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  1. Thanks to Richard for these videos from the last couple of days too This one from near Coleridge yesterday - that's a wedge tornado that's nearly a mile wide!
  2. This is one of the storms that chased us back to Childress last night, it's been another amzing tour, great people, huge storms and many laughs along the way. Today we head for DFW, and a slight risk of damaging winds, large hail and tornadoes chasing the planes off the runway...
  3. The last days chasing for Tour 3 - hopefully a good one to bow out on and we can enjoy a sundowner or two while storms roll by later before the last hop to DFW tomorrow!
  4. A few more pics from the day, including a 15 shot pano that still couldn't quite fit in all of the stack of plates.
  5. A bit of downtime today, and a slight chance of some Kansan storms tomorrow. But today is about travelling to Norman and swapping the cars around.
  6. We nearly lost Tom today And there was a little bit of water in the Palo Duro as we toured the canyon roads Oh, and the canyon still looks as good as you'd expect the 2nd largest in the USA
  7. It was going to be a down day with no real action within 700 miles, sods law that just after we rebooked our rooms the SPC issued an update and bumped the risk for western Kansas, just a quick 3 hour hop up the road. Paul will have more details once we are on the way,
  8. I finally had enough time to test out a roof cam and then sit down and edit a video - which I still need some practice at...It could do with a soundtrack, and there's a slightly dodgy bit in the middle, but check out the movement, rotation and sheer size of this cell, plus the short lived tornado at the end - an awesome days chasing!
  9. Possibly, though there was a brief power outage just after we arrived
  10. After a few aborted targets. A gust front that accelerated as we watched it slide over us and no chance to take lightning photos. We have ended up at the Big Texan just before closing, with a flash flood alert to greet us as the gust front hit and the heavens opened.
  11. A quick tex mex lunch on Route 66 and SPC have issued a tornado watch for our area. Gassing up and waiting to plot our next move. New Mexico is rapidly becoming one of my favourite states. Chilli and storms, I could live here.
  12. I know I said the hail was the last one, but this gives an idea of the structure as it's 2am and I've not had time to play with it much - the biggest mothership stack of plates I've seen, I officially need a wider lens...
  13. Thanks Dallas. We fixed the internet issues and its stood up really well today. Great timing...
  14. Yeah. So these came out of nowhere...
  15. Another couple straight out the camera
  16. Some awesome pics and vids to share later. This has been called in as a weak tornado and we were there to see it!
  17. Sat near the NM border having lunch al fresco. After a quick test drive we know the signal dies just a mile to west, which is where the storms are. Hopefully we'll pick it up a bit further into New Mexico
  18. Nearly forgot this. For the first time ever my phone sounded the warning sirens and advised me to run and hide.
  19. While waiting for Thai food in Dumas, a new lp cell is brewing a few miles away
  20. Apart from two quite short outrages the stream was up all day. Including one of the wettest core punches I've experienced. A months rain in an hour, along with some huge cg's. We were so close to getting a tornado today, but no cigar. Oh, and the attack of the tumbleweeds will look good on video too!
  21. We will be heading south today. Once we meet up with Paul and Tony, who has finally been reunited with his case after they drove back to Concordia while the rest of us stopped in Colby after a haul out of Colorado.
  22. Sorry guys. Our Verizon connection in the streaming car has some issues. Hopefully we can get it fixed overnight
  23. Another pretty cool, day, just the elusive tornado missing, though a multi vortex hit 8 miles up the road once we parked up to eat in the late evening We also got hit by the RFD and hail while eating - Tom will have some video to post later, mine somehow went horribly wrong...
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