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  1. I find that spring tends to yo-yo between hot and cold a lot more than autumn, which more often than not seems to me like one long gradual slump towards winter. The yo-yoing has been quite extreme this year though.
  2. Well yesterday was fairly pleasant until a strong cold front blew through in the afternoon bringing gusty winds, heavy rain and some lightning. The temperature dropped from 19C to 9C in about two hours. Fortunately there's a big warm-up coming next week (up to 28C) just in time for my birthday. Hopefully I'll get to have a few drinks outside!
  3. Try to imagine what 1740 must have felt like up to this point.
  4. Amazing really that since March 2013 there hasn't been a colder CET month.
  5. I think the warm summer that year has been overshadowed by 1976. I mentioned Spring 1975 with regard to the exceptionally mild winter which preceded it. There must have been a lot of early blooms which perished.
  6. Well May has started on a high note here (23C) but it's all downhill again tomorrow. The average daily maximum is above 20C now, but it looks like we won't reach that figure again for at least another week. The last two Mays have been poor here (particularly 2019). I really can't be doing with another one.
  7. It's going to be the coldest April here since at least 1997 and possibly further back. 1938 looks like the most recent April which is definitely unbeatable. The rest of the month is set to remain below average, with a highest temperature of 16C on the 30th (and even that's still in the unreliable term). To think that it was 25C at the very start of the month. There can't be many Aprils where the 1st has given the highest temperature. April has certainly fooled me this year!
  8. I didn't mention Saharan Africa but since you did, Cairo is bigger than London and gets hardly any rain. 😋 My point was, wet and dry are not absolutes. "Manchester is undoubtedly wet" compared to London but in UK terms? It's not so straightforward. Internationally, the whole of the UK (including London) has a reputation for being wet, most likely due to the nature of the rainfall rather than the actual amount.
  9. Dry and wet are relative terms though. Manchester is wet compared to London but dry compared to Fort William. London is wet compared to Astrakhan. And almost everywhere is wet compared to Arica. And that's without considering other factors like the number of days with rainfall and how intense it is.
  10. I love a bit of reverse psychology. It was more like two feet in some places! In others though it was starting to turn slushy, and there was almost none left on the forest canopy exposed to the sun. I had the place to myself pretty much, and the untouched snow looked so pristine. Malý Javorník weather station:
  11. Liverpool also does well in S/SEerly flows. In these instances, sea breezes tend to be offset by offshore winds. In fact, I'm pretty sure Crosby (right on the beach) has a higher all-time maximum than Ringway. The worst wind direction is NWerly: always rubbish in summer and nearly always rubbish in winter.
  12. More sleet/graupel showers today. Meanwhile there's a foot of snow on the nearby hills (about 500m). Sadly by the time I get a chance to visit it will probably be all gone. 😠
  13. Good grief it's horrible out there. 2-3C with horizontal sleet. I nearly got blown over on the way back from the shop. No lying snow as expected but there's been a bit higher up.
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