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  1. I hope so Harry or Ice Day & I will be very disappointed. Last week I was on holiday in Lowestoft & we had quite a storm overnight. A repeat in Chelmsford would be good or am I being too greedy?
  2. Hello Mark. I know where you will be next week. Next to the freezer cabinets. It certainly looks as if it is going to be very hot by Thursday. Two of my three sons will be missing the exceptional weather here. Both are on holiday- One is going to Oregon to visit a former school friend of his who emigrated there. I am taking him to Heathrow early Wednesday morning and the other son and his partner are going to Croatia for 7 days starting Friday and followed by 3 days in Bosnia. At least trhey will be enjoying hot weather too. Trust you and the family are well. Kind regards Dave
  3. I agree with you. For your area it does look concerning. Before I retired I worked for a consultant engaged by Cambridge County Council to deliver highway works. I was involved in quite a few projects mostly involving bridges but also works to Nene Quay at Wisbech. On one such occasion at Wisbech we had to cease work for a couple of days as the river was in flood & dead cattle were being swept along in the current, Another project was the provision of a cycle track & pedestrian bridge across the flood plain at St Neots. Flooding there is quite a sight when the river is in full flow. Hopefully it will not be as bad this time. Kind Regards Dave
  4. Good Morning everyone. A little drizzle at about 09.30 but has brightened up again in mid Essex. When is the rain due to arrive or will we miss out? To my untrained eye it is not clear if the trajectory of the system will give us much rain or if it will be confined to west of here. Perhaps we will just end up with a windy couple of days. Hopefully it will not affect the Trooping of the Colour flypast as the aircraft fly right over our house and we look forward to this every year. Kind Regards Dave
  5. Last Season they ground shared at Torquay for several games & then returned back to Truro, Are they leaving their ground again for Plymouth this time to enable the development of their ground to commence? Last I heard was the Cornish Stadium which will include rugby was still on hold but perhaps it has been given the Gov't funding it was awaiting.
  6. At least we will not have to have to encounter their fans.It also probably means a reprieve for Truro. We thought we had avoided a 333 mile round trip this season but perhaps not after all. Truro have lost their "local" derby with WSM if they don't go down and their nearest opponents will then be Weymouth
  7. Hello Clive. Thanks for your reply. I did not realise that Dos had moved to take over at H & W. I thought he was leaving because of his expanding business interests. I will be able to catch up with him on my visit to H & W. On the plus side at least you do have a reliable income source with renting out your pitch. Kind Regards Dave
  8. Hello Clive, I trust you are well. You did very well again this season. How do you reckon next season will go for you now that Dos has left? You were very lucky to have such a brilliant manager, For us it was the same old, same old, making the playoffs & failing yet again at the first hurdle. This time it was in the 4th minute of 3 added minutes when we managed to give away a penalty having pulled the game back after being two nil down. Our takeover by Betsi has finally happened. At one time it was a close run thing as to which would happen first Brexit or our takeover. We have had a wholesale clearout including Rhys Murphy who wants to play in a higher league. To date we are without a goalkeeper, no strikers and only 1 central defender. We have never played Salford and so are unable to comment on them, but we played Torquay and they were fine. They were most welcoming at their place and gave us free pastie and chips. It was just unfortunate it was a rearranged match after the original had been postponed through a waterlogged pitch only for my visit their to suffer the same fate, but this time less than an hour before kick off. We left Chelmsford at midday, got to the ground at ten past six and were told the game was off at just before seven. We got back to Melbourne Park at one in the morning. I was unable to make the next time as I had prior commitments. Braintree have returned to our league. At one time it was thought they may go into the North division. I see that their manager decided to leave yesterday. When he took over for the last 6 games although relegated they were 2nd in the form table. Surprised to see him go, Kind Regards Dave
  9. After early morning showery rain we have had nothing more today & so the predominately dry weather continues. We have had to water all our potted plants again today. The allotment is also fairly dry & I will have to water it on my next visit. Rhubarb doing OK though. The early part of the weekend looks wet & windy. As a Chelmsford City supporter I am travelling down to Chippingham for the final league game in the season, before we are engaged in the playoffs. I only hope it is nit a repeat of my experience a month or so back when I traveled down to Torquay for a rearranged game that had previously been cancelled. The supporters coach had left our ground at noon and arrived at Plain Moor at 17.50, only to be told 20 minutes later the game was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. We left and arrived back at Chelmsford at 1 am. Kind Regards Dave
  10. Good Morning to all in the south west and central southern England from a south-easterner. I am a Chelmsford City supporter and we have a rescheduled for this Tuesday evening away at Torquay United. The game was to be played a coupe of weeks back but cancelled the day before due to a waterlogged pitch. As a lot of supporters had already booked trains and hotel/ B & B accommodation they still traveled down to make the best of things. I have booked the coach for Tuesday with a departure time of 12 noon, but wonder if there any posters on here based in the Torquay who can give their view with existing conditions and what is likely to happen over the next couple of days as to whether the game is likely to go ahead. Kind Regards Dave
  11. Our winning run continued yesterday with a 1-0 victory at home over lowly East Thurrock United. We remain 3rd in the Vanarama National south Division. That is 10 in the victories in the last 11 matches. With Torquay losing the game is closed to 4 points although they and Woking have games in hand. We still have to play both again this season (we drew with Torquay at home & Woking away) as well as Welling, but Torquay & Woking have to meet again. On paper we have a much easier run in than Torquay but we have a habit of struggling against teams in the lower reaches of the league table. Yesterday City supporters were keenly watching Newport County play Manchester City as one of our players from 2 seasons back (Robbie Wilmott)has shown how good he is against higher league opposition. We are proud that we gave him the chance to progress his career with a league club. When he was with us his talent to create goals as well as score them was apparent and he was voted Supporter's player if the year, Managers Player of the Year and Away Supporters' player of the year. Sadly it was not to be yesterday but full credit to Manchester City for being gracious in victory as well as having the respect to field a very strong team. Kind Regards Dave
  12. Good Morning SB & other posters. I have a couple of gooseberry bushes on my allotment which I have had for about 3 years & I do not know what I am doing wrong but I have only had i gooseberry between them in that time. Anyone got any suggestions apart from giving up? I grow raspberries and blackcurrants without any trouble. Thanks
  13. Good Morning fellow SE/EA weather folk. I am too chicken to post this on the hunt for cold thread in case I am accused of posting it in the wrong thread. I do wonder with all these super duper computers at weather companies disposal these days if the information gathered and analysed is too complex and it misses the wood for the trees so to speak. By taking too much into account it increases the area of uncertainty. To use an analogy if anyone looks at the risk down to the minuscule they would do nothing but stay in bed all day. Even then they may feel they are at risk from an aircraft plummeting through their roof. What do others think, or have I got it all wrong? Kind Regards Dave
  14. If you have cross eyes Pete should it not be welldowning. I am no expert but I believe that your area will do fine from Thursday night's precipitation. In fact South Suffolk could be the sweet spot.
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