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  1. This is definitely the feature most interesting me at the moment. We get some sort of convergence around that sort of line between 7-9pm initially on the Euro4 modelling of this: This then fades for a while before returning in the early hours This has been there on the last couple of runs, although it could well be gone again come the 12z. I suspect the radar will look significantly less dry than that too in reality
  2. Yeah that had been my first thought James, but it is very much actually melting on contact rather than laying and then disappearing, so it didn't appear to me at least to be sublimation
  3. It's a really strange one, I've just been out for a walk and even on bone dry cars and concrete, with properly powdery type snow, it just seems to melt on contact. The only other thing I could think of is that the wind is having a warming effect (but it certainly doesn't feel like it!). I suspect it just needs something heavy to come down to cover the ground sufficiently to cool it to be honest. Fingers crossed for tonight
  4. 6z Euro4 goes very slightly further South with the convergence zone - again remembering what we have already seen, assume that the extent of such a feature is undermodelled, so probably sprawling slightly further North and South than depicted here: Looks to be in a line through approx Norwich - Cambridge - Milton Keynes It will all ultimately come down to a radar watch I suspect, but that sort of zone currently modelled to get something in the region of an additional 5-20cms from what is already lying, perhaps more through that zone in southern Norfolk. Thames streamer als
  5. Yes it is a little disappointing, it must be ground temps that are just that little bit too high to sustain the covering we did have on concrete at least. Hopefully we can get something a bit heavier in again later and overnight to give us a decent covering that can help cool the ground temperature too. Praying that the convergence zone manages to edge south enough to affect us
  6. I'm not too sure if this has been posted yet, but very interesting FAX charts for the region tomorrow, first of all across the far North of the region: And then a bit further south across East Anglia, running into the west of London and then further south: Now I'll be honest, my experience with convergence zones on FAX charts are that they tend to shift position through until around 12-18 hours before hand, so I'm not getting my hopes up here just yet. However the risk clearly there. They're aligned pretty well to the EURO4 at the moment: Worth bearing in
  7. Yeah eyes on that here too. I’ve got my eye even more on the stuff just starting to form further up the coast into Norfolk (Fakenham sort of area) - if we can get that to form into a streamer that will hopefully be pretty much bullseye for us with a NE-ENE flow. Should be an interesting evening, not expecting more than a covering here and hoping to be pleasantly surprised
  8. This is a good sign - I suspect this is the start of the convection which has formed showers to your north starting to work it’s way south. There may well be a fair bit of this over the next few hours where the snow seems to start without anything showing on the radar (given the 10-15 min delay on the radar vs current time)
  9. Okay, I’ll bite. Probably because it hasn’t missed us? There’s plenty of pictorial evidence to support this. As for “record breaking snowfall”, has anyone actually predicted that? Apologies if they have and I have missed it but I do not recall seeing anyone predicting that.
  10. Absolutely this - compare that to what is shown on even hi res models, and you can see the potential for the next 48 hours
  11. Yeah, where the deepest cold uppers are yet to reach my friend....
  12. If you want an example of how models underestimate convective showers, take a look at the 12z EURO4 prediction for around now Then take a look at what’s happening off the East of Scotland
  13. Huge flakes of snow in the rain here already. Though I think we may now be waiting until tomorrow night to see much more than this
  14. Always fun we start to see showers forecast by the high res models and blowing well inland. What should be even more exciting is that these are almost always underplayed by models.
  15. Presumably then it’s looking even more Impressive than these 12 hourly accum. charts from the 12z which was recently posted:
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