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  1. Very good ECM. I think it is important to remember we aren't in March yet and these Synoptics could deliver in last few days of February . Whether they will be there tomorrow is the key question
  2. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    The app and computer based forecasts with symbols are produced by computers based on computer models. I wouldn't take them too literally . Somewhere in the midlands will get some laying snow. I doubt it will be all that deep or long lasting through nice to see!
  3. There is clearly a chance of snow falling and potentially sticking in lucky areas ( not huge amounts) It also appears that there will be a large precipitation total for the period Wednesday / Thursday across large parts of the country where the ground is still saturated after a wet winter thus far
  4. Great to see some more interesting charts emerging if you like colder potentially snowy weather. I don't see a 1987 style freeze up but potential is there for low pressures to move on a southerly track with snow on the northern and Eastern flanks This change , or potential change , might be good news for flood affected areas as the focus of rainfall and the exceptional Synoptics that have created it may alter - though not to a dry scenario
  5. It's undeniable that there is a potential change afoot after the exceptional mild of December whereas 2 weeks ago it was a fairly straight forward call to suggest mild , wet and windy for the foreseeable it is now difficult to make a confident prediction . If I were to, on the balance of probabilities , I would suggest a very disturbed zonal flow digging South with an increasing cold pool over Europe with us on the peripherary There does appear to be plenty of news worthy weather ahead and if a block does set up it may further stall rainfall events somewhere in the country
  6. Quite incredible statistics this month looks likely to be warmer than november though a cool down below 9 can't be ruled out as yet!
  7. In these types of set up it is quite possible to forecasts trends and patterns for 10 days The overwhelming signal is more of the same up to Christmas with perhaps a more westerly component next week than the southerly of this week I hope it stays insanely mild this month so we smash temperature records
  8. I faced some criticism for saying cold this side of new year is highly unlikely. Of course there could be a frost or a brief north westerly shot of air but the undeniable theme is mild, sometimes wet and windy . From Wednesday to Sunday things look truly exceptionally mild
  9. This December clearly has had overwhelming signals for a mild zonal flow which is coming to fruition sometimes it is best to concede that cold weather is unlikely in the next 3 weeks and this is one such occasion
  10. It seems pretty clear there will be no significant cold spell pre xmas what is clearly up for play are a whole range of warm temperature records - if the pattern remains as it is then the December CET will be smashed , whilst november / December records ( combined) will also go
  11. Some of the charts posted at the moment have the look of the super zonal periods of the 90s Whilst it is too early to make a judgement on the second half of December , it looks highly likely the first half will be remembered as mild, wet and potentially stormy I imagine a couple more named storms will be christened in the next few weeks
  12. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Very unsettled weather over next 10 days or so. Finally some interesting weather to remark upon! Meanwhile a lovely day today much like yesterday!
  13. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    It has been a very tiresome winter In General although my location has done ok , although I missed the heavy Boxing Day snowfall though enjoyed it being around in the couple of days up to New Years eve. I think I preferred the weather action of 2014 to be honest - this winter has been too average for my liking . It does look like winter is going to end quietly- very low likelihood of anything wintery cropping up snowfall wise before the end of the month. March can still deliver from a snowfall perspective but it is going to need a real shift in weather patterns and the Azores high to shift substantially.
  14. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    The East Midlands has done better this winter- especially more northern parts of the region. Back In January 2013 there was a much broader distribution. I cannot see much excitement tonight or tomorrow although I might be proved wrong!
  15. The Midlands - Weather Chat

    It passed Nottingham and left nothing of note so even if it does make it I wouldn't be expected a good covering- it was still nice to see little icing like snow falling though!