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  1. Its started snowing in Ramsgate, moderately, although it wont settle as the rain before hand put that spanner in the works.
  2. Kent county council gritted A, B and some smaller but more busier residential roads around Planet Thanet about an hour ago. Temperature has dropped from 4.6 degrees to now 1.9 in about an hour
  3. Na, I didnt notice any sleet falling over Planet Thanet, just cold rain.
  4. Yeah I was quite surprised with all this forecast talk of heavy rain. Seems us in the extreme far south east missed it.
  5. Lots of deep distant rumbles heard in Thanet, looks like Canterbury area being targeted.
  6. Look like its not over yet, maybe a smidge of the white stuff tonight early hours ...
  7. The little storm passing South of Ramsgate, more like over Deal is smashing out some great strikes and bangs ... It's a loud one.
  8. Last night we had storms from just after midnight lasting until about 02:30, not bad either, some real deep looooong rumbles with some great lightning.
  9. Some banging and crashing going on Deal / Sandwich way, can hear from Ramsgate.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-26662484 Ann Gloag, the new owner of Manston is looking to close the airport after only just over 3 months. The airports freight figures have been steadily increasing as one of the main import points of flowers and Veg and now has the UK's second largest designated point of entry for restricted food products. Myself and the rest of the airport team have put in many hours of blood and sweat trying to make this airport an ever increasing attraction for new airlines and business, of which has seen results over the last few years. The airport maybe making
  11. The wind last night blew my weather station off the chimney ... oh well was looking for a newer model anyways
  12. WOW, 5 minutes ago the skies were clear and the viz was reasonable, now it's down to at least 800m, very quickly going down hill.
  13. Well this storm is better than anything we've had all summer ... very loud !
  14. Well its a nice start to the day in Ramsgate, compared to yesterdays constant rain ;o)

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