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  1. FetchCB

    Hurricane Florence

    Will soon be sunrise in Wilmington. Have been listening via The Frying Pan WebCam at the wind, which is strangely hypnotic and scary at the same time. As I'm in the office I have headphones on and after 20 mins took them off, the relative silence was startling. For those that choose to stay im Not sure I could endure listening to that sound for hours on end
  2. FetchCB

    Hurricane Florence

    And to bear in mind that in the States there is no such thing as Social Care. Although there are Disaster Emergency Schemes and Federal Flood Insurance, there is a real chance that if you lose your home you will be on the streets. As is almost always the case in these types of events its the poorest that bear the brunt.
  3. offical weather stations can be viewed here by filtering for them http://wow.metoffice.gov.uk/ as at 9am wattingsham, norwich was 23.6 and shoeburyness the hottest at 24.5
  4. Heathrow 34.4C https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/uk-weather-forecast-live-updates-heatwave-latest-rain-thunderstorms-traffic-sun-health-a8464131.html
  5. The showers that the met Office were forecasting ( via their app) are just not appearing and nothing much seems to be happening on satellite... I think these showers were supposed to keep the lid on temps this afternoon so could be interesting
  6. My recollection of 2003 Summer was one where the sunny/warm weather was interspersed with "cooler spells". each time the sunny/warm weather returned it returned hotter and each time the cool weather returned it was less cool. I guess this would be pretty obvious as the summer season progressed but my point is that just like 2003 the forecast change from a favourable outlook in 2003 to a less favourable , depending on your preferences of course, gave no indication of what was to happen. What has struck me this year is how similar the pattern is ie High pressure dominance early summer This is an interesting read regarding factors that contributed to 2003 https://rmets.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1256/wea.74.04
  7. From the met office website re July 2003 1st to 3rd A depression in the North Sea brought a cool unsettled spell, with rain and thundery showers in many places. Some general rain in the north-east on the 3rd. 4th to 11th The weather became mostly dry with rising temperatures as the low pressure moved to Scandinavia and high pressure settled close by to the south. Some rural areas had a few mist or fog patches on occasions around dawn. Atlantic fronts skirting northern districts on the 8th gave some rain and drizzle. Most days saw long sunny periods. Very warm or hot conditions occurred in many parts during the 9th and 10th. A weak cold front passing later on the 10th introduced fresher air by the 11th. 12th to 15th With high pressure over Scandinavia, sunny, dry, hot weather soon returned as air was drawn from the continent. Local mist and fog patches cleared quickly but thundery rain intruded into the south-west at times later. Wisley in Surrey reached 33.6 °C on the 15th while Maidenhead had its hottest July day since 1976. 16th to 20th More unsettled as Atlantic depressions encroached, but it stayed mostly very warm or hot at first. There was widespread thundery rain, heavy at times during the 16th and 17th, as a low moved north-east across the country. St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan had over 50 mm in 12 hours on the 17th. Western areas had more rain at times on the 18th, 19th and 20th, while eastern areas were sunnier and drier. Residual hot air over the south-east and East Anglia on the 19th gave way that evening as thunderstorms broke out, some lasting into the early hours. 21st to 23rd A breezy spell with sunny periods and some scattered showers mostly in the west and north.24th to 26th Atlantic depressions to the north-west brought an unsettled spell with rain bands depositing copious amounts in places, especially over south-west England, Wales and the Midlands. Cardinham in Cornwall received 58 mm in 12 hours ending 0900 GMT on the 25th. Thunder was reported from Lyneham in Wiltshire during the 26th. 27th to 31st After some thunderstorms in the south-east and East Anglia early on 27th, further rain and showers with cooler temperatures affected many places. A small low moved eastwards over northern England during the 30th bringing heavy thundery showers to north-west England and eastern England down to East Anglia, with tornadoes reported from Sculthorpe in Norfolk. As the month closed more rain moved into western and north-western areas. and we all know what happened in August..:-)
  8. Indeed I wonder if we will see the same as in winter with the GFS model quick to break down the high to the east over the medium term only to back away at the last minute.
  9. Looking at the forecast from the day before they seem to have dropped the low confidence in the dry and sunny outlook ? Hoping so Im camping Cornwall for the first two weeks in July :-)
  10. Timing critical for this? If Amber warning given could for those areas during rush hour as amounts not hugely significant but during rush hour could lead to disruption
  11. Consolation ? http://newtreats.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/new-jaffa-cake-ice-cream-tesco.html
  12. Might need a bigger ruler to measure that
  13. Could you imagine a 47 or 63 winter.... * tuts and shakes head *
  14. -1.2c in Peterborough atm http://www.peterboroughweatherwatch.com As per previous discussion Met Office forecasting snow for Peterborough, However It looks if though the snow is struggling to progress north eastwards
  15. Yes I've just noticed that as well, looking at the rainfall radar prediction it looks like periods of heavy snow. Will it happen? I don't know, the predicted radar can be hit and miss and tends to broadly right so that it will show a mass of rainfall whereas the reality its more fragmented if that makes sense.