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  1. Nightmare Rochey, hope you get sorted soon πŸ‘
  2. Any chance of spring arriving anytime soon??
  3. What a rank morning, would be really happy to see any snow stay in the south and eastπŸ‘
  4. Hate it when I get stuck in my estate ☹😒
  5. Lambing already in parts Bob! Totally agree bring on the spring
  6. Always scumbags taking advantage of their own community absolutely disgusting 😑
  7. Pics from Cavan 😨
  8. Powder stuff being blown everywhere, the south got buried by the looks of it. Not sure if I want to be in the middle of such madness or not!!
  9. Strange there seems to be snow around Omagh Sparky? Although you might be more Strabane direction?
  10. You wouldn't pick us up a loaf of bread and a bottle of whiskey, thanks in advance πŸ‘
  11. Nah Blast kinda wasted to be honest (snow not me)
  12. Been snowing in Omagh since 3pm but far to light and just swirling around. Hopefully something better on the way
  13. M1 was a disgrace the whole way in this morning,
  14. A good dollop of snow outside Omagh. Traffic at a standstill in Omagh town apparently