afternoon. Kind Regards Dave
  5. Hello Pete, You have not been reading the Politics Thread again have you? Kind Regards Dave
  6. Hello Tom. Very well done with your other post by the way. It could not have been easy. Epsom brings back memories for me as before I retired the consultancy I worked for had their head office at Epsom. In fact they designed the main grandstand. We often used to hire out space there for meetings. As far as racing is concerned I live about 4 miles from the Chelmsford City Race Course and I can confirm that no fillies (equine or otherwise) were "spooked" at yesterday's meeting there. In spite of severe storms being forecast we had nothing at all. This morning has up until now been dull, grey and misty but feeling mild (car thermometer reading 18C.) but the sun is now attempting to poke it's head through the crud. Kind Regards Dave
  7. Hello Thunderstruck. Nothing happening in Chelmsford. Had some brightness about 30 minutes ago and it became really very warm and humid but we are back in the grey drabness again now. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Good Afternoon everyone. Very heavy rain here in Chelmsford, and the thunder has just started up again after a half hour break. At least I will not have to water the allotment tonight. Kind Regards Dave
  9. Hello Crazy_diamond, It never made it as far as Chemsford, although I did hear a couple of rumbles of thunder. No rain in either the north part of Chelmsford (Springfield) or at my allotment to the west of the City. All rather disappointing as we also missed out last night and the night before we had a few flashes of lightning and five minutes of rain. I was hoping that I would not have to water the allotment but decided to as I am not confident we will have any rain tonight. Kind Regards Dave
  10. Good Morning everyone. It looks like it will be another glorious day here in the the southeast and East Anglia today. i will be off to the allotment to catch up on lost time as work on it started late this year because of the earlier wet conditions. Kind Regards Dave
  11. Hello Surrey. The work of carpenters is so varied . As well as conventional carpentry works, carpenters also install shuttering to trenches as well as form for installation of concreted pour for bridges. Still raining here. I hope tomorrow is not a washout as our grandson is staying with us and we need to get out to keep him amused. Kind Regards Dave
  12. I see Surrey. So we can safely say that you are "a chippie off the old block". Good luck with your change of venture. There is always demand for tradesmen in the construction industry. I worked in it for a number of years before I retired and one of my sons is an electrician. The weather here is not good at all now. That means my planned BBQ is now off. Kind Regards Dave
  13. As far as the weather is concerned looking at the latest charts it looks as though after this blip in the east and southeast today and tomorrow the weather will then improve. It has started to rain here already and looks set to continue for some time, therefore the BBQ I planned is definitely out later today. I hope the still cool evenings and overnight period for mid week does not result in ground frost as it will play havoc with young plants I have on my allotment. Kind Regards Dave
  14. Good Morning everyone. Another beautiful day here in mid Essex. Yesterday my wife and I took our middle son, his wife and their 9 month old to Maldon. We all like it there and have been many times before. It was the busiest we have ever seen it, even for the height of summer. We were stuck in a traffic jam of at least 2 miles queuing to get into the Promenade car park. It was so slow we found a side road and parked there and walked the remainder of the journey, which took us just over 15 minutes. In spite of that we had a really enjoyable time Kind Regards Dave
  15. Good Afternoon everyone. Another grotty day here in mid-Essex. Yesterday I went to Eastbourne to watch the mighty Clarets win and secure third place in the Vanarama South and a home match in the playoffs next Sunday. The weather there was not too bad with occasional sunny intervals but I returned back to Essex to be greeted by more light rain and drizzle. My wife told me it had been drier at home for a while in the afternoon before the rain had returned. Thee had certainly been no sunny intervals. In the meantime my lawn has grown since the last cut and my allotment is far too wet to work on. As a result I have a lot of plants at home waiting for some drier weather before I can plant them out. The next few days look particularly concerning but hopefully from mid week onwards we will tart to see an improvement Kind Regards Dave