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  1. If we are allowed to make suggestions. Now that WU is dead, I'm sure those of us with Personal Weather Stations would be more than happy to contribute weather data to make the product more complete? (For my location - Charterhall might be just along the road from me, but it rarely matches the actual temperature at our location).
  2. Well...... the 18z GFS is either hilariously wrong - or a harbinger of day-after-tomorrow conditions. According to the 18z GFS once Caroline has passed, I'm unlikely to see any days with a max temperature over 1C and there are more days where the temperature doesn't make it above freezing than there are days when it does. While there is no snow - having a max temperature of -3.6 at midday, does seem either insane or time to stock up on soup!
  3. And if you are following this - WinterHighland have pointed out on their Facebook page - that all 3 cameras were INSIDE the hut - looking out of windows, and thus they could not have been removed without staff actually entering the hut.
  4. So now Cairngorm Mountain LTD have admitted removing the webcam - and gave the lame excuse that it's because the images from the cameras don't feed into their website - so essentially they are complaining that people are visiting winterhighland.info instead of the Cairngorm Mountain website. The childishness is getting worse.
  5. Found this article - which both sheds a bit more light on the situation - and also makes a very worrying read - http://parkswatchscotland.co.uk/2017/11/26/natural-retreats-remove-winter-highland-webcam/
  6. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? The Cairngorm webcams carry a message saying that they have been unlawfully removed from service by Cairngorm LTD. There was a message on the winterhighland website earlier saying the webcams, weather stations and network equipment in the Scottish Ski Club hut have been interfered with by the staff at Cairngorm Mountain LTD / Natural Retreats. Now earlier I saw a message on Twitter that details the situation a bit further: Now - at the point of writing this post - the winterhighland website ls largely offline carrying the message: Message Updated: 23.46hrs Sunday 26th November 2017 EMERGENCY SITE SHUTDOWN DUE TO DATABASE FAILURE. The site will be back up at www.winterhighland.info as soon as possible. Of all the possible times of the year to lose webcams and weather stations - due to park staff behaving childishly - this is the worst time, and potentially may endanger lives - since people do actually rely on the weather stations and webcams to make informed decisions about winter sports / hiking. Is there anyone here - who has a bit more insight in to the situation? (It would be good to hear the debate from both sides - if possible).
  7. We had snow today in Greenlaw - unfortunately about 30 seconds after I tweeted about it - it stopped and the sky was suddenly blue again. But there was falling wet snow - and as far as I'm concerned - that totally counts right?? right?? ...... it does...... it counts..... I'm counting it.......
  8. Depending on what you are after - this one is a YouTube video that features 3 hours of a crackling log fire while the wind howls and thunder booms - very satisfying - reinforces the toasty inside while it's dreich outside.... Then you have 10 hours of a train journey in the Arctic circle which can also be quite exciting or relaxing - depending on your mood - and finally - if you just want falling snow - These 3 should whet most appetites......
  9. I know it will change, it always does - it's too far away to be excited yet - but even so......... this is the ramping thread so........ Weather Timeline on my phone - which is using the Dark Sky API for it's weather data - is tonight forecasting 3-5cm of snow for my location on the 27th! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO .....let the ramping begin!
  10. Yeah - I meant reactions when you hover over the heart on the bottom right of posts. Currently there is "Thanks, HaHa, Confused, Sad, Like" there should be a Snow or Cold reaction
  11. This is awesome news!! PS - Mods - we need more icons for post reactions, a snowman maybe?
  12. Welcome Wallace and Gromit fan!! It's an awesome place to be. For everyone else - I feel now is probably the time to show my Autumn graph - which clearly shows - the season has most definitely turned cooler.....
  13. I was just in the part of Scotland yesterday too! Oddly - the camera is not mentioned on the main page of the site, but it is mentioned on EarthCam
  14. Braemar webcam image from deesidecomputers.com ( http://www.deesidecomputers.com/cam/image.jpg )
  15. Sorry - I feared that may be the case. Having been through it countless times - I feel for you. **** Virtual Hugs **** That's the best I can do - I know some people (non dog owners) will think oh it was 2 years ago - but as a dog owner - I know that it can still hurt when memories are stirred.
  16. The best I can probably manage - is if we get some reasonably deep snow - I'll keep it for a few a days, then send it down to you when the novelty has worn off and I'm fed up with it - and then a few days later I'll jump and down and decry the lack of snow and wish for more (which again I will be fed up of again after a few days).....
  17. Sorry to have to ask - but do you miss the early morning walks because the conditions haven't occurred yet, or because you no longer have the doggie?
  18. We've had several of those in the Borders already - plus several where the frost STARTS forming in the early afternoon.....
  19. Presumably you realise that now that you have advertised this skirt of yours - we're going to want pictures of you traipsing about in the deep snow while wearing it?
  20. Using the trusty Unix time converter - you get number 1510579560 ?
  21. Overnight low was -4.6C. Still not the coldest November Temperature in recent years. Colder than 2007,2009,2010,2011,2014 and 2015. But 2016 still holds the record (for this station) with -7.6.
  22. Woohoo! PS - 1683/84?! are there fax charts for that?
  23. Your number is higher than Snow Queen - who holds the sacred list (I'm still not really sure how she managed to have a number higher than 1, surely the holder of the list should be number 1?)
  24. Overnight low here in Greenlaw was 1.1C - not really sure what we are expecting tonight, different models say different things - and there is quite some range. NMM currently has us dropping to around -3C but that may well change in the afternoon update.
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