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  1. Ooooo might be near that orange blob, and it'll stick!
  2. OK stupid question but one I'd like to ask..... Friday will be wet with rain to start with and the ground is quite waterlogged already. Rain will turn to snow Saturday. But will it be too wet for it to stick?
  3. Even in 2010 I don't think the A15 was closed specifically due to snow!!!
  4. Great in Brigg, keep thinking that's it and then another 5 mins blizzard arrives. Marvelous.
  5. Heavy snow/blizzard in Brigg should be on its way any time now :-)
  6. My weather emotions today remind me of lpool in the European cup final vs AC Milan. All hope before the match and then gutted by half time. And then......miracles can happen, come on Beast from The East!!!
  7. Yes slightly downbeat. The main action tomorrow looks like missing my location. However Weds could yet deliver............
  8. Lovely surprise this morning, a good cm fallen in Brigg
  9. Yeh, not seen lying snow for some time and came back from Sheffield to a pleasant surprise. I think there's a good chance of seeing a bit more end of next week (fate tempted!),
  10. Not terrible for me, an upgrade. Can IMBY comments go to the regional thread???
  11. Don't get the winter is over comments in the model thread. How can something that never began be over? Oh what I'd give for a northern toppler!
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