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  1. AderynCoch

    Winter 2018/19

    First lying snow of the season here yesterday (only about a centimetre and it melted in the afternoon). There was more snow this afternoon but it struggled to stick. Probably looking at cold rain rather than snow for the next few days but the latest ECM puts me firmly in the freezer in about a week's time. Fingers crossed....
  2. AderynCoch

    Weather in Poland

    It's definitely getting colder (finally), it's just a question of how much. The ECM brings a high of 4C to Bratislava in ten days' time but that's a while off yet. In the meantime I look forward to going outside in layers and not melting. One plus side this autumn is the colours. They've been magnificent.
  3. AderynCoch

    Weather in Poland

    Similar temperatures here too. Not as warm as further south though - it reached 29C in Romania yesterday and 27C in Hungary on Saturday. I enjoyed the warm sunny weather earlier this month but I've had enough now. I'm ready for winter; a shame the weather isn't.
  4. AderynCoch

    Hurricane Florence

    There's no way Florence is entering the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps you're referring to the Gulf Stream. A coastal stall would be bad at the best of times but considering that the Carolinas have just had an exceptionally wet summer (the wettest on record in places) it doesn't bear thinking about right now. Maybe this will also reduce the effect of dry air on Florence as she approaches land but I can't possibly say.
  5. AderynCoch

    Hurricane Florence

    143kt at flight level is impressive. I expect to see Cat4 again in the next advisory.
  6. AderynCoch

    Autumn 2018

    Crazy start to autumn here. Almost non-stop thunderstorms since last night; right now I've got constant lightning and explosion thunder. God knows how much rain there's been today...
  7. Still 27C here at midnight. The temperature actually jumped up a bit after 11pm. I've been keeping the fan on all night for the past couple of weeks; without it my bed would be a lake.
  8. Here meanwhile August is shaping up to be a notably warm month after an unremarkable June-July. 32-33C the next few days with nights above 20C. Last August was hot too.
  9. AderynCoch

    Worst summer of the 1980s?

    Happened just this year in Belarus. Record low maxima at the beginning of July while Britain baked. A few places didn't get above 10C on the 1st.
  10. Hottest day of the summer here. Currently 34C, expecting a high of 36C. Managed to get the bedroom down to 30C. Might even make it to 28C before the end of September.
  11. 31C in my room. I'm waking up in puddles of sweat at the moment. Washed my bedsheets yesterday but they already need doing again. I usually cool the flat down by opening all the windows during a thunderstorm (the outside temperature often drops by 10C and a strong wind kicks in) but the one proper storm I've had passed through yesterday evening when I was out. Back to hot breezelessness today. It hasn't been below 20C here since I returned last Sunday. Might get up to 36C on Thursday. It's still much better than 18C and rain though.
  12. AderynCoch

    June 2012 worst ever summer month?

    The coldest, wettest and dullest August in the CET record - a triple whammy. Hard to top that. The month was topped off by a historic flood in East Anglia. I took this photo in Norwich a few years ago:
  13. AderynCoch

    August 2008: horrific

    August 2008 is often the first month to crop up when talking about the summers of 2007-12 but even worse for me was July 2010. The sunshine totals in western parts were comparable to (and in some cases lower than) August 2008 - some achievement when you consider that July is a whole month closer to the summer solstice than August. At Valentia July was the second dullest month of 2010 (84 hours), only just edging out November (80 hours) Add to that a complete washout in western areas and the worst NW/SE split I've ever seen (it went on for weeks) and you have a truly rotten month.
  14. AderynCoch


    Glad you enjoyed it. I've just come back from there myself. Used it as a base this time to reach farther afield: went to the historic town of Eger and the historic village of Tihany on Lake Balaton. Very pleasant indeed except for the drenching I got when caught in Eger when a thunderstorm passed through.
  15. I'm surprised. In Slovakia it's been very thundery since about the middle of April. June was actually a pretty wet month here. Just coming back from Hungary now where it's also been very stormy during my visit (I actually got soaked in Eger). It does look very sultry this week. The latest ECM for Bratislava doesn't go below 22C right out to day 10, including a minimum of 26C for Thursday and Friday! It probably won't be that high (in my experience the ECM nearly always overdoes high summer minima for here) but it's going to be sticky for sure. Can't wait to see how hot my flat is when I get back.