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  1. Hi Christina, welcome to the forum. If you're after clouds and lightning then you've come to the right place! Both tours are good, so far the guys on Tour 1 have seen 8 tornadoes in 4 days, last year tour 2 bagged some amazing storms and tornadoes too, so it really comes down to which dates work best for you. We can't promise a tornado, but we do work very hard to make sure you see as much as possible, and clouds & lightning will always play a part :-) Ian
  2. Snap, I'm on that flight too, so we can all bundle into my car stateside.
  3. An amazing day, this is what happens when I miss T1 for the first time in 6 years! Great positioning on this one, best ever I think.
  4. Hi Picking a best date is a tough one, all the tours usually catch decent storms and every year is different. I'd say T4 is a bit different to the first three because it is usually up on the northern plains, which makes it more of a unique experience, but weather wise it's impossible to call. We usually collect from the airport, though some guests like to fly in a day early to acclimatise before the tour starts and we'll let everyone know which hotel would be best (our usual Dallas start point, The Best Western in Irving is shut for refurbishment next year, so I'll have to do a bit of hunting around to confirm where we'll be. Single travellers are very welcome, and we will always try to put like minded people together for room sharing, or there is the option to reserve a single room for a surcharge. We tend to have less down time than some other tour companies as we know just how storm starved most Brits are, so we will chase anything that looks interesting rather than waiting for moderate risk days. When we do get a day or two to relax we try to visit interesting places, national parks or spend some time mooching around downtown in local cities, and we have had some competitive crazy golf tournaments in the past. In the evenings we've been known to bowl, or find a decent place to eat with added entertainment (like the Big Texan Steak Ranch - which might not be on your shortlist...) We can't make guarantees about the weather, it does what it does, all we can do is try our hardest to make sure you get to see the best of what the weather has to offer. Foodwise, most places on the road have vegetarian options, but it can be quite a restricted choice in 'mom & pop' diners. We've had vegetarians tour a few times and I don't think any wasted away while travelling but I'm not sure if we've had a vegan on tour before. You're right, Walmart is everywhere and you can stock up with snacks there for nibbling in the car. Feel free to email via the contact options on the site if you have any other questions. Ian
  5. Great to see so many familiar names on the guest list, and a lot of newbies too. Seeing a first time chasers face as a supercell comes to life is brilliant, camera left forgotten dangling on its strap as everything unfolds. Don't forget, if you can round up a couple of friends to chase there's a 'Friend finder' discount to claim too.
  6. I've not seen any problems, but will get the guys to check out the server stats to be sure.
  7. Same camera, but I tweaked the laptop a bit to cope with a bit better frame rate, and the internet has behaved itself a lot better this year. I think the cunning plan of using our own kit rather than renting might have helped.
  8. Checking... All seems to be working ok at the moment, you could try shrinking the pictures down to a more manageable size to see if that helps. Otherwise I'll ask the techier heads on the team if they have any ideas.
  9. It was probably a spammer, they pop up occasionally, one of the team usually kills them off before the posts get noticed though.
  10. We usually have a single car with the streaming camera, as we all travel in convoy having one on each would only show the same view and burn through bandwidth. The camera is mounted inside the windscreen and we try to make sure that it's catching what we are seeing, occasionally the sound is on, but as chasing can be quite an adrenaline rush the language might be a bit 'loud' for sensitive ears, so we don't always have audio on. Of course a streaming camera has limitations, the main one being available bandwidth, we visit some pretty remote places, so the signal can drop out, and the 'Golden Hour' for storms in the USA is around 6pm local time, which means things typically really get going in the late evening UK time. Which results in some people catching up with the events over breakfast.
  11. Looks the same, so no last poster names, same as in portrait mode. It's just how it scales to fit the display, I don't think it's something we can change unfortunately.
  12. It looks like this on both devices, I can't make it look like your screenshots so will have to check with one of The techies
  13. That's odd as I have a Nexus 7 and a Fire HDX, both are widescreen, the Fire is the same resolution as yours 1920x1200 and both of them show the same layout, there isn't a mobile version as such, just dynamic scaling, so on a tablet the statuses go below the forum listings. Otherwise it's pretty much the same look.
  14. A quick response for you Mapantz The modern skin is responsive, so doesn't have a mobile version, it's basically designed to load which ever style best fits the screen size it's being displayed on. We've checked on a couple of tablets and both show the standard desktop. Mine is a 7" android version. Can you let me know which tablet you are using please and what resolution it has (if you know), that might help narrow it down. A lower res screen could be behind the problem.
  15. That's not one I can answer I'm afraid Mapantz, I'll forward it to the techies and see if they have any ideas. Ian
  16. Final prep for storm chase tours well under way now. Just the in car internet to sort and then it's calendar watching until we fly out on the 6th May.

