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  1. Dark based cumulus develop over Chasewater, in Norton Canes, West Midlands today as April showers again develop in optimum conditions.

    © AP

  2. Certainly been a chilly Easter period with artic & polar maritime air being the overriding airmass as of late. Let's have some Southerly breeze and a little more warmth please 😊

  3. Ominous skies in the heart of the Black Country today. This taken over the M5 looking North-West.

    © AP

  4. Impressive development of springtime April showers today over the West Midlands.

    © AP

  5. Another picture of an impressive shower cloud that developed over the West Midlands today. Not a funnel, just skud unfortunately.

    © AP

  6. An impressive shower cloud taken in 2019 (when you were allowed to be out and about). I was hoping to see some electrical activity in what looked like a textbook thunderhead but alas nothing. Still an impressive structure to end the day in April.

    © DT

  7. I enjoy scenes such as these. Plenty going on in a meteorological sense in this shot I took in Blackpool. A North Westerly air flow across the Irish Sea produced plenty of photogenic clouds and scenes that any weather watcher would appreciate. 

    Taken on 1st November 2018


  8. I think the best bet is to keep an eye on real time radar to see where storms are located and developing to have a realistic chance of pin pointing convective activity. As we are all aware thunderstorms by their nature can be very (and frustratingly) localised. But half the fun is the predicting of them I suppose :-)
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