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  1. There's some rain showers showing up on the radar over East Kent right now but on the ground there's nothing, the sky went quite dark for a time though.
  2. I didn't fancy the chances in Dover again, just a light sugar sprinkling that is already thawing in the sun on the hills Hopefully we get our chance tomorrow/friday...
  3. The dusting we got in Dover has all but melted already. I hope we have a chance of proper snow still, not really fancying our chances just now. I know what a streamer can deliver like the few we had in the early 2010's so it is a little gutting that it missed us this time!
  4. There was a massive thunderclap here in Dover earlier, it woke a lot of people up (evidently from bedroom lights going on). Some pretty heavy rain right now too.
  5. Holy Moly, I'm in Dover and it's just constant flashes and booms.
  6. You should note that it was posted on April 1st and it's also the express, well known for spouting complete rubbish.
  7. My word, the channel has lit up like crazy, I'm gonna unplug for sure if/when that reaches here. It's been raining constantly here for hours but no thunder/lightning since evening.
  8. There's quite a lot going on in Northern France/Belgium right now, looking on lightning maps, whether it makes it over here remains to be seen, it would appear to be heading in the direction of the channel.
  9. We just had some snow/sleet pass through here in Dover. Pretty surprised really, I've never seen it this late before.
  10. just had a pretty decent squall here in Dover, one moment it was calm and the next blowing a gale with torrential rain almost horizontal, it turned to sleet since with a few moments of snow which has settled around the frames of the windows.
  11. Whole lot of nothing here in East Kent, I felt we have a chance and it looks like we may clip the edge of it, It's showing PPN over us on the radar but nothing down here on the ground as yet. Not expecting anything too exciting but any snow would be a bonus.
  12. We just got new, highly efficient windows so I am hoping we can avoid using it except for in the real cold snaps. Already noticing the warmth/draught difference compared to the 30yr old upvc we had before, it was falling apart!
  13. The scene in Dover earlier, I recorded it also, it was moving at usain bolt velocity!
  14. just had a big front line roll in here in Dover, pretty amazing site, it was very calm and then all of a sudden the wind whipped up and there's finally a nice breeze. Now it's very dark and there has been a few flashes and rumbles but nothing major yet.
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