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  1. Snowing in Tallahassee, Florida today, first time in 28 years. Donald Trump must be rubbing his hands ...

    1. General Cluster

      General Cluster

      Does that mean Trump'll be playing with his orange balls?:shok:

    2. reef


      It says it all when it can snow in tropical Florida at 30N but we haven't seen any in winter for 5 years at 54N!

    3. Nick F

      Nick F

      Joys of being downwind of an anomalously warm ocean, those on west coast of N America have similar, all the cold gets thrown into the eastern side of the continents in northern hemisphere, i.e. N America and Asia

  2. Sunshine at last, au revoir cold, grey damp squib

  3. While we continue a fruitless search for snow, E/SE Europe in the freezer later this week, even Bari in S Italy 1C max with snow Friday & Saturday 

    1. Scorcher


      Yes looks like Malta will be in single figures too, a remarkably potent setup for places so far south

  4. Weird having the windows wide open in the house in November with the wind blowing through and not feeling the remotest bit cold or even cool

    1. Froze were the Days

      Froze were the Days

      Agree! - I went for a walk down by our local river and the wind must of been gusting nearly 30mph and didn't feel chilly in the slightest. It's not right! Please please change synoptics!

  5. Wow, Hurricane Patricia has rapidly intensified over last 24hrs and likely to hit SW Mexico later today as a Category 5 with sustained 185mph winds!

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    2. Somerset Squall

      Somerset Squall

      Not directly Jan, but Patricia's remnants will likely unleash VERY heavy rainfall over Texas this weekend.

      Winds are now at 200mph. Mental.

    3. NUT


      The grand prix this weekend in austin might be rather wet

    4. Mokidugway


      El Niño pumped beast !!!

  6. 16C at Altnaharra and Kinloss in northern Scotland at 6am this morning

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    2. William Grimsley

      William Grimsley

      15.7°C at Newton Poppleford!

    3. NUT


      Was in my shorts and tshirt doing the dog walkies at half 5 this morning. Really in quite a warm sector but it won't last.............

    4. Scorcher


      It was similar here first thing and felt very warm at lunch sitting out in the sun at 19C

  7. 2 year snow drought over in south London :-)

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    2. Nick F

      Nick F

      No not settling apart from a few cold roofs

    3. lassie23


      still two years since i've seen settling snow. Will we see any this cold spell, I wonder?

    4. Team Jo
  8. Still no snow yet in south London this winter, not too hopeful atm of seeing any for the rest of this cold spell, may have to go to where it is!

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    2. karyo


      I've had a snow cover yesterday morning and another one this morning. On both occassions the snow melted by midday as it was not cold enough. Better than nothing but still underwhelming.

    3. xSnow


      Not much better in the South Midlands. The upcoming cold spell will just keep it mostly dry, as do all Arctic blasts. If it comes from the continent we get good snow from the East... not much chance of that happening anytime soon.

    4. snowangel32


      Had quite a bit here but as soon as it sticks it rains. Derbyshire is the place to go

  9. Anyone else watching the Year of Weather on BBC News24 this morning, what an interesting year of weather 2014 was!

    1. karyo


      No thanks, it was boring enough to live it.

    2. Nick F

      Nick F

      It wasn't just about the UK

  10. Big change from mid-week, widespread temps in the low teens come Thursday afternoon. Out with the woolies! and may have to reluctantly turn the switch on the boiler!

    1. Eugene


      Chilly this morning Nick, seems an eternity since it felt this cool even though its nothing out of the ordinary for early October

    2. Bottesford


      This is how its been in Berlin last week except there it was 5c cooler!

  11. Looking forward to losing this cold northeasterly wind this coming week. Even when it was sunny it was too cold to sit outside without wrapping up, today it felt like winter under leaden skies.

  12. Look forward to the day when I don't need to put the heating on, this cold easterly quickly drains any heat from the house and finds its way indoors despite the double glazing and obsessive draught exclusioning.

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    2. karyo


      Bristle boy, did you get any rain in Fuerteventura? The jet stream gave a very wet March in Spain and I wonder if it reached the Canaries.

    3. Bristle boy

      Bristle boy

      Nope! 7 days of blue skies and warm. But the island had a storm for 2 days a week before we arrived. I think the whole of the Canaries were affected by it on the w/e 2nd/3rd March.

    4. karyo


      That's good! Although showery spells can also be pleasant in the Canaries as the sun still feels warm.

  13. After this seemingly endless winter which continues well into Spring, I do hope we have a pleasant summer for a change, hot and thundery at times would be nice.

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    2. IanR


      If the SST stays below average in summer, wont it kill off the imported storms over the channel ,like has been the case for the last few years, another disadvantage of cooling climate

    3. Eugene


      Hoping for a nice pleasant dry warm summer with cool nights, nothing pleasant about hot nights when you need to wake up early in the morning

    4. Bottesford


      And waking up to cold mornings is pleasant instead? I think not. Hotter the better!

  14. Nice to see the current bun again!

  15. 60th Anniversary of the Great Flood of 1953, when a North Sea Surge flooded the east coast claiming the lives of 307 people, hopefully nothing like this can happen again: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-21264408

    1. Yarmy


      Indeed. It is something of a national disgrace that this event isn't more well known. Not close enough to London, I suppose.

  16. Lovely full moon tonight, wish I had a telescope or even some binoculars

    1. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      My thoughts too Nick. :D

  17. Yet another damp, grey and misty day - can't remember last time I saw the sun - maybe early last week! If the sun does come out it could be rather warm though.

    1. Bottesford


      Yeah frustrating weather really - could be lovely if the murk broke up a bit.

  18. Noticeably warmer this morning compared to recent nights, 15C at 5am as I went to work.

  19. What a surprise, the meteorogical summer over and the Azores ridge finally decides to pay a visit, probably for more than a week too if ECM is believed.

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    2. rob48


      That being the case, why did you yourself create a thread entitled Summer 2012 in which your first post declared that it started on 1st June?

    3. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      rob48, does anyone really care? doesn't effect the weather in any way whichever calender dates we use..

      pretty summery here today, 21C and lots of sun.

    4. rob48


      I do. When the same people are saying it starts 01/06 but finishes 21/09 - can't have it both ways

  20. If it wasn't for the lighter evenings, could I be forgiven thinking that we've never really come out of winter properly this year? What a grim wet evening. Oh and soon it'll be winter again :-(

    1. Bottesford


      Do hope we get a chance to charge up a bit before the darkness falls. Otherwise it could be a long & grim winter...

    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Tuesday and Wednesday might offer some warm sunshine for the SE although it isn't guaranteed yet at this range.

  21. World's Scariest Weather on Channel 5 atm, if like me just turned on, think they do +1

  22. Turning into a wash-out this weekend - been raining since dawn and looks like not stopping till later tomorrow, oh well suppose we need it.

  23. -2C at 6am this morning in South London, must be even colder out of the city

    1. Eugene


      Countryside received a very hard frost yesterday morning, -8C/-9C in parts.

  24. Very thick fog now descended over TW4, can't see very far out the window, will be fun for planes landing at Heathrow down the road.

    1. Eugene


      Was clear a few hours ago then as it got light the fog rolled down, must be very thick fog in the countryside

    2. Robbie Garrett

      Robbie Garrett

      What's even more interesting is when the Heathrow Controller tells the aircraft to follow the greens!! Which is the taxiway being lit up in the direction to runway or stand. Pilots responsibility then ahah!

  25. Ironically been quite wet in Morocco in places today, with rain likely for the next 3 days in Fez, have they swapped climates with us? Lol!

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