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  1. It's heading my way. Good light show towards the west.
  2. Can't sleep here because I got woken up by all that. Looked out of my window to see the local TV mast get struck, It's dying down now though.
  3. 23C here today. Spring has finally sprung. Already seeing a few wasps about. Had quite a few hornets last year too.
  4. Snowing again today and struggling to get above zero. Should be the last of it though as it gradually gets warmer during the week. Had 15-20cm last year on 19th April so I'm not saying goodbye to winter just yet.
  5. Same here. That would actually beat the recent bitter cold spell in terms of maxima (the best we managed was -7C). It got up to 18C today. No word of a lie, there was almost a tropical feel in the air when it started belting down in the afternoon, such was the humidity. This is developing into a quite bonkers March. I wouldn't bet against it being 25C before the month is out.
  6. Just as the snow is nearly all gone the ECM throws up snowmageddon here on the 18-19th. Over 40mm of precipitation and all of it snow. Sure to change of course but let's see if the idea sticks.
  7. A thaw slowly taking place here. It's snowing again today but tomorrow is forecast to reach 10C and maybe 18C on Sunday. I've had snow on the ground since 7th February so it's been a decent latter part of winter (it had been very disappointing up to that point).
  8. ECM is now showing -20C here next week (still a way off though). This week it's basically temperatures close to zero with frequent snow. It's been a tame winter overall in Central Europe but it looks like it's going to go out with a bang.
  9. 14C in Central Europe in January. I think I'm going to be sick.

    1. AderynCoch


      We do have the sunshine thankfully. I'll believe the February cold blast when I see it! No real cold at all since the beginning of December.

    2. lassie23


      be -30c come mid feb

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      good, shows we are not alone, but agree lass, will be back to normal mid Feb

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  10. Interesting. I saw my first ice pellets here in Slovakia just the other day (never seen them in the UK) thrown in with sleet, snow, graupel and freezing rain. Got snow here now but overall it's been a poor winter so far.
  11. Is this normal though? Looking at the 7am temperatures it was 0C at LBA but 7C at Manchester, which indicates to me a milder airmass which hadn't reached your neck of the woods yet. Now it's 6C at LBA and 8C at Manchester - a much smaller difference due to the eastward progression of the milder airmass.
  12. Actually it makes a significant difference (many upper parts of the region have had decent snow the past few days). I put the current circumstances down to the synoptics (it looks like the milder air hasn't reached you yet). In any case it's been disgustingly unlucky again here. I know I'm on the coast but I've seen synoptics similar to the current ones deliver for this area before. Then you have the two sliders which were simply too far south. I see Dylan has been shunted north again after an initial southward change over our region; why couldn't this have happened with the sliders? Sod's Law strikes yet again. I don't expect constant blizzards but some luck wouldn't go amiss.
  13. Hi everyone, I have just one thing to say after this morning: As you were.
  14. I've just landed at Stansted. There's still a lot of snow piled up at the side of the runway. Still some patches on the way to London too (currently at Harlow). You can blame me for the change in weather pattern. It was always going to take place when I arrived.
  15. Just checked recent weather data for Vancouver Airport and there hasn't been a frost since 7th November (https://www.wunderground.com/history/airport/CYVR/2017/11/4/MonthlyHistory.html?req_city=&req_state=&req_statename=&reqdb.zip=&reqdb.magic=&reqdb.wmo=), so I very much doubt they've had lying snow there since then. High mountains come very close to the coast in the Pacific Northwest, so I think the snow map is giving the false impression that there is snow right on the coast when there isn't.
  16. First major dumping of the season here yesterday. Got about 10cm. Should last until at least Monday.
  17. It depends. If you're talking about the difference between a 400m hillside and a 300m valley you're probably right, but comparing a 400m hillside with sub-100m lowlands? I'm not so sure. Alston itself is in a valley anyway - that of the South Tyne - but it's "only" at 300m (I'm guessing Ian lives somewhere nearby like Nenthead, which is arguably the snowiest settlement in England). Even so I imagine October frosts are more common there than in the Eden Valley.
  18. 18th November 2004 was a nice surprise snowfall in Sheffield. It had been a fairly mild day (I was in a T-shirt) but the evening saw a cold plunge and rain turning rapidly to snow. We ended up with about six inches that night, which stuck around for a couple of days. There was an official depth of 18cm in Hathersage seven miles away
  19. An excellent wintry spell on the edge of the Pennines in West Sheffield, peaking with heavy snowfall on the 22nd/23rd. Must have had about a foot at that point, and it took ages to thaw (there were patches into mid-March).
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