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    Aston le Walls, Northants/Oxon/Warwks border.
  1. Laura off sick again today...really looking forward to recieving my next letter from her school complaining about her attendance record...what am I supposed to do if she's unwell? I can't send her in with a banging headache can I?.....agh!!

  2. Almost at the point of giving up Farmville - nothing is posting to the feed - can't do any of the quests, very frustrated, still haven't been able to get the valentine things, can't afford FC...starting to think whats the point?

  3. hates it when you find a item of clothing on ebay that you really like and is really cheap (99p) but the person selling it says they're only getting rid of it 'because they've lost weight!! Agh! I won't bid on it then! Two items I really like but I'm not bidding as a result - huh! (am I just being silly?)

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