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  1. It's been an excellent September here so far. Most days in the 25-28C range and still warm enough to wear shorts in the evening. No rain since the 1st either (which was leftovers from the crappy end to August). The mosquitoes are finally buggering off too.
  2. Nobody born after Feb. 1963 has lived through a winter like that either!
  3. Nowhere at the moment. It could impact Bermuda, or Newfoundland as an extratropical storm.
  4. Looks like it's going for another EWRC. How big can that eye get?
  5. I wouldn't call it annular yet because it still has banding. It's not far off though. That huge eye is impressive.
  6. As someone who likes having four seasons I'm pretty satisfied here. Summers in particular are excellent, regularly reaching the high 20s/low 30s but only occasionally topping 35C. It's nearly always warm enough to sit outside in shorts of an evening (the past week being a notable exception!). The only real bugbear is that winter is much more unreliable, compounded by the fact that milder months and seasons vastly outweigh the colder ones these days. I've never had a problem with air quality here either. It's actually windier here than one might think, with it being flat in three directions. It might be more of an issue in some of the valleys of northern Slovakia (like Žilina, where I lived for a time), which are surrounded by pretty high mountains. Spectacular scenery though.
  7. Significant storm surge in Laplace. Judging by the map that's got to be either the Mississippi or Lake Pontchartrain flowing through the town. (EDIT - I believe it's the latter).
  8. It's back up now but without audio. The winds have died down but it's not a complete lull. It's getting dicey on the New Orleans cam with Chris Oneal. Debris (including sheets of metal) starting to fly around.
  9. The eye itself should be passing over Lockport soon. It's pretty much heading due north now. Not good for New Orleans as it means longer inside the storm, though it should be east enough to avoid the strongest winds.
  10. Lockport getting absolutely hammered by the eyewall now. (EDIT - it's just gone down. Hope John Humphress is okay!) Amazing how this thing is still Cat 4.
  11. Houma getting battered in the past hour: Live from up the road in Lockport: John Humphress johnhumphress is chasing an impressive storm live on SevereStudios. Watch Live: WWW.SEVERESTUDIOS.COM
  12. Getting pretty rough in New Orleans: Chris Oneal is chasing an impressive storm live on SevereStudios. Watch Live: WWW.SEVERESTUDIOS.COM
  13. With regard to landfall Ida is going to hit the same area as Betsy in 1965, which caused significant levee breaches and flooding in New Orleans (Katrina was much worse though). Ida is already stronger than Betsy. New Orleans was on the weaker side of Katrina but the unprecedented storm surge to the east was enough to overwhelm Lake Pontchartrain and cause a catastrophe. The city will be on the stronger side of Ida and should experience stronger winds but hopefully the newer levee system will do its job. Then there's the coast itself (Grand Isle and around) which could become permanently altered.
  14. 935mb now according to reconnaissance. That's a huge drop since the last update.
  15. For the first time since May I can say the past week here has been genuinely rubbish: suppressed temperatures (barely scraping 20C), a lot of cloud and frequent heavy showers. We're stuck with this crap until at least Wednesday. It's been a good summer overall so I probably shouldn't complain too much (and I consider September a summer month here) but it really is a feeble end to August. And these mosquitoes can foxtrot oscar as well. They've been awful since late July.
  16. That's the Gulf Loop Current I think. Many a hurricane has strengthened rapidly passing over it (Camille, Katrina and Rita spring to mind). The eye is really clearing out now on satellite imagery. I imagine the wind field is expanding.
  17. NHC now going for a Cat. 4 landfall in Louisiana. Given the high potential for rapid intensification I don't think Cat. 5 at some point is out of the question.
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