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  1. It pushing north east. Instability in the atmosphere is on it's way for Central / East Anglia. Could be a interesting night for these areas.
  2. Looks like it's heading too far east for the UK. Maybe clipping Kent. Lets hope it straightens up a bit or expands.
  3. Thanks. On full snow watch! The track is definitely more Easterly (more intense than expected on east flank). If the showers dont break up over London - some areas in North London/ Essex and Hertfordshire could do well.
  4. Delivering more snow for the South. Good top up for Tuesday's snow. Good 5cms for the South East.
  5. Just seen the C4 weather and they are forecasting rain in London and snow in Manchester for Tuesday. Confused..... I'm reading the charts as snow for our area (like many here). I believe the low will be slightly further north as it transitions though the UK and will move less rapidly into France as the models have shown. So a few inches of snow is possible in places (matches the snow total charts this afternoon). Is rain a possible outcome, rather than snow... Do they know something?
  6. The BBC have to be super reserved with their weather forecast. It's okay for us with the insight. But the general public go into melt down. They will cancel appointments, flights, etc.... Tuesday is looking good for the South. Just hope their isn't too much warmer air around that low. As it could be a sleet mix for the South....
  7. All, do we have a chance of seeing any snow showers tomorrow morning? Earlier today the BBC were forecasting some light snow showers for our region. What's the consensus?
  8. Hi Surrey, wow -4 in Farnborough already! Super cold night. I'm on the Herts/Essex boarder. Just dipped below freezing -0.2!
  9. 0.2c here and dropping fast. Very little wind! I wouldn't be surprised if we hit -4c by the early hours tomorrow morning.
  10. Thanks I will check it out. Do you think we will get any snow showers (Herts / Essex) before midnight?
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