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  1. Took a half day, little snow from Belfast up past Dungannon, a lot more from Ballygawley up to Omagh , everywhere looking beautiful up here
  2. Cecilia was very sure that there would be showers making their way South and East so chin up guys we are still fighting. Thinking back it's been a decent wintry week for a lot of us up here, if you didn't get it in your back garden you didn't have far to go to see it. Reckon @Sperrin did the best out of us. I know Pomeroy has been white all week, anyway some pics from this morning's journe5
  3. Slight covering this morning, just hope the roads are clear for the drive to Belfast.
  4. Decent shower here atm, even better the snow is sticking!!
  5. Funny the same thought had occurred to me, wile craic thon lad 🤔
  6. Seriously impressed that we have 34 pages on this new thread already. Must watch the Newsline weather tonight to see what the excitement is all about. Oh btw welcome to our New posters always good to have more members
  7. Intensity picking up again here now , everything white 😁
  8. Starting to stick a bit here now
  9. Actually more sleet with big fat snowflakes intermingled, weirdest sleet I have ever seen
  10. Snow trying to start here
  11. Radio Ulster going for a period of snow tonight