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  1. Thinking the same Bob a very driech day
  2. Crappy drive from Omagh to Belfast this morning, at one stage I couldn't see a thing with the rain on the A5, dangerous stuff. Take it easy out there folks
  3. Hmmm tomorrow could be tricky I usually am parked up and in Belfast for 7.30am so should miss the most of the storm hopefully....
  4. I see the first early winter freeze to hit in October headline in the papers
  5. Looking like rebuild of High pressure from the 19th of July going by this evening's charts?
  6. Anytime I have went to see the cliffs of Moher they were covered in fog or driving rain, glad you had a great time Stodge, as Snowjon says Ireland is hard to beat if the weather is good!
  7. Jeff Maskill reporting only a 10 percent chance of rain in the next fortnight
  8. Hot hot hot, weather report from Omagh, the drive home from Belfast was just cruel
  9. That's a very warm day, and it's only going to get warmer
  10. Could be looking at some decent heat this week, not a bad end to June at all!
  11. That was a bad night!!!
  12. Lol Weegaz personally I am hoping that this is just a temporary spell of rubbish weather coming up, hoping for one of though long hot summers that they right songs about Enjoy your holidays