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  1. -12.1 it briefly started heading back up to -11, but has started dropping fast again....
  2. While it is not illegal to be driving with snow on your roof, if you are caught - it's 3 points on the license and a £60 fine. It should really be illegal, because it's not exactly uncommon for the snow to slide along the roof and down the windscreen, nor is it uncommon for snow to fly off the roof of someone else's car and land on one behind it. Meanwhile - re Datmoor: I've just been reading that the fire in Cornwall is suspected to be Arson, and it's suspected that the Dartmoor fire is probably Arson too. I'm reading (on Twitter) that the fire crews are struggling to reach the fire
  3. Guys, I know it's not Scotland - or weather related but - Google "Dartmoor national park fire" 😮
  4. Yeah that's true, we only have a river. Google says we are about 18 miles from the Sea (straight line), and we are at 154m ASL. We are about 30 miles from Edinburgh (straight line).
  5. Bloody hell, the difference tens of miles makes. We are now at -10.4C
  6. I sometimes think - if people are training to be psychologists, popping in that thread could amass a wealth of data for them..... I used to be a Model Thread watcher. But now that I suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder - I'm pretty certain, that staying away from that place, is the best thing I can do, for my health. I sometimes think "this is a local shop, for local people" from League of Gentleman - should be a tagline for that part of the forum 😂
  7. That was what happened in 2010. The problem was the the bottom layer of snow had constantly melted with heat escaping through roofs, and then froze again because of the snow sitting on top of it. So when the thaw started, even though it was slow, because the bottom layer of snow had essentially become separated from the layer above it - it started sliding well before the vast bulk of the snow on top of it was actually ready to move. This meant that the weight of the snow pushing down on the slippy layer - brought down slates when the bottom layer started sliding.
  8. I'm not. 2010 saw massive flooding when it started thawing, plus gutters and slates coming down. And something not many people even consider, but very sharp icicles suddenly unexpectedly plummeting to the ground as people are walking past.
  9. OK let's start with Wednesday's Timelapse, which surprisingly still has quite a bit of snow in it. Right now we move on to minimums - We reached -13.9C at 7:52am and our cold record is -14.5C at 8:49am on 3rd Dec 2010 It is currently -1C, and the max today was 0.2C at 12:50pm. (The DWP have officially released a cold weather payment for the TD10 area using the Charterhall station for reference)
  10. That's us in to negative double digits now. As of a few minutes ago, it's now -10.1C in Borders Weather land.....
  11. @101_North That's what happened here. We ended up climbing right up to -5.2C, we are now back down to -5.6C. At this point I am not sure what to expect. Netweather has us down as dropping to -10.8C around 3am, so we will see. @Blitzen I am so glad you are back home, we've all been getting quite worried!
  12. We got more snow... that brought the temperature up to a roasting -7.1C
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