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  1. FINALLY passed 30C today for the first time this summer - ridiculously late for this location. Nothing wrong with the air quality either!
  2. That chart pretty much sums up the past month or so. It's still raining here. I'm on 46mm since yesterday, nearly all of which has fallen in the last 12 hours. Pernek (only 10-15 miles from here) has had nearly 70mm in the same time frame.
  3. Tell me about it. It stayed below 17C here today and we've had nearly an inch of rain (still going). A few days ago the nearby Morava River had already burst its banks; this will only make things worse. Since about the middle of May the weather has been very disappointing indeed. Cool and unsettled with only the occasional bit of genuine warmth here and there (rather than vice-versa, which is the norm here). May came in below-average and June will almost certainly end up the same. It's also looking increasingly likely that Bratislava will enter July without having recorded 30C so far this year - that is simply shocking for this location. We've gone from an almost non-existent winter to an almost non-existent summer - a terrible combination for those like me who like continental variation. What an annus horribilis 2020 has been so far. I dearly hope the second half of the year sees a vast improvement!
  4. The former. Of course the forecast can change and a system previously thought to be staying well away from land can sometimes end up approaching.
  5. Bidston Observatory near Liverpool: August 1976 - 2.6mm September 1976 - 204.3mm
  6. Yes, a May snowfall for example would at least be interesting but this is just nuisance cold. I suppose it's not so unusual in May even here but it does take the biscuit seeing headlines such as "Intense Arctic cold" (from Severe Weather Europe, not the Daily Express) after such a hopeless "winter" which delivered nothing remotely resembling Arctic cold.
  7. I'm too young to remember the weather in 1989 and wasn't in the country for 2018 (of course I wasn't), so I can't actually recall a May which was consistently excellent. There have been plenty of Mays with warm/hot spells though. 2008 in particular had a superb first half but the second half was forgettable. I thought 2016 was pretty good as well. On the flip side of the coin it's good to see 2015 getting the opprobrium it so richly deserves, something which was surprisingly lacking at the time. A dire month. Also a special mention for May 2019 in Bratislava, which was as bad as any May I've experienced in the UK.
  8. Certainly a very dry first half of spring here despite a wet first three days. 35.3mm since 1st March, 15.2mm since 4th March, 5.4mm since 14th March and 1.5mm since 22nd March. There's a bit of rain forecast for Sunday morning but nothing after that. I'm actually more interested in finding sunshine stats, which I imagine have been exceptional for the last month or so.
  9. Glorious spring weather here recently. I haven't seen a single cloud for well over a week now. No rain since 21st March either. Come to think of it, that's the only day it's rained since most places got shut down by coronavirus restrictions (nearly a month now). Typical really!
  10. Absolute garbage here. Despite being right in the path of the cold surge, the forecast low temperatures and snow somehow downgraded at the last minute. Instead we're just left with nuisance cold. It nearly reached double figures today. Some cold blast! Meanwhile, further south and further away from the Russian Express the Balkans are getting buried in snow (even low-lying places like Belgrade). How the hell is this even possible? Just go away Extended Winter 2019/20 with your cruel teasing.
  11. Thanks to the appalling non-winter this cold spell is going to do a lot of damage to plants and trees which have grown early. There are already cherry blossoms in bloom here. Wednesday is looking like the coldest day here, with 2C and snow forecast. There might be a bit of snow on Sunday with some luck. Ironically, lying snow is the best hope for mitigating damage to plants; hard, dry frost is the worst scenario.
  12. Arctic blast coming up for Central Europe this week. We're going to go from 20C and glorious sunshine this week to temperatures struggling to get above zero and possible snow next week. If this was January it would be severely cold indeed.
  13. It's getting surreal here. There was an announcement in the street over some loudspeakers (which I'd always assumed were just relics of the Cold War) advising people to wear masks or improvise with a scarf. It reminded me of the old Protect and Survive broadcasts, which were used to prepare the public for nuclear war. Almost everyone I see is wearing a mask now. I went to the supermarket with a scarf around my face (you can't shop without covering your face). It felt weird walking around the (ever-emptying) aisles looking like someone who likes to throw Molotov cocktails at riot police. I sincerely hope the restrictions don't get any tighter.
  14. "Let's be responsible" Advice on avoiding public gatherings and whatnot, as well as how to reduce the risk of infection. The local pub shut indefinitely. Most people I see are wearing masks now. I'm hearing that next week folks won't be allowed on public transport or into shops unless their faces are suitably covered (wouldn't want to be working in a bank!). The supermarkets are still surprisingly well-stocked, though people have started raiding the multipack toilet rolls (doesn't bother me, as go for the big individual ones which are still abundant).
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