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  1. Ha ha - I did use one of their rulers, it said 2ft! Just down Scawby Brook - really coming down heavy now. Started 11ish last night, been shiowers ever since. Some snow stuck, some less so with the sun. Must be in a good spot I guesss Scunny's done OK?
  2. Had lying snow all day. About 2cm at 7.30a.m Rose to 5 and back to a few after the additional snow showers and sun thaw. Pic from this afternoon. Snowing again now Hardly the stuff of legend but delighted as first lying snow of the winter - Brigg is 4m ASL so any snow from the west is generally a non starter, Usually do OK like today from the East. Hoping everyone gets something tonight
  3. Positive start to the day. Not expected anything meaningful till later Sunday but getting occasional light graupel showers. And that helps brake the monotony of lockdown 👍👍👍
  4. Wonderfully consistent in Brigg. Heavy rain all day. Keeps coming Good for the ducks????
  5. I have been optimistic all week but the stars appear to be aligning in the wrong places: heavier rain than forecast, followed by being stuck in the dry part as the low moves away Sunday, If the streamer is too far north or south....................... So got to hope that this is like the part of a film where everything has gone wrong for the central characters and then just when all looks lost they recover and win the day.
  6. The weight of snow was so great in Scunthorpe in 2010 that the roof of the newly opened Tesco superstore collapsed: Tesco roof collapses under weight of snow | Construction Enquirer News WWW.CONSTRUCTIONENQUIRER.COM Engineers have been called in by Tesco to investigate how the canopy roof of its Scunthorpe store collapsed after heavy snow Something for the newly opened Aldi in Brigg to aspire to next week!
  7. Not worked out how to post properly - thanks Carigers for the 2010 charts.
  8. Just catching up with all today's developments so firstly poped into the model thread to discover: 'My main concern is the latest Metoffice weekend forecast which is showing potential rain for the far southeast for Sunday'. So having given up I've come back here to read some great posts and analysis 😃 Met office have rain for Brigg Saturday, nothing Sunday,some light snow showers Monday. But as other posters have said, these easterlies do deliver for this area and I expect frequent snow showers Sunday afternoon onwards and plenty of snowmen in the garden by Wedensday
  9. Can't find the model thread tonight, seems to have been replaced by a south east thread?? So popped in the regional and what marvelous posts, informative and entertaining. Hoping everone gets something over the weekend and beyond - certainly looking like it!
  10. Didn't realise north lincolnshire and most of low lying east yorks was in the south east. Might explain my geography A level result!
  11. Only post every three years or so but read almost daily the model output thread. So firstly many thanks to all the posters. Your posts have helped to feel part of a warm community during lockdown. Now the moan. Still no lying snow this winter - and I'm 'up north' given The KLF definition of the north. Couldn't believe to get nothing off the east/north eastely flow the other couple of weeks. That's always been a banker. So feeling jealous today, especially with many saying it's good the south finally got some snow. Some of us up north haven't seen any eit
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