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  1. just viewed one of the coldest ever gfs runs while its snowing heavily here!!!

  2. just viewed one of the coldest ever gfs runs while its snowing heavily here!!!

  3. more and more disagreement the closer we get to the time frame unbelieveable!

  4. the beast is on its way, very worrying and extreme weather coming for the uk!

  5. Wakefield prison, strange place for a recording.
  6. is jonathon lying because i think he is

  7. hi jonathon northern blocking is back. the cold air is coming back!!!!

  8. what a month september was! Big temperature differences, storm in the first half, huge tropical downpour and record heat just gone!

  9. anyone know what pennine lee waves are? what does it mean and what can we expect? Im near leeds

  10. hi, i think we could enter autumn with a bang. The gfs has showed the jet tracking, quite a way south, with some quite deep low pressures systems. exciting

  11. Bring on autumn. anyone else looking forward to the wind and rain poundign the windows and the cosy early nights. Not to mention the raw biting winds!

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      Yep I love the Autumn, that fresh,cool air along with some great Atlantic storms and the darker nights too...Bring It On!!

    3. Radiating Dendrite

      Radiating Dendrite


    4. Bottesford


      Nights are pretty dark now - its just night time spreads into the daytime! Keep it where it belongs- after 9pm ;)

  12. http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/cgi-app/reports?MENU=Seasonal-outlook Sounds like my perfect autumn, generally cool, windy, unsettled as time goes on. To note, it sounds like a continuation of the weather we have now, but one thing to remember, low pressure will be a bigger scale through autumn and will generally be more unsettled than summer is, e.g. wind and heavy rain. I just hope my dream autumn pulls off a cool and very unsettled September with Gales. October, very cool and unsettled, stormy. To the end of October, blocking taking place with a cold high, bringing frost and fog over Halloween and into bonfire night. November, cold with frost and heavy snow through the month, with the odd unsettled stormy period. A bit like last year, but it was not particularly wet in September and not many storms. The Atlantic seems to be waking up a tad recently.
  13. i am just speechless at the riots! The police force dont seem to care or be even trying, get the army in! I think worse is to come....

  14. hi jonathon, looks cool and unsettled now for next week,you certainly feel autumn is on its way.

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