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  1. Sorry Andy, but you come on here when it gets wintry. Not all year round. Weather forecasts are a daily thing, if you were a weather man we wouldn’t hear any weather for most of the year. Also, JayinCardiff I can confirm it snowed for you. You may have some
  2. Heyyyy Emma, I’m ok thanks for the offer but I’d prefer a few inches rather than just being wet.... band on the way, still watching for surprises...shattered this week
  3. It’s the area to the south of France that is interesting me
  4. Sliding eastwards is better, it gives more opportunities. But as always expect last minute changes
  5. I have never seen so many snow memes....so naturally as youth I feel like I should take part An amazing ECM. I need to sit down for a bit. Won't need to do ice baths after the gym now. I can just run outside into -14 uppers! Perfection! No but seriously, a stalling low, heavy snow? This is dangerous weather. I will not be surprised to see a red warning appear sometime this week.
  6. Rubbish isn't it. I was hoping for -16C uppers. A rubbish ECM all round. Still only one run
  7. Even western areas could get showers out of the increasing scenario next week...lots to be watching
  8. And now on BBC One, it’s time for an unmissable ECMenders! DUFF DUFF DUFF DUFF DUFF DUFF DUFF DUF DUFF DUFF I am so impressed by the remarkable accuracy of the GFS runs at the moment! I’m just interested to see what sways it!
  9. It finally seems like we are getting a form of stability now with something special being seen across models. I am still expecting the tail end of Feb to be the most likely time for the evolutions that the 6z and last nights ECM 12z to actually come off....
  10. Been looking for a man for while now AJ and no luck as of yet! Volatile is how I’d sum up relationships let alone weather models! This SSW was always going to cause the models to go topsy turvey inside out! If people took the runs seriously are they are now, god knows how they’d cope watching Eastenders! The 8-10 day period is by no means settled yet! Plenty more twists in the tale to come over the next few days I feel!
  11. Oh that’s naughty, stop that! Too early for such arousal! I knew it was a good idea to take time away from the models for a few days
  12. I shall leave that to your imagination... I’m still not sure at what stage however we will get cross model synoptic agreement, but I’m expecting it to be very close to day 5
  13. I’ve eaten too many sausages in my time.... ECM and GFS seem to be singing from the same sheet BROADLY in that it will get colder from a vqtr thanks to the upcoming SSW. It remains to be seen the location of blocking and snow etc. Watch this space I’d say
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