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  1. I’m at a friends tonight who’s got a pretty neat telescope that’s good enough to show Saturn’s rings so looking forward to that. He lives in the sticks so it’s darker than where I am. First saw Neowise on Saturday evening as up until then it had been annoyingly cloudy (always is when something like this happens). Managed to get a decent view of it even on my old 8 c 40 binoculars. Faded obviously last night so hoping get a last chance tonight to see on a decent scope. Still no Halle Bopp though but that’s me being greedy lol
  2. Darker mornings is what i'm most looking forward to. My circadian rhythm is knackered with all this light
  3. Lions share to the East of me here in Tonbridge sadly but have seen a couple of decent flashes
  4. Another night of heavy rain followed by heavy showers today. Then more to follow at the weekend with storm Dennis .. usually I’m wanting cold and snow but now praying from some dry, settled Spring warmth. What a crappy Winter
  5. I think Lorenzo, according to this, is to the South Coast but it’s that feature South East of Greenland that still makes me a bit aghhh!!!
  6. I’m no expert like some of you guys but I’m due to fly from Heathrow to Boston on Friday. Should I be worried??
  7. Although this isn’t model related, I’m due to fly Friday afternoon from LHR to Logan in Boston. Is it safe to say it’ll be a bumpy ride?
  8. Looks like this storm could be spectacular... it’s massive!!
  9. Bit of fun up near West Kingsdown today ? The thaw set in real quick though. It’ll be gone soon sadly...
  10. I was heading home to Tenterden from Tunbridge Wells. I’d taken my boys to their Nana’s and they wanted to play in the snow. We got as far as the Blue Boy roundabout and turned back. It was bedlam. Heavy, thick snow, snails pace driving back towards the ex’s as there was no way I was going through the lanes with three kids and risking getting stuck. Got down to Tonbridge where there was nothing. Mad!!
  11. Just seen this on BBC News. Okehampton. Definitely snow when it gets to us!!
  12. Just heading off on a second date to Ashford!! It’s gonna be hard not to sneak a peek at the thread lol. Hope we get home ok. Me Tenterden, she Teynham way. Enjoy peeps
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