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  1. I don't know enough to compare. They're certainly not as bad as the malaria-spreading ones you get in places like Africa, more a nuisance than anything else. Some people seem to get targetted more than others too: I know one unfortunate soul who gets eaten alive as you say. I don't get picked on myself, I just can't stand the high-pitched buzzing when they go near your ear. There's always some degree of mozzie nuisance around here in summer due to the sluggish nature of the Morava River and the marshy areas around it but it looks like this year will be especially bad. Flies and insects in general tend to abound as well.
  2. Complete contrast here. 30C and blazing sunshine. 32-33C for the next five days. We definitely don't need the rain here though after the thrice-wetter-than-average May. There's still a lot of standing water around from the recent flooding. The mosquitos are loving it.
  3. Meanwhile the heat is on in the east of Germany. It got up to 35C today in Magdeburg and 34C in Berlín. 30.1C today at my nearest weather station, though I'm unsure as to its reliability. Koliba managed 29C and Ivanka 28C (both official stations for Bratislava). I could devote an entire thread to the unusual geography and microclimates of Bratislava.
  4. Just evaded the brunt of the thunderstorm yesterday evening. Some really impressive strikes though: http://pocasiepodlupou.sk/2019/06/03/vcerajsie-burky-v-okoli-bratislavy-a-na-zahori/
  5. No, you don't have to justify your weather preferences. And neither do others.
  6. Is that good? How is it good? Please explain. Finally in a summer regime here after the terrible May (yes, that's cool, wet and dull). Enjoying an evening beer in the sinking Sun, might have to stay a bit longer because there's a thunderstorm approaching.
  7. So what are you complaining about? Honestly after five years of hearing about Gerrard falling over I have little sympathy for those going down the "Liverpool fans will be insufferable" route. You did this to yourselves. Party on!
  8. Suck it up. Over the moon here. A terrible game in terms of quality but I couldn't care less. Genuine commiserations to other Spurs fans. I know anyone can be magnanimous in victory, but I know what it's like to lose the final and it sucks. To those who simply wanted Liverpool to lose (you know who you are) - stick this up your behinds. Allez Allez Allez
  9. "has been up there" of course. Annoying typo
  10. For me this May been up there with the worst I've ever experienced (I'm 34), and that includes about 30 living in the UK. Almost unremitting rain, cloud and suppressed temperatures. For Stupava (a few miles from me) 5 days this month have reached 22C (average May high for Bratislava is 21.8C) and rainfall is at 156.7mm (about three times the monthly average). I don't have sunshine statistics but if we've had even half of what we're supposed to get at this time of year I'll be amazed. Quite simply, a dreadful month. Thank heavens it's nearly over. This was the River Morava last week (it's pretty much the same now): The Danube is also going like greased lightning, which was probably a big factor in the boat tragedy in Budapest. It probably won't burst its banks though thanks to flood defences.
  11. So that's where all the warmth has gone. High of 8C expected here tomorrow. Snow is forecast in northern Slovakia.
  12. We don't know what summer's going to be like. Simple as that.
  13. You're not alone. May so far has been absolutely gash in Central Europe. Currently 11C here and raining like there's no tomorrow. Trust this to happen after an almost-snowless February wasted on winds from Africa; had we received the current synoptics it would have been snowmageddon. I was in Paris over the weekend and the weather was poor there too. Saturday genuinely felt cold, dodging frequent downpours and hail showers. Lovely city though.
  14. Don't normally post on here but I live for nights like these. Whatever happens on Sunday or in Madrid I'm so proud of how this team has performed this season. Nice to see Trent the lad from West Derby doing a number on probably the most glamorous club in the world with that corner at the end there. There's a public holiday here tomorrow so I don't think I'll be going to bed any time soon.
  15. A rather bland period of weather here. After the fail February, March is turning out to be a really boring one this year: too warm for late snow but not warm enough to get an early taste of summer. Just a bunch of unsettled, autumnal 10-15C days with chilly but not frosty nights. Sunday might reach 19C but then it's right back to tedium again. Yawn.
  16. 19C here yesterday. Almost felt like summer never mind spring. I saw my first wasp of the year too. Sharp contrast with the same date last year!
  17. Even in Slovakia February is turning into a bust. There was a bit of snow in the first week but it's been like spring ever since then. A chilly weekend coming up but then back to the double-digit highs. What a bummer. I hope March makes up for this nothing February.
  18. We'll see. The 12z ECM is mild, the 00z less so. The only agreement is for Saturday to be mild but that's still some way off. Here the forecasts in recent days have been wrong 24 hours out. This weekend in Bratislava was supposed to be 4-5C. Instead we've had 15-20cm of snow and there's more unforecast snow today. I guess I should start a Slovakia thread at some point...
  19. January 2001 was a good winter one for the NW. First one I remember seeing was the central lunar eclipse of April 1996.
  20. Came right in the middle of a freezing spell when clear skies are usually a given. If I remember correctly a band of snow hit the SW the previous day and moved north, leaving nothing but annoying clag by the time it reached NW England.
  21. I can outdo you in the crappy-phone-pic stakes, BFTV. First one is a case of "Spot The Eclipsed Moon". Second is the moon starting to leave the Earth's shadow a short time ago (thought that one came out quite well considering).
  22. It's been snowing here every day since I came back on Tuesday, though there have been thaws (without which I'd probably be buried by now - I can well imagine there being metres of snow in the Alps). Maximum depth has been 20-25cm; now it's more like 15cm in undisturbed areas with more coming down. I'm going to head up to the nearby hills (about 500m) tomorrow to see what it's like. I've been up there before when there's been half a metre lying with virtually nothing lower down.
  23. Genuinely shocked. I had no idea she was ill. She was the main weather presenter on North West Tonight for so many years. R.I.P.
  24. Arrived back in Slovakia this afternoon to this:
  25. If weather could be compared to food this spell would be a boiled potato without even butter to slightly deblandify it. I feel part of my soul draining away every time I look at the forecast and see the same mind-numbing nothingness. If anyone has any ideas other than attempted hibernation I'm all ears. I tried thinking of November/December 2015 to remind me how worse things could be but that just made me feel queasy - good grief what a ghastly period that was.
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