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  1. First morning of the autumn that I have to clear the windscreen of ice, and my what a beautiful autumn day after that!
  2. Deary me just got a notification that I am 10 years on this site!
  3. Well that's definitely one of the better summers that I can remember, especially the late August spell.
  4. Doing well to get this, anyway anything hovering around 20 is good enough for me
  5. Tbh I am not a fan of high temps especially as I can't ffing sleep with it!! Yup start of August looking rubbish but I suspect we might see a decent spell of weather towards the middle end of August. When I say suspect I mean hopefully the last 2 weeks of August as I am off on leave!!
  6. So weather warnings out for extreme heat , I can't recall ever seeing these types of warnings for us, happy to be corrected of course!
  7. Been a while since I have seen snow in April! Nice as it is roll on some nice summer weather
  8. Snow and ice warning out for tonight, down with this sort of thing
  9. Cracking day here and a bit of dry weather ahead for the next week, I'll take that
  10. One of the best if temporary snow events I have seen since moving from Pomeroy
  11. Stopped here as well, a nice way to end winter for me, onto spring now
  12. Typical bus drivers, you would be safer turning around and going home!
  13. Omagh Town https://www.facebook.com/213364508829865/posts/1858848734281426/?sfnsn=scwspmo
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