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  1. Maybe Im being a bit naive but that video makes it look a bit innocuous.
  2. I thought that too for a while but then a big gust comes along and spoils it
  3. It’s actually a lovely breezy day here in ayrshire. Just been out for a long walk with the dogs. Looking out to the west it’s clear something ominous is going on.
  4. Ground winds are fairly light here in Ayrshire but Ive rarely ever seen the clouds move so fast.
  5. As a bit of an aside, some of us skydived earlier today from 10K down through this streak of cloud coming up from biscay and stretching over the UK. It was one of the few jumps Ive ever done where I could feel air turbulence in freefall. Very strange.
  6. woot woot - thats the 30th anniversary storm - its just late
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