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  1. Very heavy stuff along the clyde coast by the looks. Some rain heading towards the Glasgow area from the SE just now - we actually could do with it.
  2. Just glad that the biting cold wind has dissipated a bit here. It was baltic at times over the past few days. A nice taste of warmth coming at the right time for us I think.
  3. Looks very interesting and stormy over the next couple of days, looking forward to it provided it stays within reason!
  4. If it was the post I'm thinking of there was nothing vile about it. Pretty standard chat in Scotland.
  5. In order to convince myself of how things can change in the forecast, went back to last years thread and found this post by yourself heralding the first signs of the beast... So that gives me some hope. Obviously not expecting the beast to return or anything like it, I still ended up getting lost in that thread and reminiscing about the event - got a nice little reminder of how my work still wanted us to go in the day after...
  6. Had some moderate snow here earlier, didn't settle, seemed to turn to rain within an hour. Hoping some of you are right when you say there should be more chances later in the winter.
  7. No lying snow in this part of Glasgow. Back to thinking that last year used up our snow quota for this winter as well. Even tomorrow seems to be a bit of snow for a couple of hours followed up by an emphatic lashing of rain.
  8. Just to point out, despite seemingly been under the pink on the radar for the past hour or so, in this part of Glasgow we've had nothing more than flurries, and certainly no lying snow. When I see pics of heavy snow that is settling elsewhere in the city it's not good.
  9. We have some snow flurries in the south side of Glasgow! Get it up ye naysayers. Get it right up ye.
  10. The big blob of snow I referred to earlier has, in albeit much reduced form, reached the campsies. There's hope for us yet! I absolutely have not watched it the whole way.
  11. That was my own thinking to be fair. Wishbone effect will be in full effect no doubt. It's making a decent first of it though.
  12. Radar shows a big blob of snow making it's way due south over the Western Highlands - what's the chances that might just survive long enough to get the Glasgow area later?
  13. -7c in Glasgow. Beautiful sunny crisp day out there. Just a shame we're not getting in on any of the snow.
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