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  1. I wondered about last night and the heat - When I got up at about 6:30 this morning my windows were steamed up with condensation which prety much never happens in this house. Don't know if it was the heat and humidity that caused it...
  2. That's just silly. I posted a reply to that and it was deleted. Nobody on this thread would have had an issue with anything posted there.
  3. Just going to make my annual Dog Days comment about late summer - the time from late August into about mid September. Although September is offically considered autumn, it still feels in some ways it could be summer in terms of temperatures, however what is noticeable is the lower sun and the earlier sunsets. The shadows are already longer and it no longer feels summery in the sense that the light is starting to fade, even though we can get some very nice weather at times throughout September. Usually at this time of year I begin getting that sense of anticipation for what autumn will bring, but not so much this year. I think the amount of rain we had in summer leaves me wishing that some nice dry sunny weather could be produced in the next month or so, the way in which I remember most Septembers. The dog days are usually for when I've had my fill of summer, but that isn't so this year. But you don't get to choose the weather, and it is an open question as to how September will play out. Autumn can wait a little while I think.
  4. Sorry for the late response, but I've been busy appeasing our new dolphin overlords.
  5. Did they find the bams that put the dredger through Loch Carron to make it easier to catch the shell fish?
  6. I mean the weather is interesting and stuff, but I've started to yearn for September already. September is usually nice, right?
  7. This rain is pretty bad here. Doesn't look is moving very far according to the radar. Rainfall totals are going to be ridiculous for this month if it keeps on like this.
  8. It was quite strange I thought how these storms developed. We had some torrential rain around 6pm here which lasted around half an hour, but it seemed most storms, including the few that developed west of Glasgow, really began to pack a punch when they went further inland. Wondering if the raised ground in Lanarkshire might have had a role to play maybe. Still seems a lot of rain in the Edinburgh and lothians areas.
  9. That went on a good bit longer than the radar suggested it would. Looked again and the rainfall seems to be developing between Barrhead and here. Still occasional rumbles of thunder.
  10. Most of these showers seem to be developing after Glasgow as they traverse overland. That seemed to be a rare early developing shower from the west. Edit: Rumble of thunder heard there too. Rain has died down though.
  11. Torrential downpour in south side Glasgow just now. Really hefty shower - tropical stuff.
  12. Not sure if weather related but a major power cut affecting the south side of Glasgow this evening
  13. Did I just read tornado safety advice on the Scotland discussion thread?
  14. Don’t think it got below 20c here last night which if so would surely be a record
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