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  1. Still nothing here, but SO fab to see reports and pictures from others in the region ?
  2. I've got a proper chilli bubbling, plenty of wine chilled and a decent torch for when my lamp post turns off. I'm just looking forward to seeing how it all pans out...... it's so exciting!!!!!
  3. Very odd thing happening in my back garden right now, there are what looks like tiny little ice particles falling from a totally clear sky, it looks like someone is throwing around silver glitter!!! Anyway, I was up super early this morning (was about -6 when I left home) and had a wonderful winter walk around our local footpaths, fabulous morning ? Did try to add a picture but the file size is too large ? Good luck to everyone for snow later, sadly I don't think it will make it as far as me. Never mind, still plenty of winter left ?
  4. ..... and me (hopefully) You're directly under me........ as the actress said to the bishop ??
  5. I thought it was a brilliant post and a very informative video. Certainly cleared up a few questions for me ?
  6. Beautiful start to the day here in Silver End, Essex. Temperature was about -3 when I took this ?
  7. My son was chuffed to bits to find 'proper' icicles on all the wheelie bins this morning
  8. Hope it's ok to share some pictures I took whilst out around our little village this morning I won't bore you with them all, but here's a few of my favourites
  9. What a wonderful start to the day, just have to hope the sun doesn't melt all that lovely snow
  10. Went to bed having pretty much thrown in the towel, woke up to a Winter Wonderland Surely my son will get his longed for snow day now
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