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  1. Just had the craziest deluge of rain here in Glasgow, varying degrees of torrential for about 90 minutes. Never seen anything like it here. It’s just stopped completely, out of nowhere. Incredible.
  2. Radar showing some quite intense rain moving up the Clyde valley just now into central Lanarkshire and towards SE Glasgow. Funny direction for it to come.
  3. I love this dog days of summer idea. I post about it pretty much every year. To me it's when we get this pleasant spell of weather at the end of August into the start of September, when the evenings are noticeably shorter and the sun is lower but you can still get a bit of warmth. It's like summers last lingering message to us. Summer but not summer. That it's almost over kind of feeling. There's a tinge of sadness but yet some joy in the remaining warmth, as well as anticipation of what the autumn will bring. I love sunny autumn days, I hope we get plenty of those.
  4. Sun finally forced its way through in Glasgow. Lovely afternoon, making the most before we seem to get an early taste of autumn this week. Noticed that some leaves are coming down off the trees early too, maybe related to the early summer heat then mid summer rainfall?
  5. Some of the pics, experiences from folk in the east sound incredible. Looks exciting to watch from the safety of your home but not so good for those whose house got struck or if your car was caught up in floods. Most of the rail network is affected by flooding this morning as well, I’d imagine lightning strikes have also played havoc. Cloudy and muggy in Glasgow today, any prospect of a storm for us later?
  6. I tried taking a vid of the lightning but being in the city the street lights crowd it out. Is the lightning actually from the storm itself or is it something else? The last few flashes seemed closer.
  7. Can see a lightning show looking east from the south side of Glasgow, flashes every few seconds. Is that the same storm that’s over Edinburgh?
  8. Was out in the park near here earlier. Nice sunny day but the breeze and temperature, couple with a somewhat subdued atmosphere in the park compared to recently for some reason gave it the feel of early September rather than late July. Only difference being the sun is still relatively high in the sky. September is actually a month that I like - late August and early September are the dog days as I call them. There's a particular feel to them that I can't quite put my finger on, but I like to have some decent summer first.
  9. Would be nice to get a little bit of warmth back. It’s hardly freezing but still pretty cool for mid summer. Been like this for some time now.
  10. Same here in Cathcart. Got a storm here now, louder thunder and some lightning there also. Seems a taste of things to come today by the sounds of it... also got woken by heavy rain at 4:30.
  11. Wow monsoon on the south side here. Cloud seems to be moving NW-SE
  12. Quite the windy squall came through the south side of Glasgow there...
  13. Not really, but I've known it to happen at almost any time of the year on occasion. I recall a particuarly bad wind storm in August around 2011 or 2012? EDIT: Just seen the post above by catchmydrift - he'll know better than me how likely it is.
  14. This chill weather and near constant grey is starting to grate now. Feels baltic for this late in Spring. At least it isn't raining but even that looks like changing soon.
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