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  1. Someone's turned the blowtorch on here. 24C yesterday, 23C today. Hurbanovo (holder of Slovakia's all-time highest temperature) got up to 26C. 28C in Serbia and Romania.
  2. I stayed in Alcudia many moons ago. Was treated to a number of different displays, from overhead storms with close lightning strikes to distant, silent light shows over the sea. This was in August mind.
  3. The milder and wetter it is the worse it is for me. Worst of all is when such weather dominates Christmas and the run-up to it. I felt ill looking at that chart from December 2015 - together with November absolutely the worst festive period I've ever experienced, and one I can hardly conceive ever being outdone. I'm not that bothered about darkness and lack of sunshine really as long as it's cold. For me it makes it feel more seasonal. When it's mild though it can pretty trying, like last Christmas when it was something like 11C every day and 8C at night under an unremitting grey blanket. I'm hard-pressed to even call that "weather". Thankfully now my experience of UK winters is restricted to a couple of weeks around Christmas time. In Bratislava the main bugbear is slush and ice: it snows quite often but also often thaws partially when the temperatures creep above zero. Still, if the weather here isn't up to my standards the nearby hills usually are. I can also head north into colder regions quite easily. In any case having spent most of my winters in the snow-vacuum that is Liverpool I can't really complain. Can't wait to experience Ukraine the week before Christmas either.
  4. Raining here today but it's been very dry of late - 52.1mm in the first nine days of September but only 3mm for the rest of the month. The Danube is at a low level, exposing sandbanks, and a small offshoot of the river near here has dried up completely! Might see our first air frost on Monday night.
  5. I remember watching the Forest vs Spurs game on MOTD. It got so bad you couldn't even see the orange ball. I think they only lasted 15 minutes. There used to be a clip of it on YouTube but it's been taken down
  6. Much more autumnal here apart from the abundant sunshine. Got down to 2.5C on Friday morning.
  7. James Madden... there's a name I'd fortuitously forgotten. I wonder what Jonathan Powell is up to these days.
  8. Really impressive light show here with some pretty close strikes. Just saw multiple anvil crawlers in one go.
  9. Dorian looks as potent as Juan in 2003. Can't think of the last time before then such a strong storm hit Canada. It's turning extratropical so it's hard to say whether or not it will officially be a hurricane at landfall. A sting jet, so dreaded in European windstorms, has appeared.
  10. Gone really autumnal here now. Second day on the bounce with heavy, frontal rain (in contrast with the convective thunderstorms which characterise most summer rainfall here). High today of 16.7C is the first sub-20C maximum since 30th May.
  11. Dorian is currently slightly east of the forecast track, so a Florida landfall is even less likely now (the eye could definitely come ashore somewhere in the Carolinas though). However, for the US right now the size of the wind field is more important than the exact track. The storm only seems to be getting bigger, which will not only increase the likelihood of strong winds along the coast but also the severity of the storm surge (which will probably be the biggest danger for the US).
  12. I haven't seen devastation like this following a hurricane since the Gulf Coast got wrecked by Katrina. It also reminds me of Homestead, Florida after Andrew hit. Shocking.
  13. Well spotted. There's also the scribbled-out name at the top. Why on earth someone from the Bahamas would be posting fake videos right now is beyond me. The ones posted above are definitely legit. Even mentions the name Abaco. Harrowing stuff.
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