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  1. Lol Weegaz personally I am hoping that this is just a temporary spell of rubbish weather coming up, hoping for one of though long hot summers that they right songs about Enjoy your holidays
  2. Wednesday night into Thursday could be interesting, well if you like rain and gale force winds
  3. Absolute glorious spell of weather, even a bit of thunder and lightning thrown into the mix Looking a lot cooler for the next few weeks, hopefully we will see a return of the warm weather again towards the end of June
  4. Absolutely boiled in the Office Mountain, Belfast is a bit stinky this weather
  5. That's a very muggy day
  6. Absolutely roasting here today, still more to come class!!
  7. Booked of Friday and Tuesday of Monday anyway with the bank holiday so looking forward to sending you all pics of my glorious tanned body.... I may have jinked this now.....
  8. After today and a bit of tomorrow it's looking like a glorious week ahead, class!!!
  9. Rough day compared to recent weather, bring back the sun!!!
  10. Nightmare Rochey, hope you get sorted soon
  11. Any chance of spring arriving anytime soon??
  12. What a rank morning, would be really happy to see any snow stay in the south and east
  13. Hate it when I get stuck in my estate ☹