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  1. Seemingly quite icy here in Glasgow. Holding off heading out for a run to see if it thaws a bit. Temp just above freezing so I'm guessing the ground temps are a bit lower because of the low sun.
  2. Aye okay maybe it isn’t then. My impression was that the geography of the central belt made it conducive to amplifying wind events. The chart that was posted showed a strip of land with higher gusts than the areas around it, which mainly corresponded to the Glasgow-Edinburgh corridor.
  3. The central belt wind funnel quite evident on that last chart Mr Frost . Makes me wonder why it isn’t included in the warning today. Not as severe as the Firth of Clyde area by any means but given the risk to transport and the population affected, a wee yellow warning may have brought home the need to take some care. Unless part of their thinking is connected to the expected tides perhaps - surprised ScotRail haven’t pulled the plug on the Ardrossan service during high tide already today. We’ll see how it pans out of course. I’ll be in Edinburgh most of the day and will be travelling back during the evening rush. I’d expect things should be fine enough for travel, but I reckon Glasgow area will get it worse.
  4. Wild and wet here. A good old fashioned Glasgow deluge. By gar it's been a while.
  5. Right mate. Are you going to suggest that climate science pointing to runaway global climate change isn't accurate? Are you actually going to go there? I believe the first link between carbon emissions and climate change was made around 1907 actually.
  6. The fact that this thread has been on the go for almost 12 months solid suggests that 2019 has been a dreadfully boring weather year. Last notable events I can think of were the heatwave in early summer 2018 (32c in Glasgow!!) and the Beast from the East in March that year.
  7. This seems to remind me of 2006-07 - would I be right there?
  8. Surprised to see that we will be getting some winds here too. Judging by that model thread it was all about the South West of England. Lovely morning in Glasgow - looks like we're getting a nice bright day before the madness returns!
  9. Not a particular fan of the Pollok Park section and most of the river through residential areas has been walled to protect against flooding which simply serves to make it more forceful after significant rainfall. Heavy rain and almost dark already (although sunset is in about 20 minutes anyway). Had a lamp on for the past hour or so.
  10. One vote for the White Cart Water please. Can be quite picturesque through Linn Park on the south side of Glasgow. The rest of it is a bit meh though. I see snow has now re-entered the forecast for next week. At least there's agreement on the temperatures being seasonal.
  11. Snow seems to now have disappeared from the Forecast for next week. Just cold rain.
  12. On top of the fake snow they sprayed how high will it be?
  13. Original post was deleted for being political, I'm told. Don't know why the other post was deleted, other then perhaps efforts are being made to eradicate all trace of the previous post's existence. In which case your post, and this, will probably also be deleted. Anyway, in other news, if Sean Batty is talking about snow then I for one am willing to believe.
  14. Norwegian met office suggesting similar for next week - Snow on election day?! Yr – Long term forecast for Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom) WWW.YR.NO 04 December 2019 at 12:00-18:00: Light rain showers, Temperature 8, 0.9 mm, Moderate breeze, 6 m/s from southwest
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