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  1. I’m in Córdoba Spain at the min, it’s been cloudy and really clammy and humid all day, I can’t find any charts for here in English just stepped outside and the sky is dark to my East anyone tell me anything
  2. Spain has a heat advisory out from tomorrow onwards. We are near Córdoba and we are expecting temps in excess of 45c. No mist machines here like Paris
  3. A very wet and windy day currently 8c. The dog won’t go out I’m fed up too, feeling meh
  4. 2 snow ploughs just passed us, we’re heading south so probably miss anything good
  5. Haha I know but in this case it was predicted text. Very heavy snow/sleet mix now and cold oooerr snow sticking now
  6. Currently driving through Rouen in France we have heat snow . Off on one of our road trips
  7. Haha I was just looking at the radar and thought it looked a bit random
  8. I’d say about 2inches nothing mega I’ve know it to go over the top of my wellies!
  9. Drove from Nrth Liverpool to South Liverpool it normally takes 30 minutes, it took an hour and a half. Snow definitely thicker here, the roads are dreadful even Queens Drive, Mather Ave etc
  10. Snow here wouldn’t say it was heavy but I have a covering on my patio table, that’s got to be a result?!
  11. Sleet here North of Liverpool can see the odd flake now
  12. We could be that way on Tuesday/Wednesday, I''ll pack my boots!
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