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  1. Streamer showing on the 12z GFS update
  2. Possibly due to there being a mixture of percip
  3. Just been updated by the Met office
  4. Latest GFS run calls for widespread heavy snow throughout Friday with a low probability of it turning to rain.
  5. Does this now mean theres a higher chance of seeing a Kent clipper setting up overnight?
  6. Please correct me if I'm wrong but winds seem to be coming from more of a NEly direction rather than an ENE that was being modelled and forecast. Surely a Kent streamer has as much chance of setting up than a Thames streamer at the stage?
  7. Im surprised how light these showers are giving the very cold upper air. I was expecting more green and yellows on the radar
  8. Something forming a little further south for those in the Dover/Folkestone area
  9. Is this feature currently moving faster than the current forecast?
  10. Live HD cam in central London, things about to get interesting. http://www.guoman.com/corporate/web_cam_page.html
  11. Looking further ahead the Met office 6-30 day outlook doesn't sound too bad for the SE. Turning cold/ V cold