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  1. Yeh, not seen lying snow for some time and came back from Sheffield to a pleasant surprise. I think there's a good chance of seeing a bit more end of next week (fate tempted!),
  2. Scunny at 6.20 tonight - fun whilst it lasted
  3. Not terrible for me, an upgrade. Can IMBY comments go to the regional thread???
  4. A very pleasant light covering and thunder snow (never seen that before). Need it to pep up again. Great to hear it's making it right through to the East coast.
  5. keeps coming gently but just replaces the stuff that melted - come onnnnnnn
  6. Hurrah - starting to settle on most of the wet surfaces. Only just but it's started!
  7. snow shower but nothing sticking, just making everywhere wet
  8. Yes - anything from the East and North is great here for snow - north west always dubious. But fingers crossed. That said, having come from the Wirral 20 odd years ago all our winters are better than the ones there
  9. Finally excited for this run. We've missed out on anything so far (except for a nice covering from a northerly heavy snow shower a week last Sunday). This time I think North Lincs is fully in the game. Lampost watching at the ready for tomorrow night
  10. Don't get the winter is over comments in the model thread. How can something that never began be over? Oh what I'd give for a northern toppler!