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  1. HI Shuggee, I dident know there was a abattoir in Dalkeith,but being a vegetarian I dont take interest in such things .I thought I saw a similar more extensive glow the night before while walking the dogs the Moon just now is making dark sky observation very difficult.Thanks for confirming that I'm seeing things! Regards Les.
  2. HI Steve, I only observe the Sun in white light but I must admit Ive not bothered looking for a while now(apart from occassionally glances with filtered binoculars),you can only tell yourself that a blank Sun is in itself interesting for so long! Regards Les.
  3. HI CR, Thanks for the reply,I have seen a few displays over the years at my site in Midlothian a couple quite bright and colourful,but that was before digital cameras.If their difficult to image lets hope we get plenty of practice soon . Regards and clear auroral skies Les.
  4. HI There, At around 20:00 I saw a couple of greenish patches low in the NW sky that could of been Auroral activity.Its difficult because of the full Moon just now.I tried a couple of 15 second images of the area to see if the camera could bring any colour out.Veiwing with the camera screen only I think I can detect a reddish tinge in there but nothing conclusive. Regards Les
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