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  1. Looks like it's heading too far east for the UK. Maybe clipping Kent. Lets hope it straightens up a bit or expands.
  2. Thanks. On full snow watch! The track is definitely more Easterly (more intense than expected on east flank). If the showers dont break up over London - some areas in North London/ Essex and Hertfordshire could do well.
  3. 2.6C here. And I've eventually joined the sleet club. Yay! ❄
  4. Delivering more snow for the South. Good top up for Tuesday's snow. Good 5cms for the South East.
  5. Just seen the C4 weather and they are forecasting rain in London and snow in Manchester for Tuesday. Confused..... I'm reading the charts as snow for our area (like many here). I believe the low will be slightly further north as it transitions though the UK and will move less rapidly into France as the models have shown. So a few inches of snow is possible in places (matches the snow total charts this afternoon). Is rain a possible outcome, rather than snow... Do they know something?
  6. The BBC have to be super reserved with their weather forecast. It's okay for us with the insight. But the general public go into melt down. They will cancel appointments, flights, etc.... Tuesday is looking good for the South. Just hope their isn't too much warmer air around that low. As it could be a sleet mix for the South....
  7. All, do we have a chance of seeing any snow showers tomorrow morning? Earlier today the BBC were forecasting some light snow showers for our region. What's the consensus?
  8. Hi Surrey, wow -4 in Farnborough already! Super cold night. I'm on the Herts/Essex boarder. Just dipped below freezing -0.2!
  9. 0.2c here and dropping fast. Very little wind! I wouldn't be surprised if we hit -4c by the early hours tomorrow morning.
  10. Thanks I will check it out. Do you think we will get any snow showers (Herts / Essex) before midnight?
  11. My weather sensor in the garden is reading -7c. Does this sound realistic (based in North Herts and Essex). I do have mostly clear sky.
  12. So true, showers are sparking up randomly and becoming more prominent in land. The strong winds, moisture uplift from the sea combined with very cold upper temperature is creating snow showers. Fantastic news for guys in Norwich and Suffolk area. Keep your updates coming in. Magic bat.
  13. 1.2c here at 17:08. Dropping off quickly. All eye on the radars as we head towards dusk. Still a few hours to go until the snow showers turn up tho. Exciting times guys.
  14. I know where you coming from. I've been doing this for a few years now - you might surprised. Friday is looking good using multiple indicators and the air is unstable flowing off the North Sea. Some people where hope casting for snow or cold last week even when temps where forecasted at 7c. But it's game on now and no model we have predicts snow content correctly. And yes snow could cause travel issues in some area's come Wednesday night. MagicBat
  15. Hi CK1981, after many weeks of cold hunting it's now on our doorstep. The change was always going to be around the 24th Feb / backend of Feb. I wouldn't worry about lack of snow. Our area has several days of snow showers. Some heavy, some not. Snow showers hit the coast at 8pm /9pm tomorrow. Enjoy!
  16. You won't beat Spurs, I'm afraid. I really don't care that much, but your back line and keeper is criminal. Anyway back to the task in hand. The key change date for us is the 22nd February, yes it's been moving slowly further back. But the model are showing a more solid agreement even at this range for a cold period. 24th/25th looks more promising for snow even for the SE as the potential fronts find prominence on east wind. Magic bat.
  17. When do we expect snow/rain to hit London? What's your thoughts about timings?
  18. Evening all, 4.1c here and heavy rain. If things are to turn more wintry - then when would it be due?
  19. For the last 15min we have had very heavy rain here (Essex & Herts border). Any chance of thunder storms hitting our area today/tonight? What % chance would you say?
  20. Do you think the ppn will be mainly hitting the East of our region? Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk downwards? The radar seems to be showing this now.
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