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  1. You won't beat Spurs, I'm afraid. I really don't care that much, but your back line and keeper is criminal. Anyway back to the task in hand. The key change date for us is the 22nd February, yes it's been moving slowly further back. But the model are showing a more solid agreement even at this range for a cold period. 24th/25th looks more promising for snow even for the SE as the potential fronts find prominence on east wind. Magic bat.
  2. When do we expect snow/rain to hit London? What's your thoughts about timings?
  3. Evening all, 4.1c here and heavy rain. If things are to turn more wintry - then when would it be due?
  4. For the last 15min we have had very heavy rain here (Essex & Herts border). Any chance of thunder storms hitting our area today/tonight? What % chance would you say?
  5. The radar is looking rather clear. Hopefully the ppn picks up over night with shower coming off the coast. Let's see what happens.
  6. Agreed, interesting shift to the west. We may see a more southern push soon and ppn growing in strength on eastern edge.
  7. Cheers Steve. Interesting radar watching. I would pleased with 2cms in my area. I hope to see more ppn pushing in from the coast during the night to give the London guys something.
  8. Hi Steve, how much snow could you expect for this ppn set up at lower levels?
  9. The main band of ppn seems to be moving in a more southern direction. North London might find itself in the line of fire.
  10. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Do you think the ppn will be mainly hitting the East of our region? Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk downwards? The radar seems to be showing this now.
  11. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    We have ppn developing due north of our region. It could be an interesting night.
  12. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Evening, we seem to be losing on this one tonight. Maybe if the precipitation arrived an hour or 3 later the very marginal differences - may have been on our side. It's close looking at the charts and the reports tonight. The north part of our area could still be in the game.
  13. Very Humid here. Just had the first cracking of Thunder! Radar nuw showing a collection of small pocket of heavy rain. Magic Bat
  14. Just had the same - flickering light! Now starting to hear the gusts of wind - its now just starting to ramp up.We are heading towards the interesting part!Anyone with out power?
  15. Agree with you there. It will strengthen over the next few hours as the storm rattles across our region. Interesting to see the highest gust speed recorded in our part of the world.