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  1. My son was chuffed to bits to find 'proper' icicles on all the wheelie bins this morning
  2. Hope it's ok to share some pictures I took whilst out around our little village this morning I won't bore you with them all, but here's a few of my favourites
  3. Fabulous! I wasn't expecting the showers to go on so long today!
  4. Super heavy snow here again, covering the bits that had melted within minutes!!
  5. What a wonderful start to the day, just have to hope the sun doesn't melt all that lovely snow
  6. Went to bed having pretty much thrown in the towel, woke up to a Winter Wonderland Surely my son will get his longed for snow day now
  7. I really wish I could turn my lamp post on......... only 55 minutes to wait
  8. I definitely got the East, but I seem to be missing my Beast Such a shame as everything was looking so fantastic this time last week.
  9. One of the visitors to my bird feeder was definitely feeling the cold!!!! SO puffed up
  10. Fabulous heavy shower just gone through here, turned everything white within minutes! Hopefully there will be lots more of those to come and my son will get his long wished for 'Snow Day'
  11. Wasn't expecting anywhere near as many showers as we've had this morning. Hopefully that bodes well for later on
  12. Woke up to a slight dusting in Silver End and now snowing steadily covering all surfaces very quickly. Lovely to see
  13. Oh no, the threads have been split I fear I may be in the less busy one
  14. Silver End - Essex Temp 3c DP -7c Wind just switched to ENE