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  1. Thanks Paul for your fair response. I didn't know about the 'report button' you mention in number 1, as I am fairly new here. Thanks for all your hard work.
  2. Well I'll use pm next time. Thanks. I don't see any problem in putting this in public, personally. It's just a query at the end of the day. And it might help others if they were wondering the same thing. I wasn't quite sure who to pm about it and I wasn't going to bother Paul with this kind of minor query. Well, I put it in the Ireland thread myself but I know you would have moved it there. That's fine but I felt it had a wider general discussion merit. It is more relevant than some other posts I've seen in there. But anyway. Whatever. And I know it's very busy and I don't doubt Paul's o
  3. But it's completely inconsistent! I can quote lots of other posts in that very same thread which have NOTHING to do with the models. I could quote some here but don't wish to offend other posters concerned. Just have a look at the last few pages even. In the thread, I wasn't asking whether it will snow in x or is the forecast right. I was asking whether the models are showing a mild breakdown in other people's opinions. I think that was relevant.
  4. I'm curious to know why this following post was deemed worthy of deletion from the 'general model thread'? I had to repost it in the Ireland thread. But I don't think it should have to be solely in the Ireland thread as it's pointing at a more general view in terms of the models and the onset of a possible mild attack from the south or southwest. I want to know who deleted it. The moderation of the forum is inconsistent and questionable, considering lots of other posts of a similar nature are not removed. Here was the 'offending' post: Hi everyone, The Irish forecasters are predicting that it
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