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  1. Poor taste, poor judgement and incredibly selfish as well as disrespectful of the thousands affected by the atrocity itself and ongoing repercussions, I think you should seriously reconsider leaving this blog online. Or at least remove it for a few days before reposting.

    Try and show a little bit of humanity, or if that is too much to expect then consider that scoring points on the day that remembers a huge loss of life, and subsequently set the world on a path that is still destroying lives to this day is sick. If after considering this you think it is still right to score conspiracy theory points, then every point you make, every post, every viewpoint expressed is cheapened by your obvious inability to demonstrate compassion ahead of your mission to swallow every morsel of misinformation you can find and regurgitate it like a projectile vomiting infant desperately sticking his fingers down his own throat in the hope that someone will give him some attention.

    No attention is available, just a mop in the hope you will clear up your own mess and learn not to do it again.
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