    1. IanR


      I would love to come,

      pics and vidio clips please

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      Cannot wait!

  17. The parallel was scrapped due to a cascading error apparently.
  18. A warmer than average start to Autumn has seen fashion sales hit, as nobody is ready to put away their summer clothes just yet View the full blog entry here
  19. Heading "Into The Storm" at cinemas this week? Is it worth a watch? If you like, non stop action, great special effects and aren't looking for a documentary on chasing then it's a yes. View the full blog entry here
  20. As 'Into The Storm' rolls into cinemas this week, why not do it for real next year and join us chasing in the USA? View the full blog entry here
  21. Yep, we use a 'feels like' temperature on all the forecast pages.
  22. More from today in Nick's latest blog update http://forum.netweather.tv/blog/349/entry-4785-stormchase-2014-south-dakota-tornadoes/
  23. South Dakota finally delivered for Paul and the team on Tour 4! 'Ok so todays Aim was to try and get my 1st ever South Dakota Tornado, would not have mnded if it was a 2014 Edition Birdfart, but what happened was the 3rd amazing day in a row for the Northern High Plains with once again 2 Tornadoes on the ground at the same time. Targeted Chamberlain to Huron and watched the Cold Front to our North not really paying much attention to it, when the bottom storm started to turn right we were 20 miles from it so went straight north up Highway 15, we positioned east down some fantastic dirt roads and saw our first Tornado which was a Multi Vortex at about 630pm. After dodging some insane Cg Bolts more dirt roads were needed to get to the small town of Lane. I sat in the hook with intense rotation just to our South, what would be the big tornado of the day touched down about 1 mile to our south, this was heading straight at us so we repositioned east a half mile, the tornado then fully condensed into a cone and crossed the road a few hundreds yards back, while this was happening another rope tornado was in a field to our south showering us with leaves and bit of trees. We repositioned to catch up with the now large white cone tornado near Wassington Springs and watched a magnificant rope out stage. I apologise now to Arron as the 2 videos I am about to link could end our friendship forever.12 Pictures all in order as they happened and 2 Videos shot by Richard.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vr7Ac9pAVhE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpzekFKNU0s And I love this one from Richard There are probably more photos and videos to come from another incredible chase day!
  24. Paul's already hit the road to get in position for todays risk, and it's a set up that could add to the 13 tornadoes already seen in the last 2 days chasing. Will Paul break his South Dakota duck - 106 tornadoes seen, none of them in SD As he said earlier - 'Waking up in yet another 10% Tornado Risk in Sioux City, surely lightning cant strike for a 3rd time today ? Will be on it and under it chasing hard yet again later on.' The main risk area covers north east Nebraska, the south east of SD and over into north west Iowa, as shown on the SPC Tornado Outlook Good chasing to you guys, try to save some twisters for next year!
  25. And here's Nick's blog from yesterday, you can follow his updates each day too http://forum.netweather.tv/blog/349/entry-4783-stormchase-2014-the-night-of-the-twisters/
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