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    South Derbyshire nr. Burton on Trent, Midlands, UK: alt 262 feet
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    Meteorology, I.T, Piano, Running.
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    Extreme winter cold,heavy bowing snow,freezing fog.Summer 2012

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  1. Very hot out running this morning, 5 miles felt harder today than 16.5m last Tuesday when it was relatively cool. Was already 21c-70f by 10am, I think we could see 28c or 29c by this afternoon, enjoy if you like the heat :-) more to come tomorrow and all next week. www.burtonweather.com

    1. Eugene


      Sweating is good for you polar, gets rid of them impurities ;)

    2. Polar Continental

      Polar Continental

      Well i was certainly sweating Eugene, early starts next week though, to warm for me right now lol

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