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  1. Sick of this bloody weather. Most peed off about our Horse Chestnut , which we literally grew from a conker, that has been obliterated. It had got to about 18’ and, apart from one branch, has been wrecked. Sick of our weather at times. It’s all or nothing in this bloody country...
  2. I wouldn't bother, think more of the Alps or somewhere. So much nicer than any of Kent and, more or less, guaranteed snow!!
  3. Canterbury definitely been the Kent sweet spot. I’m not surprised since I was born there 😆
  4. Woke to another inch or so here in Tonbridge. Despite a slow start last Sunday with Darcy, it’s actually been a fairly memorable event, more for longevity than intensity but can’t have it all 🤷‍♂️
  5. Well I never. Popped out earlier to look at the stars on this crisp, cold and clear night and just noticed it’s chucked it down again!!! Must have snowed quite hard as well as road that had thawed out completely is now completely covered again!!! Boys all excited again lol
  6. Photo doesn’t do any justice bu still snowing moderate to heavy here in Hawkhurst but, according to the radar, pretty near done in about half hour or so. Hope that’s not Winter’s last hurrah 😬
  7. I wish I could properly understand all that but thank you for the explanation. Bad luck I guess
  8. I don't understand the reasons why, but had we had the deep cold in place before Darcy, surely the heavy rain we got preceding the event should have meant heavy consistent snowfall?
  9. Yes there does seem to be some disparity between the convection intensity in the SE in comparison to everything further North? Can anyone explain?
  10. Actually quite surprised on waking and seeing it still lightly snowing. Must have added an inch overnight. Very cold. Feel satisfied now. If we don’t get anything else at least we’ve had this.
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