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  1. Good to see the positive vibes on here, hopefully we all get repeated pastings
  2. I go through Claudy on my way to work, may have to change my route!!
  3. Dry in Omagh atm Weegaz
  4. @ronan have you no pics to post from your Iceland visit, you had some super pics last year
  5. Sadly no ☹, that said I am working outside Ballykelly this weather so have the joy of driving through the central Sperrins, on which I note a slight covering
  6. Neither did I, could be useful
  7. Lads both of you stay and hit the ignore button for the other one Baltic you have been here a lot longer than me and I always enjoy your posts, don't you be leaving us now ok
  8. How West does the easterly go Mountain? Anything for us to be excited about or just an east coast event?
  9. Dusting of snow on the cars and roof tops in Omagh this morning
  10. Yup easterlies are pash for us in the West
  11. Possible transient snow in parts tomorrow according to the Beeb, a wee starter for what's to come?
  12. I would be in the sweet spot for that one O'Maille