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  1. My advice is to go as wide and as fast as you can.  I don't think I ever used a long lens on a chase, and once the wind, dust, rain and hail start flying you don't want to be swapping lenses.

    The 10-18 is a decent work horse, I'd be tempted to give the 17-40 a try out too for speed and image quality. You can always stitch shots together if needed..

    Keep the 18-200 in the main bag for down day walk about use.

    Enjoy the tour and don't forget to put the camera down and take it all in sometimes!


  2. Enormous wedge.  Reports of injuries and properties destroyed, we waited until it passed and checked noone needed help before heading to Salina for the night.

    We passed through Chapman, and with everyone's agreement were about to head back to see if they needed help, but good news came from a local who spoke to his sister in town, the tornado missed them by around 400m to the south, the debris signature was most likely the significant tree damage.

    Over 2 hours on the ground, averaging around a mile wide. Hopefully no fatalities.



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