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  1. Looking at the forecast from the day before they seem to have dropped the low confidence in the dry and sunny outlook ? Hoping so Im camping Cornwall for the first two weeks in July :-)
  2. Timing critical for this? If Amber warning given could for those areas during rush hour as amounts not hugely significant but during rush hour could lead to disruption
  3. Consolation ? http://newtreats.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/new-jaffa-cake-ice-cream-tesco.html
  4. Might need a bigger ruler to measure that
  5. Could you imagine a 47 or 63 winter.... * tuts and shakes head *
  6. -1.2c in Peterborough atm http://www.peterboroughweatherwatch.com As per previous discussion Met Office forecasting snow for Peterborough, However It looks if though the snow is struggling to progress north eastwards
  7. Yes I've just noticed that as well, looking at the rainfall radar prediction it looks like periods of heavy snow. Will it happen? I don't know, the predicted radar can be hit and miss and tends to broadly right so that it will show a mass of rainfall whereas the reality its more fragmented if that makes sense.
  8. Only very very (almost apologetic) snow in Peterborough Hoping I'm not seeing things on the radar as it looks if though the band of showers is building north westwards
  9. I will add the why to my statement. The direction of the profile of the snow lines looks if though its s straight easterly, yet close range high red models shoe Streamers in both the wash and Thames indicating a North of East component. Normally 13 degree temp difference is required for lake (sea) effect snow to occur. The difference this week will be up to 24 C so bigger showers, these further being enhanced by even colder air aloft. Added to this is the durnial heating. We are are in March the strength of the sun will assist the penetrator inland So to recap bigger showers, going further inland than would normally be the case.
  10. I have a feeling that these are seriously under estimated
  11. Well we in Peterborough await a wash Streamer...... But I promise not to keep mentioning the Streamer in every post because talking about the Streamer only gets boring
  12. The important point re Friday is that on focusing on what happens afterwards ie it turns to rain (If it does) we lose sight of the disruption and chaos it will bring. Blizzards anyone actually been in one? They represent a real danger to life and it doesn't matter if your rural or in a major town, things will go down hill very quickly, people will get isolated very quickly as emergency services struggle to cope with demand and conditions
  13. Mogreps-UK just within range of Monday afternoon (54 hrs) Itseems to have high resolution ensemble forecasting of convective activity so should have a good handle on what's to come. This would seem to tie in with Yamkin comment re upgrade to Amber warning as Met Office will be more certain of disruption
  14. As has often been said, sometimes GFS is too quick to break down the cold block to the east. Iwould not be surprised if as the runs go on it gets pushed back