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  1. Hmmm just on the Northern edge of this, if it would like to come a wee bit further north that would be sound
  2. Slight dusting of snow on top of the Sperrin's this morning, still there on the way back home from work. Apologies for the quality of the pic but the sun was only rising so not much light.
  3. How do Ronan, good ta see ye back, are you for Iceland again this winter?
  4. Absolutely stunning morning, everything glistening with the heavy frost
  5. Just had a wee sleet shower preceded by a squally hail shower, thought it was to be dry all day!!
  6. @Rocheydub potential snow around the Sublin mountains on Friday?
  7. That time of year again Big Lad, many a hope and many a hope dashed no doubt. At least we will keep our toys in the pram if the weather doesn't do what we would wish it to do
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